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  1. comon ive been banned for like 4 months am i permabanned or something wtf

  2. *breaks into back door and sets fire to his fridge after stealing all food*

  3. please i made sure my bro wont do it again can i just be unbanned

  4. my new router b lew had to get a new one so my internet is now back

  5. not trying to be mean(mostly because you could .000000000000000000000000000000000000001 hit me) but you look like the dude from tim and eric awsome show(the brown haired 1).

  6. it wasnt me the day yo banned me it was*

  7. toshiba can i be unbanned from shoutbox it wasnt me the day you banne meit was me a-hole brother being mad at me doing shit in the box you banned me from everything but i changed routers because the 1 i was using broke and now i am still semi-banned so can i be unbanned?

  8. i changed routers because the 1 i was using broke

  9. i changes router yeasterday i was banned until then i was banned from both but when i changed i could do everything excpt chat. i wasnt even allowed to look at m profile im not lying

  10. Your a horrible lier...... If you were telling the truth you would have said something sooner. *as the freaking event was like WEEKS AGO* Neh, i've seen you on alot and it shouldn't take that long to find out "YOUR BANNED FROM CHAT" pft. disgusting.

  11. wasnt me that day i got anned i was awy for my cousins birthday and my bro loged in (i have internet explorer so u can set it to save it) and spammed stuff n the shoutbox

  12. i hate isshe or aizen not sure which is the prper spelling because he is and jerk and his cool power is making his sword long omfg cool. i also hate kaomaru for not liking hitsugaya. his bankia is mmaking him sprout wings of ice kinda lame but not super lame also so what hes a kid atleast hes a teen/preteen thatlittle pinkhaired girl is like 6
  13. i don care if i get it back but omfg it is annoying and id like to have it stop
  14. ahhhhh so long an boring use the shout box
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