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  1. NEw city new life same old BSE (not really)

  2. well, since you wont be returning i doubt youll read this, but happy birthday dude. its been real, although id really appreciate if jim jones quit giving me that damned look while i wrote this.

    1. Hollowsoul


      I'm Hollowsoul, and I approve this message.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D HAVE A FANTASTIC ONE~!!!!!


  5. so guess who forgot to pay the cable bill? should be back around now though

  6. perhaps its just me but, your story is funny dont get me wrong, but id probably be a lot more inclined to actually read it if you could maybe do a quick spell check or something
  7. lmao @ #5 the idea of someone getting cought for being online when their man wasnt lol "F*ck you not invisible for?"
  8. I know you lurk the site every now and then. The next time you lurk you should sign in and say sup and tell us about the wedding and all that jazz.

  9. lolz happy belated hope to hear/see you around again soon xD

  10. Happy birthday person I've never seen before!

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