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  1. The night in the forest Masato presided was deathly silent. The Fullbringer meditated near his shelter, while still maintaining a steadily leaking stream of Reiatsu. What little light the night’s stars and moon provided was obscured by the campfire’s, positioned just ahead of its creator. Masato had begun his meditation prior to the sun’s set. Had he bothered to peek at his surroundings, he would’ve noticed that save for what his fire’s light reached, he was in the eerie palms of complete darkness, and at the mercy of all they contained. But his oblivion didn’t protect him from his fear of the
  2. The songs of insets and birds complemented Masato’s humming as he stood knee deep in the rocky, shallow river of the forest. In his right hand was a durable yet flexible twig, which he picked from one of the many trees he passed on his way. With it, he intended to catch some fish, in quite the unorthodox way. His aching bones and growling stomach hadn’t the patience to fish conventionally, rather, he planned to use the twig as a whip to swat any aquatic creature he deemed appetizing. It didn’t take long for his prey to present itself; a pike feeding close to the creek’s bank. With the t
  3. Upon receiving the answers Shizuka provided, Masato could tell that Arthur wasn't completely satisfied, and understandably so. After all they went through, half answers were unacceptable. What’s more, Shizuka's repulsive presence made even Masato feel unwelcome. "I guess that’s case closed? I’ll be leaving then." Arthur announced, his tone conveying little to no enthusiasm. Before demanding Shizuka to let him out, he would extend his help to Masato in the future. It wasn't an offer Masato sought to use, as he was comfortable managing his small team and working missions alone, but having access
  4. (Don't feel bad, no one does.) Shizuka thought proudly to herself upon hearing Arthur admit his organization's intel gathering was inferior to her own. The cocky grin she suddenly brandished caught Masato's attention. Nothing good comes out of her mouth, much more so if you stroke her ego. "Of cour..." Shizuka suddenly restrained herself from saying what was obviously going to be a snarky remark. Above her was a glaring Masato who had long since grown tired of hearing her speak. "Just, answer, his questions." He commanded her as a menacing aura emitted from his body, and he raised his right fi
  5. The hollow would quickly reply once Arthur addressed him. “I don’t know what a Gigai is, but I’ve tried many objects. Humans and Hollows are the only beings I’m able to possess.” If Arthur bothered to notice, he would’ve found Shizuka staring at him, dumbfounded by his ignorance of the influence The Primera title possessed in Hueco Mundo, and by extension, the world they currently resided. “What makes him special? I don’t expect much from my boss here, but it appears that everyone out there is stupid.” She crossed her arms and sighed. “The Primera, or more broadly, the Espada they command
  6. This is only rumor, but I hear that you, Isshin-sama, will be doing jack shit in the TYBW arc. Is this true?
  7. The hollow's gaze bounced from Arthur and Masato to Shizuka, as if asking for her approval to speak. Shizuka pondered briefly before coming to the conclusion that Masato knowing a secret existed, defeated the entire purpose of hiding it from him. Besides, she was confident in her ability to persuade others, especially those she deemed to be idiots, like Masato. She sighed a heavy breath of defeat before giving the hollow permission to tell his full story. “I can’t guarantee he won’t kill you, but you might as well talk, filth.” Shizuka remarked with a grin, still holding her pained stomach.
