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  1. Happy Birthday!

    1. Kitsune


      Thank you so much hun!~<3

  2. Oh my, sunny days to ya'll! ~<3

  3. *le birthday hugs* <3

  4. Happy Birthday, Kit! :3

  5. Autumn is on it's way, creativity and pain comes with it.

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    2. DaGr8Toshiba


      Negative. Spring >Summer > Fall > Winter @ Rash

    3. Ruroki


      Winter is the only season that matters

    4. Kitsune


      I love autumn, i love that huge creativity burst it gives to me and all that inspiration! <3 but i just hate those rainy days, cuz it causes chronic pains. All the colors of the autumn are beautiful and have a chance to just curl up in the corner of the couch and drink hot mint-chocolate and then light up candles and draw or paint or knit or what ever! :3 <3

  6. Happy summer dearests~! <3

    1. Molestia


      summer snuggles! *le climbs on* >:3

    2. Kitsune
  7. Happy, creative and joyful New year 2015 to everyone! <3

    1. The Eml

      The Eml

      Thank you very much Kit ^_^

  8. Happay Birfday Fishy!

    1. Kitsune


      Thank chuu Onctopus! <3

  9. Happy Birthday, Again. :3 I truly hope it's a great day!

    1. Kitsune


      Thank chuu Nero ^w^ i had a great birthday for sure :3

  10. Congratz big bro on member of a month! <3

  11. Wishing for winter to finally arrive..

    1. Molestia


      noooo too cold ._. *le curls up on kitty*

  12. Wishing for winter to finally arrive..

  13. Wow~ Thanksies for the member of the month, i feel so honored! <3 :3

  14. Happy and creative new year 2014, may it bring you all new good memories~! <3

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