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  1. This is a just a spec sheet for hollow fights, i.e. hp, damage, etc. It is at the moment incomplete, as i havent gotten that far, but if anyone wants to chip in and submit a screenshot or something, on a fight that can add more info, that would be great. Sorry if there are any errors, I'll do my best to make it as accurate as possible. If Anyone has any info on the Ranks for shinigami, hollow, human etc, and also know how much you will gain from ranking up, that would be good to know as well. I might try to make a list for that as well. unless there is a list somewhere already.
  2. so you you cant take things like paysafecard or something like that.
  3. Well personally, I just pretty much so I dont really devour or soul bury others all that much if ever. But it is a nice idea in that if you opt out of pvp, you lose out on something else as well. Speaking of which, whats the benefit to using soul bury or devouring someone?
  4. In regards to the pvp thing. Maybe put a timer on i so you cant just switch it every 5 seconds. and maybe make it so that if you attack someone, the timer resets.
  5. I've noticed that before, there was a way to gain more defence, by dying until you hit rock bottom and training. Maybe I've missed something, I'm not sure, but now that theres a new minimum sp limit of 50, perhaps another way of gaining stats could be implemented? or maybe change the training ground methods? Maybe something like, you wont gain as much sp or something for the training ground or pay more to go somewhere else to gain only the stats or something.
  6. Will it be readjusted sooner or later? or am I simply stuck with what if have if i leveled. And should I stop training temporarily?
  7. I'm not sure why but suddenly when i logged in, I noticed that my Max hp fell from around 2.8 mill to about 2.1 mill. If someone would be able to help me, then i would grateful. I have my main class as Human-sado that i changed with Donator chimera status. I'm level 126 though not sure that makes a difference. I hope someone can help me with this cuz i like the extra hp that comes with the class and would rather not lose out on a chunk of it from leveling further.
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