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  1. This girl is such a pest, Sibylle thought to herself as her eyes narrowed at the crying youth named Sakura. The girl’s aunt was on her way over and those in the area were already starting to look in their direction. Not the most favorable of situations to be in as she was a sore thumb sticking out in this park being a foreigner. She could not just use any of her quincy abilities either, not something she could destroy and keep moving like a Hollow. People were messy and problematic often with their own agendas. With the aunt closing in Sibylle slowly let the magazine out of her grasp chan
  2. “Oh that’s Yui-chan!” a voice of a bubbly feminine voice could be heard almost yelling over Sibylle’s music playing through her earbuds. Looking up from her magazine the teenager noticed that a young Japanese girl had sat down on the bench next to her splitting the difference between the Echt Quincy and the older man on the other end. The two adults seemed to share a mutual confusion as to why this girl had sat down between them and interrupted their nice coexistence of not bothering one another. Begrudgingly the teenager removed her right earbud so that she could hear the young girl going on
  3. Happy Birthday, man. Keep living the good life!

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  4. The beginning of Sibylle’s day was spent with Frieda Thoumeaux in the Karakura shopping district on the west side of town, but then she was dropped off at the Karakura Community Park towards the center of Karakura Town while the older woman had to run some errands. As the Tsubakidai Park was too far south and the only other park in town was the Yumisawa Children's Park to the north. This was the first time she was allowed to explore, other than walking around the local area near their house or going to university. That red-eyed woman endured the teenager’s constant protests of being coddled. T
  5. Laying in her bed overtop of the covers Sibylle looked up at the ceiling as he listened to music. The shower she took felt very good after all of the Hell that Frieda had put her through today, notably all of the fancy tools that the Quincies had to use in their arsenal. Barely a couple weeks ago she was an ordinary American coming over to take university courses in Japan. The plane crashed into the Pacific a few miles before the shores of Japan started a chain of events that she was not exactly prepared for then, nor really now either. That fateful event led to her seeing spirits and these mo
  6. Updates: Legendary Tier Legend Tier - Split the Unfocused stat boosts between L1 and L3 instead of just L3. 1★ Legend - Added Stat Tier (161-180) unlocked for your Character's Unfocused Stats. 3★★★ Legend - Updated Stat Tier (181-200) unlocked for your Character's Unfocused Stats. New Perception Rule Clarification FULL BLOCK: [Strength VS Strength / Reiryoku VS Reiryoku] Full-blocking is the act of raising a defense against an attack that is not a part of your character's body. IE: Full Blocking is blocking with your weapon or another obje
  7. Leaning backwards slightly Sibylle tried to relieve some stress from her arms as she stretched them above her head. The damage to the southern wall seemed to stunt any further progress they were going to make today in her Quincy training. That was fine with her as all of the Ginto and Seele Schneider talk had her mind rolling from one thing to another. The continual processing of new information did not bother the teenager in the least, but there seemed to be no end to what she could learn under Frieda Thoumeaux. This was an exciting prospect as her life up until coming to Japan was pretty bla
  8. The holy arrow zips through the air directly at Frieda from Sibylle’s reishi longbow spiritual weapon attached to her left hand. Before the arrow of reishi could reach the woman however she makes an upward swing with the blade of the silver-colored thin weapon having the reishi blade cut the arrow in half before clearly absorbing the reishi into the blade’s edges. “This tool is a Seele Schneider, or Soul Cutter,” Frieda announces as she swings the blade around a few times as a display of skill, “This is the only Quincy weapon that has a blade. Since everything we use is based around bows and a
  9. The long deep breaths continued for Sibylle as she prepared to draw another Heilig Pfeil with her Heilig Bogen. The crimson red veins on her forearms felt like fire as she was trying to keep what little reishi in the area that she had gathered together if she was going to need to make another attack. This hollow was so much different than the Fishbone D type that Frieda had destroyed the first day that she ever saw a hollow. Since that day the teenager had been put through trial after trial with the realization that she was a pure-blooded Quincy known as an Echt. The trails were not limited to
  10. This weekend had brought her on a very long walk by the Karakura Town High School. Her teacher and roommate Frieda Thoumeaux had told her a lot of the hollows had appeared near here in the past. The teenager was told to steer clear of this area while she was still in trainee status. So naturally she wanted to do the opposite as she was in a new country, found out that she belonged to a superior race of humans known as Quincy, and she was quite tired of feeling helpless. There was so much new in her life now that she was in Japan and she did not want to lose this rush that she was feeling.
  11. Walking around the area Sibylle questioned herself internally while really thinking about all of the two ginto techniques she had learned so far in Wolke and Heizen. One was more of a support style and the other was an offensive style. Whatever was next she could tell would be along the same lines. Silver tubes with liquid reiryoku stored in them so that they can transform into powerful techniques capable of helping a Quincy take down a hollow. Between the techniques here and the other day she was starting to understand better how the Quincy race was able to survive against such terrifying foe
  12. “Perfect,” Frieda complimented Sibylle as the black panels near the teenager created a grid lining while the smoke cleared, “Wolke can get you out of a few sticky situations that you might find yourself in from time to time. However, a more effective use of these Ginto during combat specifically is the technique known as Heizen, or Heating.” Reaching down to the right side of her hip she removes four more silver tubes from her belt. With the smoke is gone and the black panels returned to their normal state she would walk over to the north wall near the younger woman. “Heizen destroys whatever
  13. Returning to their house Sibylle waits for the car to be parked by Frieda so that she can get out and grab her bags out of the back seat of the car. “You will want to get into something more comfortable to work out in,” Frieda states as she locks the car behind them, “Going to be showing you some new stuff again today.” “Because yesterday and this morning were not enough?” Sibylle replies back with a sarcastic tone and a deadpan expression in the woman’s direction. “There is always more to learn. Once you stop learning the likeliness of your death only increases,” Frieda replies nonchalantly a
  14. Sibylle’s class schedule for the week was going to be packed. Frieda informed the teenager, “Many students load up in their first two years taking upwards of thirty-five hours and then coasting out in the latter two with a total of twenty-five. This is so that they can concentrate on finding a job or going on trips before they enter the real world. The most important part of each class was the final test which determined the overall grade. If someone ended up with a failing grade, some schools in Japan have up to three different opportunities for students to retake the test over and over again
  15. Waking up the next morning to an early alarm set by Frieda Thoumeaux so that she would have time to get ready for university Sibylle Opie found herself still sore all over, particularly her feet and hands were not in the best of shape. Rolling over she decided that today was not going to be a get out of bed day. She hurt too much and did not want to do anything today. Her long hair was not pulled up into her usual hair style, because after she got out of the shower the previous night she was too exhausted to do anything special to prepare for the next day. Fixing her hair would take too much e
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