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  1. night of the wailing: "they have everything out here" those 2 leaves... uncensored version on my premium snapchat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  2. Dear BSE, I've tilted myself and have chose to vet the frustration of my mistakes on you all. Its nothing personal, just the only way i can cope. I trust that you all will understand. PS: even when you think I'm not, I'm watching you bse bse.mp4
  3. what can I say. keep up the good work BSE.
  4. with the frequency at which you've posted, you deserve no less. please continue to provide us with your original take on Japanese rip-off of Power Rangers, dont @ me.
  5. something something something @Kaz yada yada yada Read it here:
  6. @ChaosKaiz Citizens of BSE, am I redeemed?
  7. I take it your'e satisfied with my service and will do as we agreed. @Shiba Isshin
  8. Yuzu... Ichigo... Its a shame you didn't follow in Karin's lead. ps: @ChaosKaiz your 20 year old loli is on the way, because I'm already living in sin.
  9. @Shiba Isshinpushing the boundaries of incest are we? Isn't Yuzu supposed to only cling Ichigo's leg. I'll consider your request upon my return to drawing. Caught in the act #2 caught in the act.mp4
  10. You're welcome miss @Res, hopefully there will be more to come. As for now, I will be sacrificing @Rashu ラシュ's Wild's for the cause. Ps: Feel free to share cropped and smaller versions of this online. I plan to sell and profit from this art and only want it to be free here on BSE. it is bigger and more thought out than most of my other work and i will need a hiatus to raise my spirits. I'll lurk and chat but don't expect any new art for some time. thank you for your understanding.
  11. WAIT YOUR TURN VERMIN!! Sorry, i shouldn't have said that. dealing with my true weakness, vague descriptions, can be liberating. but at the cost of the writers original vision, NEVER!. sir @Kaz your Jugo, and his bird man were fun to draw. may their sacrifice to the cause not be forgotten. Edited
  12. Thank @Aurora for your kind comment. I will use the strength gives me to press on and draw for what I know is right! unfortunately for you @ChaosKaiz this means Aiden here: will be my next victim. ps: if this makes you uncomfortable, as it does me, just know that i try to faithfully adapt what you young writers write and this is 100% @ChaosKaiz's vision.
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