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  1. While the four shinigami were fighting, another viewer had arrived. Daisuke had a glimpse of him and saw that he wasn't trilled of the battle. The brawl, however, was approaching its end - Daisuke was tired, bleeding and out of options, but the "audience" that had gathered were begining to take action.
  2. As the title suggests, I am in District 1, please, I will be very grateful!
  3. The three shinigami that had just assaulted Daisuke moved their attention towards the newly joined the scene, and one of the male shinigami spoke: "We are on official business of the Gotei 13, we are authorized to capture or kill this fugitive shinigami, who disregarded and questioned the orders of Central 46." In the mean time, a brief moment, was all that Daisuke needed to quickly break the binding kidou placed on him and chant a SÅkatsui for two of his trackers similtaniously, even if weakened by the blow to his arm. The female and the other male shinigami managed to dodge, while the other
  4. Can I please get a Soul Burial, I am in District 1.
  5. I will see if the problem becomes fixed if I change to a Vizard when I change, I still have some time to level up and grind to espada hollows, but I hope it gets fixed, else I will wait for your "patch" if I can call it that way, so that I can get a new name. Nevermind, I died and was Soul buried and got the option to name my Zanpakutou again.
  6. The night was cold and quiet. The forest felt as if there was an eerie silence in it. Nobody was in sight, but Daisuke knew that he was being tracked and followed by a detention unit, tasked with bringing him back alive or disposing of him if necessary. He had betrayed Gotei 13 - becoming a fugitive, going into exile and hiding, feeling betrayed by the same people he vowed to protect. While running, Daisuke thought about the people he called friends and how they were following blindly orders, not questioning anything the bureaucratic structure issued. He felt betrayed himself, because of that.
  7. That wouldn't be a bad idea - but when you have named it once will you be able to rename it, or not. You can just set it to be always on, but naming can only be done after shikai is a achieved.
  8. Yes, I clicked it, I have it and it gains ZP, but the name is the same as my username. There is no option to rename it.
  9. Hello, I have been playing the game for a couple of days, and I am a returning player who wanted to start fresh. I reached the point when I get my Zanpakutou with my Shinigami, but I can't give it a name, it just uses my name as its own which is kinda annoying. Is there some way to fix this, I heard that if I die and come back as a shinigami it might get fixed, but I don't want to die for nothing. EDIT: User ID: 158313
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