  8. Masato listened to Arthur's answer with his gaze directed ahead, lest he crash into anything in his path. Initially, Arthur's words were humble, and illustrated how noble his sacrifice was; but his motives would take a quick 180, as did Masato's impression of him, when these words were uttered. "I don’t especially care for the individual people either. People die every day of various reasons" Masato perceived and took offense to Arthur's lackadaisical attitude towards the everyday victims of the terror brought on by hollows. Indeed, people do die every day, but none should have to suffer
  9. Masato was not surprised by Arthur’s desire to continue seeking answers; he didn’t seem the type to rest easy knowing a threat still loomed over Karakura. A threat that still struck fear in a hollow who accepted their death mere minutes ago. However, despite resolve in Arthur’s voice, Masato would inform his ally of their next destination, partially to prepare him to make the trip, but mostly to ascertain that he didn’t drag Arthur blindly to a place he didn’t want to go. "We are heading to Karakura High. She, the orange haired bitch, can most likely hear us right now. So there's no point in b
  10. Masato wasn't particularly interested in the details of his teacher's panties, nor how the hollow managed to carry them. But as he did promise his partner answers, he elected to give the parasite the opportunity to reply to Arthur's perverted questions. "They were a black lingerie panties, not pants, and I wore them on my head until I made it to the orange haired girl. She never gave me a name. I thought I was trading them for my life and freedom, but she tried to kill me once I made the drop off, at Karakura high of all places." Masato cringed out how distastefully relaxed the hollo
  11. Arthur demanded two names from the hollow while still pressing the tip of his umbrella against it. Though the questions were not directed to him, Masato still thought of the descriptions his ally used and wondered if he could've possibly knew one of them. "Number 1" was too vague for him to give much thought, but Orange hair... Arthur withdrew his umbrella from the hollows body, giving it a chance to answer. Masato would listen intently to all that the parasite had to say, as it did risk its life for him. Furthermore, of the only two humans with orange hair, Masato had a good reason to suspect
  12. The Hollow had already planned how to proceed after grabbing Arthur’s leg. (Time to abandon ship.) He decided since Masato sustained his first serious injury in his fight against their umbrella wielding opponent. As a vessel, Masato was one of a kind, and would’ve altered his life for the better. No longer would he be a bottom feeder, ass-kissing and begging to keep his own head. Masato’s strength was this pathetic hollow’s final beckon of hope, and like everyone else in his life, Masato rejected him; perpetually denying the hollow access to his full capabilities, even act the cost of both of
  13. “You’re too judgmental to understand.” The hollow murmured lowly as it observed Arthur’s attempts at blocking following the change in form of his umbrella. Every attack served its purpose of staving off Arthur so it could reclaim the amount of control it had at the start of their fight. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile and Arthur refused to give it more time, as he charged his left hand with the energy from the atmosphere before shooting a wind based gafu blast at Masato’s face. [*] The hollow raised the cyan hands it created before above his head and clasped their fingers before st
  14. [*] Seeing as Arthur approached and dropped to the floor sliding, the Hollow hardened the lower portions of Masato's coat to block whatever attacks his opponent made. The hits to Masato's calves, while not painful, still managed to break his balance, which was a great cause for concern to the parasite. Its vessel was barely injured and still full of energy, and yet, it didn’t have access to it. On the contrary, the longer the fight proceeded, the more uncertain the hollow became of his dominion over Masato's body. [**} A slight panic befell the hollow as it quickly twisted Masato's right a
  15. The parasitic hollow kept his eye's on, and saw through Arthur's fake, as since the beginning of the fight, the umbrella wielding human never misjudged the distance between himself and Masato this badly. Despite knowing the attack lacked intent, its true purpose was still unknown. As such, rushing an action in panic could've done more harm than good. Rather, he stayed alert with his tail on standby, still holding an umbrella after recovering from Arthur's interception. As the slash of Arthur's umbrella was nearing its end on Masato's left, its owner quickly reversed its trajectory, caus
  16. [*] Masato, stood straight and didn’t even flinch as he hardened his muscles and partially blocked Arthur's umbrella in its downward swing. The cut was shallow, but deep enough to draw blood, which quickly spattered outward, some most likely onto Arthur. He raised his chin too look down on Arthur while grinning, as he did, his coat sewed itself together in seconds. [1] Masato raised his left knee, then quickly thrusted his upper body backwards to generate power for the forward kick he delivered to Arthur's stomach region (139 Speed). The movement of his leg was concentrated and the weigh
