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    Last of a dying breed
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    Sex, hugs & sausage rolls
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    Name// Mitsuhide Akechi
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    Strength: 10
    Speed: 100
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    Reiryoku: 35

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  1. I'm back :)

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    2. Seyrai Reikon

      Seyrai Reikon

      Ben no please you're summoning us all from the void :(

    3. Shinisamu


      I was keeping too close an eye on BSE and began feeling nostalgic, so Ben and I reminisced about the old times. He was enticed by BSE once again and crossed the boundary...which created a rift in the barrier we raised and pulled me in with him. :( I'm sorry for dragging you along too, but alas, it is too late for us all.

    4. Seyrai Reikon

      Seyrai Reikon

      Get away from my soul

  2. Forgot all about this place...

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    2. Chibi Vegeta (Sai Ryuuaku)

      Chibi Vegeta (Sai Ryuuaku)

      hey byakuya haven't seen you in a long time

    3. The Eml

      The Eml

      And yet, you're still back. Once part of BSE, always part of BSE.

    4. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      part of the crew, part of the ship..part of the crew, part of the ship..part of the crew, part of the ship...

  3. Happy Birthday, Bya bro!!!!!!!!! Hope you're doing great and having a blast where ever you are. <3

  4. Happy Birthday I hope it is a good one :)

  5. Welcome to the squad Desperado. Have any peoblems or questions, jsut PM me in game or on here

  6. Welcome to the squad Metakafu. Have any peoblems or questions, jsut PM me in game or on here

  7. All of the court guards are considered friendly until they act otherwise so consider it done lance
  8. I've put it back to hard for now so lets not worry about it. Just make sure everyone's at full health for this week so we have no deaths
  9. It was set by the last interloper, i shall keep it to hard for a few weeks. Let me know when you want it bumping up and either me or our vice will do it.
  10. No idea what happened there, I'm back now. I'll keep an eye on it every day now to avoid 'pests' interfering with our business.
  11. Good idea that, perhaps something to do like an in squad event or get some of the squad to join the RP... Then perhaps we could recreate the squad in there
  12. As soon as its ready i shall let everyone know. Once its ready ill give everyone two days to get ready. Specially since its going to be a hard one this time as well, make sure you're fully healed.
  13. Sad to see you go Sai, best of luck in your new squad. Fingers crossed we wont see you for awhile...(ya know 'cause you'll be the strongest in that squad for awhile hopefully)
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