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  1. ..... is the game down?

    1. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Rayzoric Crimson Umbra

      Yes, he's working on some coding. 

  2. Isshin why is the game down?

    1. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      good question.. i'll look into it

    2. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      game should be up again.. it was because i changed the php version when updating the forum.. apparently the game didn't like that

    3. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      Ah okay, thank you<3 

  3. Rash!! Come out come out pretty please and thank you. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      It's just the lineart, the colour is processing now.  

    3. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      @_@ That's really nice~ Why am I being thanked? xD

    4. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      Thanking you for coming out of hiding lol.  I should have the next part up in a couple of days.  

  4. Espada: Kattrine Prime-Fraccion: Areku Seat 3 - Cinri Seat 4 - Kerbex Seat 5 - xellet
  5. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/profile.php?player=160668 They are hacking/cheating. my civil duties are now complete.
  6. Espada: Kattrine Prime-Fraccion: Areku Seat 3 - coyote Seat 4 - Kerbex Seat 5 - xellet Seat 6 - Unlimitedmaze Seat 7 - tikkec Seat 8 - Fraizor Seat 9 - Mahoner
  7. Rayzoric Crimson Umbra: Reset is not for a bit until end of Arc. Keep on posting buddy you have no excuses. << Reset isn't gonna happen until the arc is finished so can we all go back to posting now?!

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    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      Can't blame people for not finding much interest in posting, when they know it'll all be gone in a matter of weeks or days. Honestly the news of a reset then never doing it is killing the already dying role play.

    3. Kattrine Magnus

      Kattrine Magnus

      As usual Nep does have a point. It would be nice though if we weren't twiddling our thumbs waiting for it and actually just rped for the heck of it.

    4. Sauce


      I killed off my character :P Can't take any of the blame if I can't post anymore lol

  8. *le leaves a cake made of hugs*

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! <3

  10. Happy Birthday Eml. Hope it's a good one!! and everything gets better for you!

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