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    drawing things for others,writing fan fic,reading,music,singing,hunting,fishing,camping,horse riding,rping
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  1. hi sorry its ben so long sence i last droppd by.iv not ben able to be online. nothing much has ben happining. just the usual bad migranes and some sore pulld muscels.how are you? id love to join gene or what ever it is but i dont know what it is and im afraid untill i can find a way to be online ageain like in the good old days im not going to be able to be online enough to post.hope you understan

  2. thanks for the complament. i was hoping to be a vice captin for the kido corps but it didnt happen. i ould have captic level stats by now if only i had better internet access. sadly i havent beinline in over a month. its killing me. im so bored all the time. i miss this place so much. good luck future captin.

  3. Halo how you doin? whatcha upto? xD wanna join gene sis?

  4. Wow, your Reiatsu is Vice Captain level, congrats. However soon mine will be Captain level :P

  5. lolz how you doing long time no see, you busy? xD

  6. cool thanks for posting.:D

  7. So you know, I posted in the tavern because zombies is over.

  8. So you know, I posted in the tavern because zombies is over. :)

  9. heehee thanks. and yea i hope so.:D

  10. o.0 but dats close !-! congrads, since ur out we could probably bump into 1 nother someday in rp. xD

  11. thats cool. good luck with that.

  12. Ah great wish you luck

  13. nothing much. jsut got a new camera. might make a vid or two this weekend. im trying to train enough to be 3rd seat for kido corps and thats about it.

  14. not any more im going to be the 3rd seat or 3rd in camand or what ever its calld. kido corps though.

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