  17. A resounding thud was pronounced when Arthur’s right foot met Masato’s. The sweep was a failure as Arthur managed to stay standing, leaving Masato in an awkward and floored position. His sword strike didn’t have much success either, considering Arthur’s deflection resulted in Masato’s blade targeting his own leg. As embarrassing as cutting his own leg off might’ve been, not having his back to his opponent was a more pressing Matter in the Hollow’s mind, and with the control of his tail, the falling blade actually provided him an opportunity to take away the free leverage he gave Arthur with hi
  18. Though he managed to evade the blade and keep his left hand, Arthur was still eager to injure himself as he shot the Gafu blast directly towards Masato’s attack, hurting them both in the process. The small explosion created from Arthurs left hand did little to stop Masato’s twirl, much less the circling purple weapon he held. thus Arthur's solution to Masato’s repositioning spin was one of his own to match. Upon successfully parrying what the Hollow threw at him, Arthur returned two attacks in rapid succession. [*] the first was to Masato's right side. With a counter clockwise twist
  19. The hollow didn’t hum for long as in flash, Arthur rushed in front of its path. “I’m not done with you yet. You are staying right here” no longer wielding a rifle, Arthur showed some initiative by rushing Masato head on. [*] “Are you sure?” The hollow replied to Arthur’s proclamations while lifting the purple blade from Masaro’s left shoulder. With it, he made a short vertical swing to intercept the umbrella slicing towards his chest. Upon the clashing of their respective weapons, sparks emanated from Masato’s blade before his left hand was jerked backwards from the force of Arthurs attac
  20. “Oh?” for a brief moment the hollow was amazed with how Arthur staved off death against his flurry of attacks. Retrieving the cyan claw, the hollow awaited with high hopes for how Arthur would counter, but what came next couldn’t be more discouraging. The single eye of the hollow halved, unimpressed with the three bullets of Reiatsu aimed for ankle, left side, and head. [*] It sighed heavily in disappoint and boredom. The cyan tail curved in front of his right ankle to fully block against the initial bullet. Then, by a quick spin of the purple blade in his left hand, Masato reverse grippe
  21. [*] In the process of creating distance to avoid the full attack of his blade, Arthur threatened Masato's neck with a spear of energy. The Hollow raised the purple blade in Masato's left hand dismissively, deflecting the spear in the process. A sharp grin persisted on his face as he proceeded with his onslaught. Arthur’s retreat behind a nearby tree stroked the parasitic Hollow’s ego to the degree they he laughed aloud before taunting his opponent. “Of course, run away coward!” Shortly after entering the complete cover of the tree, a sudden bullet of Reiatsu made contact with left the kne
  22. The closed umbrella sprung open to intercept all three of Masato’s Attack, though not without consequence, as the weight of his attacks alone were quite exhausting to block for Arthur. But alas, he parried Masato’s blade successfully and used the recovery window of his opponent to counter with a jab to Masato’s right shoulder. The attack landed cleanly before the Hollow could command Masato to raise his defenses. When possessing a host, it involuntarily shared every feeling body’s nerves did. The sensational drug of dopamine from every block, speedy leap, and destructive strike Masato’s body p
  23. A familiar green light flickered from Arthur’s feet, in effect, propelling him safety. Thus upon missing his first swing, Masato quickly readjusted his gaze in the direction Arthur flew. Just as his head completed its leftward turn, his hood was met with a bullet of Reiatsu, most likely the umbrella wielding Fullbringer’s doing. The hollow had little time to form a shield, but in the brief milliseconds he first noticed the incoming bullet, the coat’s cyan hood war hardened, protecting his and Masato’s head. The force of the shot did knock Masato’s head slightly to his right and he did find him
  24. The Hollow was stunned and slightly frustrated that handling this umbrella wielding comedian wasn’t as easy as he expected. His persistent quips didn’t help either. “Your material needs work, in private. For now…” a cyan hand extended from his stomach, blocking the knee attack, “PLEASE…” the lowest end of his coat spiraled down his right leg, “SHUT…” small and thin rectangular layers of his coat came to a single point, hardening the area to be hit by Arthurs umbrella, “THE FUCK…” he grabbed the tip of the umbrella with his right hand and twisted counter clockwise by 160 degrees, throwing the u
  25. (He, He, He, in this body no even the king can kill me.) The parasite thought to itself gleefully while welcoming the sensation of having a vessel far superior than any it possessed in the past. *crunch, crunch, crunch—* “Huh?” it’s celebrating ended when it heard the sound of approaching footsteps. (Tsk, more pest. Guess I’ll give you a test drive.) Just as the thought crossed the Hollow’s mind, the body it thought was completely under it control began to protest. The cyan coat began to tighten around Masato’s chest, slowly pulling his arms to their opposite sides; as if to put wr
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