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  1. Happy Birthday Tifa

  2. finnaly going to make an app for the RP...i hope im ready >.<

  3. back to shinigami yay ^.~


  4. i kinda messed up while i was training so im a human and my SP has dropped, ill get more HP for lvling now though i suppose >.>

  5. yay getting stronger ^.^

  6. Spirit Power: 32338909

  7. its easy if you need help pm me about it. at first it is a bit confusing, but you get used to it.

  8. the RP still seems too complicated for me...but at the same time it seems like fun >.<

  9. well im starting over and leaving my quincy char. so now ima be a hollow

  10. lol im glad i wasnt forgotten ^.^ rawrz :3 so how is the RP anyway? im still not sure if i'll make an app yet o.o

  11. lol there were moments when people asked what happened to you. rawr~~ im making an ew hollow character for RP

  12. i just didnt think i was that popular here yet x)

  13. thats lies! lol why do you say that?

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