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    Name: Awesomus(cause im awesome)
    Race:shinigami Zanpakuto:Touketsu Mizu no Tenshi
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  1. Where the Vuck have you been, get your lazy azz on the forum!!

  2. Course man I was thinking the same bout you LOL Miss you homie.

  3. Aizen:He looks gay wit his new tights and long hair
  4. Awesome freestyle you got there

  5. I have officially changed my zanpakuto name. zanpakuto name: Touketsu Mizu no Tenshi (frozen water angel) shikai release: rain and descend, Touketsu Mizu no Tenshi bankai release: purify all creation, Touketsu Mizu no Tenshi special attack: Touketsu Tenshi Suraashu (frozen angel slash) like getsuga but it is water. it freezes any thing it touches then shatters it into pieces.
  6. alright maybe u not a jerk u haven't killed me lately so thanks

  7. *looks at how active division 2 is* this is cool
  8. ray u jerk u killed me i barley had 200k sp

  9. 1.i used Hougyoku too early when i had 1mil sp 2.tried to become shinigami after being vaizard which caused a massive chainn reaction i died 5-7 time then decided to delete my old account and make this1
  10. you have to kill ur self commit suicide
  11. zanpakuto name:Mizu No Kamisama/Goddess of Water shikai release: Rain, Mizu No Kamisama bankai release:drown all creation Mizu No Kamisama or flood the world with ur power Mizu No Kamisama. im not sure about bankai can u guys could help me pick sort of like a vote thanks
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