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  1. Youtube should learn from this. I used to be on my userpage all the time until....
  2. Well, let me put it this way. Muscle memory sucks. A lot. Since I`ve logged in today, and used it, I`ve been clicking things that lead me to the wrong place while wondering why it`s not letting me do X. At one point, I just wanted to, say, view seireitei. Well, I couldn`t find it, and even though I was there, I just clicked the travel button again, went there, and then was I able to use the 4th squad barracks (No, I don`t have it bookmarked). While it keeps everything compact, right now, it`s more of a hinderance than anything.
  3. But I never logged in atleast until june. I think. I might've forgotton all the around 4ish times I have though.
  4. Why wasn't my account deleted for inactivity? It was around 5ish months.
  5. I should be weaker than most people. Seriously.
  6. When I came back to this game, as it was in my favotires for a while, I expected to have my character, who was at 300,000,000ish exp and stilll is, somewhere near page 10 of the top players. Of course, I was at the bottom of page 1/top of page two when I left. Dissapointly, I'm only at the top of page 3. Is no one actually commiting time to get up there, since the only change I can see is the top players which have gone from a few billion to trillions. O.o
  7. fuck miley cirus fuck lady gaga this is what real music is
  8. everyone song on this album is great
  9. Qonquerer

    ___ Or ____

    sabretooth Vampire the masquerade or Vampire the requiem
  10. Qonquerer

    ___ Or ____

    vampire knight FMA or hellsing
  11. Qonquerer


    1. Yes im talking about them 2. you dont? 3. no jesus pic but now a bald guy???!?!?
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