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    Sex, hugs & sausage rolls
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    Name// Mitsuhide Akechi
    Reiatsu// 45,000

    Strength: 10
    Speed: 100
    Stamina: 35
    Reiryoku: 35

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  1. I'm back :)

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    2. Seyrai Reikon

      Seyrai Reikon

      Ben no please you're summoning us all from the void :(

    3. Shinisamu


      I was keeping too close an eye on BSE and began feeling nostalgic, so Ben and I reminisced about the old times. He was enticed by BSE once again and crossed the boundary...which created a rift in the barrier we raised and pulled me in with him. :( I'm sorry for dragging you along too, but alas, it is too late for us all.

    4. Seyrai Reikon

      Seyrai Reikon

      Get away from my soul

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