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  1. Taco Lamborghini or Ferrari
  2. Which color forum theme are you using? I'm using the dark theme and both colors really stand out.

  3. Nawww Sin, you took the fun out of it by clarifying
  4. Sin told me only to put people up who had interacted with the Arc up to that point. Having said that, I put his name up because it was partly his suggestion Sorry to make you feel unloved Tosh lol
  5. Topic title is pretty explanatory, but there are two conditions to having your vote count. 1. You must be registered as a Role Player (show up on the ranks) 2. You must post when you vote, saying who you voted for. Reason why is optional I will start by voting for Kenzo of squad 7. Reason being that if he died and went hollow I think he'd make an excellent Espada and leave his Vice captain Oni with some nice emotional scars to carry on with.
  6. well that's how things are at the moment, however since Hisagi is in the middle of finishing his proposed system, this is subject to change. So I would contact him directly with questions on that matter if I were you. In the meantime, go with Genius if you're after the kido mastery I'm sure if Hisagi changes anything you'll be able to make revisions.
  7. His character died a long time ago, I was inactive at the time so you'll have to ask someone like Hisagi for the details

  8. Rukia and jakka are discussing 'Candy' but some of us are left wondering just what Rukia is thinking of...
  9. Here we have one of the stones that sank Havoc's boat and drove him from the RP forums. The edges are a little cut off, but only one letter at worst. [url="http://s558.photobucket.com/albums/ss26/Cloud_Sykes/?action=view&
  10. cheers bro, I hope your recovery is going well

  11. "The Never ending story" scared me as a small child. I think it had something to do with the rather large, hairy looking Bunyip creature. The only suggestions I could make would perhaps be Ironman and/ or Ironman 2. Those both seem to be pretty high quality movies, although I have yet to see the 2nd one. From there, you could go the whole spiderman/ hulk theme. Or if it's comedy you're after "she's way out of my league" is a great movie. As well as the Get smart reincarnation. Date night is supposed to be funny as well. Although I haven't seen it personally. Also, I agree with Ikkaku on the ho
  12. Biggle on! and that's all there is to say
  13. I almost didn't believe it when I heard you'd finally kicked the bucket. So I figured it was the least I could do to drop in and say goodbye. So, Farewell and Good luck. P.S. Breaking the habit seems easiest if you go cold turkey.
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