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  1. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/15 Overall Word Count: 314
  2. Kenshi stared at the map, somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information that had just been presented to him. It took him a moment to realize that the man was waiting for a response. Still maintaining his typical stoic expression, despite being completely confused in face of everything he had just head, Kenshi looked over to the man opposite him. “I’m sorry, you seem to have me at quite the disadvantage in this discussion…” He paused for a moment, searching for a proper way to address the Shinigami but soon realized that he still had no clue, despite the man indicating something about his b
  3. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/1 Overall Word Count: 1136
  4. Kenshi was left in awe as the warmth flowed through his body and he watched as the various wounds that covered him were quickly closing themselves. While he had heard rumors of the various powers of the soul reapers, he’d never seen such a feat in person. His body felt completely revitalized and ready to fight once again, but now wasn’t the time for that. As the healing was completed, Kenshi brought his thoughts back to the man in front of him. “I see so you’re saying that the Shinigami have changed? I hope then that you speak the truth. The people here have suffered far too long as things are
  5. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 7/18 Overall Word Count: 277
  6. Kenshi’s gaze is quickly drawn to the small ornate weapon that the Shinigami held in his hand. The strange glow and oddly soothing sound that the weapon produced, along with the words that had accompanied its presentation, served to pique his interest. Though it was only for a moment, the stoic look that typically rested on Kenshi’s face was replaced with a hint of curiosity before he was able to correct the change. “I will not pretend to understand what this weapon or its abilities have to do with your soul, but I will allow you to show me this power that you claim to have.” He continued to p
  7. Not exactly sure of who exactly this “Central 46” the man spoke of what, Kenshi simply nodded in agreement of the expected punishment. “As long as he’s unable to return here, then whatever your superiors agree on will likely suffice.” Noticing now that the fighting seems to have finished, he returns his sword to its scabbard, though his hand remains resting on the hilt as a final precaution. Kenshi was somewhat impressed with how quickly the Shinigami had ended the fight. Their attack having taken advantage of the bandit’s distraction, but even still there was a certain efficiency in it t
  8. Seal his Zanpakuto? This man was now refusing to fight him after interjecting himself into the fight he was just starting to enjoy? Kenshi griped his sword tightly in frustration at the call for peace at a time like this. Glancing behind himself for a moment, Kenshi finally takes a look at the battle taking place around him. Smoke still lingered on the battlefield but it was still clear that the Shinigami had swiftly taken the upper hand in the fight, though not without their own casualties. Kenshi had no love for Shinigami, as positive word of them was rare so far out from the Seireitei and t
  9. As the veiled stranger seemed to disengage from the battle, Kenshi couldn’t help but allow a grin to form on his face. It seemed that the man had heeded his warning and was going to allow the fight to continue uninterrupted. He didn’t quite understand it fully, but his brief encounter with his Zanpakutō spirit had left him refreshed and eager to continue the fight. Takada, on the other hand, felt a sense of dread at the situation in front of him. The brief opportunity that his opponents would turn against each other has seemed to quickly fade away and the look on Kenshi’s face was similarly un
  10. The camp was thrown into chaos as the surprise assault began. The smokescreen that covered the assailants prevented the men in the camp from fully understanding what was happening, but nonetheless the attack was not without resistance. Those that had their weapons on hand swung them wildly in an attempt to protect themselves from whatever was coming for them. Those without weapons ran to find something to arm themselves with while trying to avoid being captured. A small number of the more cowardly of them ran desperately for the forest in an attempt to flee. While many of the bandits in the ca
  11. The cool wind washed over Kenshi and as he regained his awareness, he realized that he was in a familiar place, thought not the fight that he was just experiencing. As he took in his surroundings, he realized that he was in a peaceful forest grove and he was looking out over a lake of silver. It was just like the dream, but this felt more… real. The wounds that he’d been dealing with up to this point were absent and he felt refreshed. Was he dreaming now? In the middle of a fight? With his mind racing, he slowly stood up from his kneeling position at the edge of the lake. He’d never been
  12. [Continued from The Wanderer] Kenshi sat just behind the tree line, watching the camp intently. The light from the torches and lanterns scattered throughout the camp kept it well lit in the darkness of the early morning. The camp was mostly a collection of tents scattered throughout the clearing, there were one or two buildings that had been constructed from wood, with a few more that seemed to be in the process of being built. It seemed that they were in the process of turning the temporary encampment into a permanent base. The outer perimeter of the camp was surrounded by what s
  13. Kenshi awoke and immediately began to feel the results of his previous fight. His body was sore and his wounds echoed the pain that he’d felt as they were inflicted. As he fully came to, he realized that he was laying down and not outside where he’d fallen asleep. It only took a moment for him to realize that he was inside of Artie’s shack and that his upper body was wrapped in blood soaked strips of cloth that were acting as bandages. Everyone seemed to be gone from the shack, save for Isabelle who was sitting in the corner opposite him, looking over an unsheathed blade. As he sat up, he
  15. The next two days would continue much like the last with the group meeting in the empty field to first spar with Kenshi as a group and then with each other one on one. Many of the mistakes made by the students would begin to disappear as their days were spent fighting each other over and over. While their skills were still that of novices, Kenshi was continually impressed with the speed at which they were able to adapt and learn. He knew that they were nowhere near his level of ability, even when all fighting together, but he had no doubt that if they continued to train like this after he left
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