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    Name : Grants
    Division : kido corps
    Race : shinigami
    Current location : everywhere i want to go ;3
    ID : 158189
  1. How many stats i need to become a vizard and how many benefits it will Bring to me? Thx if anyone respond me
  2. Grants

    Hello Guys!

    Hmph while i can beat espada? That sound me like ...... Da f
  3. Grants


    Why none respond this? e.e
  4. Grants

    Hello Guys!

    Yea! I can do 2 hit kill a menos grande im progressing ;3
  5. Grants

    Hello Guys!

    Oh k ima see i dont even can go whit an imperfect arrancar...
  6. Hello there dont be shy to ask all the questions about BSE welcome to the party!
  7. ...(i dont have nothing to say is just : INCREDIBLE!!! ;3)
  8. Grants

    Hello Guys!

    So ye i got 1 mil sp and getting road to vizard how many se almost i need to becoming one?
  9. Grants

    Hello Guys!

    Thank you very much for ur appreciation
  10. Grants

    Hello Here!

    Oh and welcome hope we enjoy ur stay in BSE
  11. Grants

    Hello Here!

    Hello there! Just saying if u need some partners to protect u or help ya well i admit it : I LOVE BLEACH TOO ;3
  12. Hey guys my name in the rpg is Grants so , im saying hi to all becuz i feel lonely e.e i hope one day we can be friends and partners some day of these
  13. Im not that powerfull and im in division 0...
  14. U need almost to be academy graduate to join one
  15. The requirements for arrancars are the same as vizard if u want 100% succes u'll need 150 se and 1 million sp or if u lose vaizards become hollows or arrancars become Idk but sometimes it succed hope i helped u
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