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    Case Work

    All in a day's work The sounds of laughter music and conflict fill the room simultaneously beneath a light fog of smoke that cascades across its entirety. This room had every cliche expected of a cut-rate pub; the pool hustling jocks, a loner or two pouring their troubles to the bartender with each glass that reached its brim, and of course the few feeling so lucky as to score an endless need of their ongoing romance afflictions. Thomas resided to a group of his own off in the distance, as he sits upon a stool with a glass of whiskey half full and a mind half empty. His eyes lay dormant o
  2. Many gather to watch as the crowd grows endlessly in numbers upon the hill so seldom to be used. People numbered in the hundreds on this dreary day, clouds gathering in the sky as if to only let a shimmer of light to fall upon the peak of the hill of which they stand. Gusts of relentless wind blows many a robe as they stand unified at attention, awaiting the initiation of an event since thought to be urban legend. Silence befalls them all while the sheer whistling of the wind protrudes intensely. Within the Epicenter of the many stands a wooden pillar that dons the binding of a figure who had
  3. The once profound and deserving often found themselves victims of demise and belittlement as of late it would seem; begrudgingly so, on this very day that the naivety of his peers actions becomes increasingly apparent. One could only hope that the capacity of his counterpart had recognized its inexplicit limitations that had been so recently apparent, yet as time would pass the likelihood became increasingly doubtful. It wasn't ones place to intervene in such trivial matters though, as orders were indeed specifically the opposite. That was to say, that the souls intervention were left solely t
  4. OOCl Please read previous old ass posts first? Apologies for the absence/ shifted storyline, as I haven’t the faintest clue where it was going, here goes… Wind blows ferociously under a dimly lit cloud upon the horizon, as forestry effortlessly sway in its favor under pressure of the disastrous power before it. Nary a soul to be seen in its surrounding villages, absent of all signs of life as of currently; however, it’s counterpart towers the presence of shacks and huts about one klick to its south east being the result of present conditions. It’s succulent grip effortlessly pulls
  5. Firstly the point of ND is not to ignore the concept of stamina at all? If you let some hit you in the face with the excuse of natural defenses? You’ll lose some natural defense and it’s still gonna cause some-moderate damage depending. Take a 200 damage cero point blank to the head ? Dead, I mean use common sense people. The entire idea behind the natural defense system is to dampen the blow so to speak. Rash wasn’t saying you don’t take any damage if you use ND it’s just the difference or losing an arm and getting a deep cut/broken arm etc.
  6. Might remember me as Takeroflight, Aminda, Black/Star.
  7. You got way more than that mate
  8. If we all could only act on such urges this place may still hold some level of activity
  9. 002 l A Fateful Encounter Decadence, a word most fitting the lost soul, who wanders in a form most degenerate in comparison to his former self. The sun falls most wickedly upon his now more than fair skin on such a day. Sweat doesn't roll down the face of this boy who longs for water, as his body clearly is in need of water. He was Deprived of more than simply fluids though, shown by the tattered clothes that seem most filthy and rugged in nature, and to such an extent that it reveal his ribs beneath a torn shirt. The hungry boys' feet drag across a dirt road that approaches a nearby vill
  10. 001 l An Unlikely upbringing A large arrangement of billowing white fills the skies as it covers the light of which once descended upon a building so rugged. The foundation of its entirety was feeble so that it appeared to slant and sway whenever the breeze commanded such. The very wood that made up the shack shown apparent signs of water damage from the bloated rotting wood holding its self upright, which was without a doubt seemingly soon to fall. Within this termite infested catastrophe there lies a child whom had come to call this place a 'home' of sorts. He, like the building
  11. FATE POINTS FATE POINTS can be obtained through two methods: Reiatsu Growth and 'Achievements'. You will obtain Fate Points at the: 30K(3) / 61K(1) / 91K(1) / 101K(3) / 121K(2) / 141K(1) / 161K(2) / 181K(1) / 200K(1) Reiastu Benchmarks. -------------------- Fate Point Achievement Rewards will vary, and examples of possible Achievements are obtaining ranks such as Espada, Captain Commander etc. A full list of possible achievements are listed in a subsequent post and are subject to be added or removed later on. Please note that not all Achievements will reward Points for the shop, and could
  12. Let's get the ORP back up and going guys and gals! If you're interested, but need help for any reason, don't hesitate to pm me with any questions.

    1. Res


      I need help. Gimme 250k Reiatsu.

  13. Just out of curiosity, is there any specific places some of you have went for rp purposes? Seeing as this ones kinda died out for forum rp

  14. For anyone who plays NA my summoner name is Squirrel Summone (The r didn't make it...) i need more 'friends' to que up with anyway.
  15. As I am following what you're saying, I can assume your beliefs to be that instead of actually conserving stamina, that this technique actually puts more stress on the body. By being able to instantly achieve a top speed rather than 'work your way up' to said top speed? I guess I could see this point, I simply went off of my knowledge more so in use of the techs through rp, and what little detail the show managed to go into Shunpo accumulated with the little descriptions I saw on the wikia. Whether my interpretation of this technique, or yours is correct though, my idea in theory still s
  16. I miss the good ole' days when i was the only one not around/inactive. Seems a bit dead around here o.o

    1. Bennett


      At what point in time where you the only one not around? Jeez talk about revisionism.

    2. Mr. Neppington

      Mr. Neppington

      How would you know that you were the only one not around, if you were not around to see who was not around? !!!

  17. Never thought id see the day where no one posted in the rp at all o.o I must revive it!

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    2. Ruroki


      -lights candles and begins to read the sacrificial rite-

    3. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      -reads sacrificial rites with Ruroki-

    4. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      pulls out razor. *looks like we need the death of a thousand cuts* lol

  18. I really need some more people to league with, I am in NA. Add squirrel summone for someone to play with. I'm not really much if a ranked player but I've been around the game a while
  19. I must say, it feels good to post again.

  20. So, what have I missed?

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    2. Star


      What happened to Kaeru?

    3. Ryu Nakamura

      Ryu Nakamura

      no fibbing chaos. lol

    4. Dante Sparda

      Dante Sparda

      The world flipped upside down. Where anime once used to be a fiction it is now a reality. Meanwhile reality has become a fiction. I highly recommend you test this theory out by jumping out a window and flying off into the distance.

  21. It's a new year, and with that some changes with my priorities have come. For those who haven't noticed, I have not been around as much, and it is likely to become even less for a while. See you guys, I'll come around.

  22. Luffy from one piece A character that is both the antagonist, and protagonist.
  23. And thus One Piece becomes interesting once again.

    1. Rash ラシュ
    2. Vesrin


      I need to catch up. I stopped reading when Luffy won Block C

  24. It is hilarious, teemo 'support' ftw. Also, who doesn't love trollmere? (Trynd)
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