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  1. As he was about to turn and head for the exit the two girls came out looking for him. "There she is." He sighed. "I hate you all... So much." He said, still standing there, uncertain of which door he should enter... Until they pulled him in. "...." He remained silent but weary, this was all too awkward for him. "Honestly, they should just build me my own private bathing room for the troubled it's causing me." "Aww, you're embarrassed, it's ok to be flat-chested, you'll have some just like us eventually." She said sarcastically, Ren turned to her, wanting to pull out her tongue. "No I won't, m
  2. "Please, Ren?..." He remained silent. "Unresponsive eh?" She tickled him, making him burst out in laughter for a second. "Hey!" He jerked away. "What are you doing!?" "Get him!" She yelled, tackling him to the ground, followed by others who tickled him. He jerked left and right, gasping for air as the continued their assault. "Alright-alright, no more...." They stopped, leaving him almost motionless on the ground as his breathing went back to normal. "Feeling better?" "More like, exhausted," he took a big breath,"I still don't get why nobody can see my true gender... Do I really look like a g
  3. On an aimless course to nowhere hE received a phone call from a friend, though you'd never guess it just by the way he treated him. "Hello, hello?" "Heeeyyy, Renny!" -Click- He instantly hung up the phone, placing it back into his pocket, only to pull it out again after getting a second call. "Come on, why'd you hang up?" "You know I hate it when you call me that.. Why do you even bother trying, it's not going to stick or at least, I'm not going to accept it," he said, walking along the street without realizing it; the cars that were on the rode swerved out of the way as he continued to ignor
  4. A golden blaze lit the morning sky as the sun rose above the horizon, starting Ren's day all over all over again. Sighing, he sluggishly forced himself out of bed to put on a pair of cloths. "Alright, today is the day something good will happen." Moving the door as side he patted himself, closer the door and went on a journey through Karakura, during the venture someone called out. "Excuse me, miss." He kept walking, but then some guy grabbed him by the arm,"Miss, have you seen my cat?" Glaring back with great fiery he jerks his arm away proclaiming the right gender to use. "I'm a guy." "Umm,
  5. *blinks and nods* I was aware the minute I knew you could see and smell thy cookies brother..

  6. Yes it does :'D Here's a cookie!!! *shoves a box of cookies down your shirt*

  7. :P took a while to reply there lol <3
  8. Would you like to join Souls Of War?

  9. Good news and bad news. Illia may get new people, but we may have to leave rpgenius. Its almost completely inactive, and leo and khai havent been there in like a month.

  10. Good news and bad news. Illia may get new people, but we may have to leave rpgenius. Its almost completely inactive, and leo and khai havent been there in like a month.

  11. Ren, where'd you get you're profile pic?

  12. Ren, where'd you get you're profile pic?

  13. I alright an Happy late new years, @ havoc

    Happy late new years Kiyo, love you too sis. @ Momo

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      God this is so so old- almost 4 years ago!

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