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  1. Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things.

    It's garbage can! Not garbage cannot!

    1. Captain Dead Pool

      Captain Dead Pool

      Does that last bit apply to Mexicans?

    2. momoly


      Trash doesn't discriminate!

  2. I learned pre algebra from some dude on here when I was 14 years old. Thanks BSE

    1. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      I got an std from some dude on here when i was 16. Thanks BSE

    2. Brain
    3. momoly


      Atleast now you got a good weapon for the hos

  3. Awwh I remember when everyone used to call me Jailbait <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brain


      You will always be Jailbait around here

    3. momoly


      that means alot sano :P and Ares i think my husband is the next best thing to Jesus lol xD

    4. Ruroki


      Poor dude to come second in importance to jurassic spiderman

  4. Wat are thoooooooose!

    1. Ben


      That was so 2 months ago

    2. DaGr8Toshiba


      She lives in the midwest. They're late on everything.

    3. momoly


      You're so two months ago.. Deez nuts :'3

  5. Give me cats.

    1. DaGr8Toshiba


      Or give you death?

    2. momoly


      No, I don't want to die if i don't have cats. :( but you sound poetic..

    3. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      Lets be reasonable.

      I say we should kill her, the cats, and then bury them someplace where no one will ever find them.

  6. I can't even. I literally just can't even. I can odd but i just can't fuqqing even.. I CAN'T..2...4..FUCK

  7. Hey guys I just pooped.

  8. 'MURICA

    1. Tony Stark

      Tony Stark

      Woo! Guns 'n beer 'n freedom 'n shit. 'N apparently I like to use the 'n abbreviation. BECAUSE I HAVE THE FREEDOM.


    2. momoly



  9. -"shit." SWAG and YOLO were relieved that the sharknado had been defeated but Mr.Cuddles was no where to be found. Doggy had jacked the cookie monster's car and taken it to Mexico where all the fun is at. This leaves YOLO in a deep dark depression so SWAG hands him-
  10. began sharting violently as the beans he ate earlier rampaged through his intestinal tract! The shark instantly began to sob from the smell of YOLO's beastly smells, begging for YOLO to release him! Mr. Cuddles whimpered and couldn't take his doggy eyes off of the scene that unfold! But what happened next really shocked them all- A friend, named SWAG-
  11. For anyone who feels like replying, just continue on the story. It doesn't matter who replies next or the order :3 It can be as serious, stupid, random... like I give a f*** what you type. Once upon a time there was a little boy named YOLO who enjoyed playing frisbee with his pet dog Mr. cuddles. YOLO was a terrible care taker though, and one day while he was playing with his beloved Mr. Cuddles. A flying-
  12. Happy birthday little shit <3

  13. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK WHALE 0________________0

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