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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Kitsune


      Thank you so much hun!~<3

  2. it’s beautiful, and you are my hero.
  3. Congratulations on maintaining your existence for another year. May you have fortune in continuing to do so amidst humanities constant blunders.

    1. Kumo


      End me, please.

  4. Just in case anyone missed the announcement, the RPG is back up and running. More can be found here in the thread Isshin made.

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you have a good one. How does it feel to be a free man? xD

    1. OtterAiden


      Thanks! xD Honestly idk, it feels weird

  6. In Helheim's seven day forecast it seems we will likely be hit by a shit storm moving in very quickly. You heard it here first, keeping everyone informed here at Kumo news!

  7. The ruins will be a big free for all. At least until we get some filthy teamers.

  8. Happy Birthday Ray! I hope you have a good one!

  9. Chaos~ Come out, Come out wherever you are~

    1. Rash ラシュ
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      Fabled (Renoka)

      *Grabs le popcorn* FIGHT!!!!!

  10. I wonder what we evolve in to at the end of this.

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    2. Kumo


      Well, that's extremely valuable in many ways.

    3. Xenegon Bahir'an

      Xenegon Bahir'an

      Jason Statham...the winner evolves into Jason Statham

    4. Rash ラシュ
  11. My line up for this arc ended up quite interesting. The Grimm Reaper of Hueco Mundo, The Kenpachi, The Strongest Cadet in Academy History, and the only odd ball story wise being that one random quincy xD. Good luck to you all. Let The Hunger Games begin.

    1. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      Good Luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

  12. So you are defending Ben? What happened to just not liking the public argument? We don't like bullshit, so how are we any different from you? And after all of the attacking Ben has done in PM's to people it's hard not to reply in such a way. Like I said, you don't know anything. He wouldn't learn anyways, I mean I know for a fact that it was both Ben and Akira. But it was clear after they ignored the first post that they had no intention of listening to anyone because they think they are justified. And I actually brought up plenty of points that needed to be taken in to consideration despite what I said which you clearly ignored it seems. Firstly, like I said reiryoku and reiatsu play a huge part in bleach battles. Jophiel is much stronger than Vendetta in this case. There are plenty of ways for the character Vendetta to act. In this case even if what he did as a counter to the chains used against him would work he left out too much for it to be reasonable, especially considering as I previously said that Jophiel's reiryoku is higher. These chains would have to be under the influence of reiryoku to surround him in the first place. But he just simply threw a few knives at them and moved them completely? That's something that needs to reconsidered. I won't go giving ideas and such because this isn't my fight. He needs to be creative on his own sometimes too, and I know he can do it. And I did say some mean things, but that was because of how he was treating another person. Does someone treating someone badly deserve to be treated kindly? Not really. Some times hurtful words hit home a lot better than a slap on the wrist and a "That's not cool." Someone who attacked others whether you saw it or not doesn't always deserve kind words. Just my opinion since that's all anyone is sharing. Then what I really noticed after that, and what I pointed out as being more unreasonable is the fact that in Akira's post was clear Metagaming. Neither of the two could know of Jophiel's allies. Kaycee's character is the only who could know, but she hasn't mentioned that. Jophiel followed Kaycee's character from the forest. It's not bullshit to be there. She didn't go through some complicated entrance process, so why would anyone know about something added after? They wouldn't. The setting has to be explained beforehand for it to not be bullshit. Honestly, that's just proper RP etiquette which you would think Ben who has been here RP'ing as long as he has would know some of. That's why I am so hard on him. I expected more from him as an RP'er, and the leader of the group. But rather than that he claimed after the fact that no one could enter without ever explaining why before. Then it came to the random lasers. How is that going to work? I mean, how is it reasonable to add some weapon to the surroundings all of a sudden which can apparently damage other RP'ers and is supposed to. But if it hits anyone in the syndicate it has no effect? The lasers just need to go. And Seki Seki stone. Oh how this bothers me. Did anyone care enough to look up what this actually is? It does repel reiryoku, but it also drains reiryoku. Another thing is, how did you all come in to possession of it? Did you think it was found in hueco mundo? If so, you're wrong. It's a rare mineral either way even if not only found if the Soul Society as Vad pointed out. It's only ever shown in two creations, so it's hard to imagine it's anywhere aside from there. "It's here and it stops all from ever entering this thread." I think it's more appropriate to ask why is it that everyone in the syndicate can fight right now. I mean, if it was there before Jophiel arrived then they would have simply been weakening their selves to have a base made out of it. The biggest suggestion anyone could give here is re-think your descriptions and actually understand what you're using, doing, and saying. Another big thing is that Ben had previously stated his character to be roughly VC-level. Just because it hasn't been revealed IC doesn't mean you can change it after announcing stuff like that. You also have to think reasonably. Captain level is one of the highest levels and these characters don't have but maybe four posts on them. Some of which are a lot of copy and paste. Had there been some story there, just something it would have been fine. But there wasn't. It was a random boost which is wrong to do. I know you want to be mysterious, but everyone should stick to what they say until there is a reason for improvement. I will apologize for having been rude the them and attacking them as you put it Ruro. It was wrong to do that, but it wasn't any better for you to come in here posting like you did right after a clearly different post. I didn't attack anyone, I didn't do anything along the lines of that. I just suggested everyone talk, and then got attacked for it. Though I won't deny the fact that Ben and Akira are in the wrong as far as their posts go, and I will admit to being in the wrong about what I was wrong about. Everyone who posted here was in the wrong. But there is the main points and why they don't add up. I will delete my other posts here to take away the clutter.
  13. This is very important, Kaycee, are you saying that your power is to make others depressed? Or are you trying to use a fear of theirs to your advantage? Or was that just poor wording that gave a misleading description? If the first, well depression won't kill anyone. If the second I would like to ask how you could find out fears without metagaming. And if it is the third then you need a better description because it is literally impossible to force someone in to a hopeless situation. And I will delete this post after my question is answered.
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