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  1. *agrees with haji* Dri those are sum tight pictures
  2. we need to rp together again

  3. they always have the name questions,How do i become vaizard?, What happens if i fail? TO BECOME VAIZARD you need 1mil sp and 150se. you cant become vaizard unless you choose shinigami as a starter race. i recommend that you dont even think about hitting the vaizard button until it reads "Undergo Hollowfication to become a Vaizard. (You have the necessary strength. You will succeed!)" lets leave it at that
  4. THANK YOU FOR APPROVING!! i was so happy i streamed

  5. captains back now lets make squad 2 blow the building Also squad 2 is a squad for ninja *disappears into the shadows*
  6. I just died again. Forgot I wasn't as strong as before so the hollows did more damage than before. What a bad string of misfortune. Now i'm down to the sp I had before I first transformed.

  7. Yeah. Me too. I just killed myself by the f5 demon when normally i'm really careful. @_@

  8. its cool dude we are all human lol, hope your training works out im jus recovering from my last epic death

  9. No. I didn't. I figured it out. Wasn't paying attention to that. I'm stupid. Sorry to get in your face about it. I was just upset about all the experience I had to gain back. My apologies. Peace ^_^

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