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  1. Character Name | Daisuke Sato Week | 7/18 Overall Word Count | 3,191
  2. The twins find themselves on hands and knees, scrubbing the gymnasium floor with soap and a small toothbrush under the watchful eyes of Jinnosuke. Sweat beaded from their faces as the continued to scrub. “After your little display, you two are lucky I don't beat the snot out of you myself. Clean up the mess you made here then head to the gymnasium. You will clean the entire gym from top to bottom with just these two toothbrushes. You are not to use any powers to speed up the process. No Shunpo, No Kidō, nothing. If I even sense the slightest bit of either of you exerting any powers, I'll kill
  3. The two quickly dashed towards one another, each pivoting to their right and coming overhead with a hook. The hooks collide against one another as they both move to follow up. A series of kicks and punches fly between the two, each meeting the same fate at the hooks. Their movements, though unintentional, were in sync. The movements were so methodical, so precise, that one would assume it was choreographed. The twins moved to deliver a straight kick to one another, each simultaneously landing square in the other's chest. The two slide back, a smirk appearing on their faces. “You've improved si
  4. The twins made their way into the open training area to begin their combined lesson for the day. The academy, either in a effort to save time or to prove which class was the best, decided to combine two classes for Hakuda lessons. By chance, Daisuke and Matsuri's respective classes were chosen to be partnered up. Both classes happened to contain the six students with the highest marks of the current class. The twins surmised that this 'serendipitous occurrence' was actually the school's way of seeing who among the top students was the best. At any rate, it was a chance for them to show off and
  5. Daisuke found himself yet again within the barren wasteland, running for his life from his disembodied oppressor. Those piercing red eyes followed him intently as the wound on his chest once again burned. Multiple orbs comprised of black flames rain down from the skies; each one narrowly missing their intended target. The orbs continued in the hundreds and there seemed to be no end in sight. Sweat beaded down his face as he ran, desperately trying to find some sort of reprieve against this onslaught. “Until you say my name Daisuke...you are not worthy to wield me.” “Then tell me your name! Wha
  6. Thankfully, luck was on Daisuke's side today as he just made it in time for the next Kidō lesson. He spent a large majority of the night getting in some extra practice with instructor Tanahashi regarding Kidō. He had more of a handle on the finer points of Kidō but was nowhere near a master of the arts. As he slipped inside the room he caught a glance of the instructor shooting a look in his direction before continuing his lecture. “Going over what we have discussed in previous classes, Kidō can be used in a variety of ways. In some situations, Hadō spells can be used defensively and Bakudō sp
  7. Daisuke and instructor Tanahashi sat face to face atop of a reishi construct with eyes closed. The construct was created by the two of them, its form maintained by concentration. The portion underneath Daisuke begins to waver slightly, prompting a word from the instructor. “Focus your thoughts Daisuke. Without concentration, you'll fail.” A noticeable expression of straining appears on Daisuke's face as the construct beneath him begins to waver even more. Suddenly, the construct disappears, sending Daisuke tumbling to the ground below. Ryusuke, still sat atop his construct, sighs as he leaps o
  8. Daisuke arrived at the Kidō Training area, mentally and physically drained from all of the lessons Saya had given them in the weeks leading up to today. The training was arduous but in the end, he came out of it with his very on Asauchi. A Zanpakutō he could call his own. They were told that they had to spend every waking moment with their new Zanpakutō so they could imprint their reiatsu onto it and manifest what would eventually becoming their Zanpakutō spirit. Daisuke was eager to get to this point but for now, he had to deal with Kidō class. The area was out with a large pond in the middle
  9. “Everyone! Take your wooden swords and line up against the wall.” With a clatter, the door of the large practice hall was thrown back and a woman emerged from within. She was dressed in all black, with an oversize wooden sword slung lazily over her shoulder. With a certain flair of confidence, she strode towards the front of the room and stood on a metal platform before placing the sword down in front of her. All of the students jumped in surprised and stared at the sight before them. It was the start of the sixth week of academy life and things were moving at a snail’s pace. Lecture after lec
  10. Daisuke finds himself stranded in a barren wasteland running for his life. There is a light wound on his chest in the shape of a claw that burns more and more with each passing second. The pitch black sky started to loom over him as he runs away from the piercing red eyes glaring at him from within the clouds. "Daisuke... Daisuke, you can run … but you know you can't hide. Not from me." The booming disembodied voice behind the clouds reverberates. As he continues to run, he begins to see small light red crystals fall from the sky. He stops dead in his tracks, amazed by such a beautiful sight.
  11. A few hours had passed and Daisuke found himself sitting alongside the window of his dormitory, slowly fighting the urge to sleep. For the time being, he had escaped the hustle and bustle of the academy. As soon as the twins stepped foot into the academy, they were caught up in the whirlwind. Ten minutes after arriving, they were ushered into the Grand Ballroom along with the rest of the first year students. The Head Teacher of the first year students, Gengorō Ōnabara, greeted them all with a welcoming speech. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is my greatest pleasure to welcome you all to the Sh
  12. 500 Years before the present At long last, the day had arrived. Daisuke ran his fingers excitedly over the white and blue of his student's hakama, his gaze straying across the grounds of what was possibly the biggest building he had ever seen. His long silver hair flowed in the wind as he tightly grasped at the sash around his chest. In the years that had passed since Daisuke and Matsuri were adopted by the Sato’s, they never ventured far from their estate. They had food, warmth, and most importantly a loving home. That’s all they needed and all they wanted. Over time, with training from
  13. 900 Years before the present The Soul Society. The land of the Soul Reapers. The land where the spirits of those who have passed come to begin anew. Most souls that find themselves in the Soul Society come together to form families. There are some, unfortunately, who are not as fortunate to find a family. The twins, Daisuke and Matsuri, are prime examples of this. The two children arrived in the Soul Society alone, a tragic fate in their human lives sending them there. Given that they arrived within the first district of Rukongai, Junrinan, it was expected that they would be integrated in
  14. Daisuke Sato ____________________________________________________________ Fate Points | Achievements | Purchases Fate Point Benchmark | 61k [4] Maximum Fate Point Balance | 4 Current Fate Point Balance | 0 Achievements | Purchases | Major Minor [ 4 Points] - 1st Focus [Perception]
  15. Yusei and Ayumi sat in the dinning room in their home, the lights down and a lone candle placed in the middle of the table. Multiple dishes were sat at the table, each having a different item on it. Steak, lobster, rice, potatoes. A full spread fit for two. It had been quite some time since the two of them had time to enjoy each other's company. Every time prior revolved around work at Noir or work with the Wandenreich. It was always something but today...today it was only the two of them. “How's everything at Noir?” Yusei says as he begins to cut into the T-bone steak placed in front of him.
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