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  1. NEw city new life same old BSE (not really)

  2. well, since you wont be returning i doubt youll read this, but happy birthday dude. its been real, although id really appreciate if jim jones quit giving me that damned look while i wrote this.

    1. Hollowsoul


      I'm Hollowsoul, and I approve this message.

  3. so guess who forgot to pay the cable bill? should be back around now though

  4. perhaps its just me but, your story is funny dont get me wrong, but id probably be a lot more inclined to actually read it if you could maybe do a quick spell check or something
  5. lmao @ #5 the idea of someone getting cought for being online when their man wasnt lol "F*ck you not invisible for?"
  6. Hey, long time no see, you should PM me its alot easier to keep up with.

    but i'm good, how have you been lately

  7. Welcome back to another update of, Why'd you say/do that. This time we had a two part battle between Jay and the rest of the BSE Chat, and as usual tosh was hating. but unfortunately, due to hisagi's fail we didnt manage to get that bit screen printed. We did however manage to get the rematch, when Hisagi accused Jay of "Snitching" to Isshin. Heres how it started: As you can see, hisagi got out of line, so Jay hit him with the classic "Live life Serve Birds" now for those of you out there who have no clue what that means. Thinking of you, Sagi asked (in a way) to which Jay responded "if you aint.." "..G..." "...you dont know what it means" Now as you seen in that image, Jay came from way out in left field with a borderline "Homo" replying, claiming to like hisagi. but hisagi wasn't having it, instantly calling him and his "Hillboyz" red neck gay (N-words) As you can see, Jay was undeterred and attempted to get to know the lovable admin a tad bit better. but hisagi was having none of it, at first; quickly replying with his hometown Brooklyn before following up with a series of insults that must have heart Jay's feelings. As you can guess hisagi wasn't taking his attempts at explaining that We (The chat) started with him (jay) the slew of insults went back and forth while both parties were proclaiming that they were trying to end the "Beef" causing hollow to jump in, headlining the 5th screen shot with Jay's popular catch phrase "Hell nall". it continued on however, ultimately leading to jay seemingly loosing his tough guy act and saying hisagi was "Talking bout him" Apparently Jay's tone was way to friendly, causing Hisagi to set the record straight, going in on topics ranging from Jay's grammar to his less than reputable rapping career. which must have scared Jay causing him to duck out until the end of screenshot #7, where jay asks "Is it over?" to which he receives a "hell nall", unfortunately however, hisagi must have said his piece and this fight was now down for the count. For all those who wonder just who this up and coming "Why'd you say/do that" star, you can look for his soon to be released mixtape, entitled "The Street Warming" Produced by Moneyholics ENT, the same label responsibe for child sensation Pac 4 (Their web hit )and for those of you saying "Warming dont you mean warning?" yes.. warming.. why? because the streets are cold obviously.
  8. sorry for the really late reply, but if you dont know by now, you'll get capped at 25k untill you graduate

  9. ok.. i hate to burst Joutei's bubble, but you just count the number of sentences you made then turn it in. it doesn't matter if you made a perfect 8k or not.

    the only limit is that while your reishi is under 25k you can only get credit for 500 sentences a week

    when you go above 25 k you get credit for up too 300 sentences per week.

  10. Oh jesus.. Would've never thought there'd actually be days on BSE where you didnt have the chance to run into a random 'Your a dumb ass moment curtsy of toshiba' Well since i only took the time out to read your post (and isshin among a few others) i'll run the risk of repeating the cycle and saying farewell. Also i hope you find the time to randomly butt in once and awhile because BSE just isnt BSE with out some Toshimania to enjoy every once and awhile. lol any way hope you have success in what ever you decided to put your extra attention into (and that you dont end up killing it) well anyway im not here to ramble so farewell Tosh
  11. Shit On The Massive Lameness That Is Ichigo <~~ Even better release phrase

    (The Arrow's even pointing the right way xD)

  12. Thanks Ichi.. Apparently addressing me is a Chat killer >.> 'specially since im not here much But What happened to you being the Captain.. does someone need to meet a ninja?
  13. lol.. not her fault The Captain is a light weight. xD

    Your Still The Funniest Person i've Ever Cyber Met. Lol

  15. -tosses lady a champagne bottle- HAPPY NEW YEARS JOJO
  16. Lol @ Hollow's Mini Paragraph.

    And Yeah I Know..

    We Should Talk Soon.. We've Never Really Gotten Through A Full Convo W/o Being Cut Off. lol. Anyway; How you been?

  17. Ahh; you gotta come visit! lol

    amd nah.. this game is liek cheat proof.. only way to get easy kills is to die or 1 hit something. both take time.lol

  18. o: smart an beautiful? im impressed

  19. eh nothing much.. You?

    And Tests? that sucks.. you do ok on em?

  20. '"starting to think i got cyber B.o or something."

    I'm sorry, but what does this mean? (I'm portuguese ;D)'

    MY bad totally missed that! lol; i meant b.o like body odor.. lol.. cyber.. lol

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