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  1. Welcome back to the site~ Hope you have fun here like the rest of us~
  2. Yuki would cheerfully watch as Yoake would take the items she wanted and buy them. "Thank you heaps Yoake~, I will treasure these" She then watches as Yoake goes to pay for the items and sees him pull out heaps of colourful coins and papers. She thought they looked pretty before seeing Yoakes walk away and turn around to hand them back to her. Yuki takes hold of the bracelet and chain and notices that some of Yoakes energy was imbued into it. She thought of this as strange why did he do this? She didn't think too deep into it; however, she trusted Yoake because of how kind he was to her and how amazing their conversation was. So she pushed it towards the back of her mind and put the bracelet on the tip of her wing the chain as well. She then followed Yoake out of the market as she noticed the same soul reaper coming their way. She kept a close eye on the soul reaper to make sure they didn't interrupt their enjoyment. Once out of the market, Yoake mentioned that he had to leave to go back to his clinic. Yuki felt a slight pain in her chest she didn't want it to end she was having so much fun that she never had back in Hueco Mundo and looked sorrowful in her eyes. She nodded to Yoake, letting him go back to the clinic wanting to give him a hug but decides not to in fear of crushing him accidentally. "I had a fantastic time too, Thank you for being my first friend here in this world. I hope we can meet again in the future Yoake" She then turns around walking away from Yoake and heads towards the park nearby to open a way back for her to go home. Arriving at the park, she looks to the blue sky knowing that she has to go back before too long, but Yuki was also happy she'll get to see Gozira again. She slowly focused in on an area and ripped open a tear in the fabric of space into the void in between worlds and looks back at all the colours taking in one last look before facing the crack into the void to go in to head back home. Meanwhile, at the market, the soul reaper arrives and looks around "Where the fuck are they!. They keep moving almost like they knew I was coming. How smart can a weak, dying hollow be?" The soul reaper started kicking around the market, scaring the patrons in his fit of rage. ||Attempting to leave the thread, if able Yuki will go through the tear back home.|| OOC|| Shortish post writers block did the best I could. Didn't want you to wait too long <3 WC|| 438 Achievements gained: #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post).
  3. "It's so beautiful~." Yuki would utter as Yoake would tell her that it was indeed the market. Her eyes were filled with many colours she had never seen before it was overwhelming, which couldn't hide her excitement. This is something she had dreamed about seeing for years. She would then notice Yoake motion for her to follow him walking through the outskirts less populated area of the market before the main market space. Yuki looking around seeing all the small things from the vendors, acting like a little kid who was in a wonderland of her own. Yuki noticed an old man come up to talk to Yoake, He looked cheerful in his step like he was full of energy, It was unusual for someone of his age to have so much energy. As Yoake and the old man was talking, she took a closer look at the old man's soul and noticed that it was still full of life and wasn't dimming at all. Yuki had seen a few old people around with their souls being dim from their fading life force, but this man was different; she wasn't sure how though. Was he a client of Yoake? Just what kind of doctor was Yoake how did he provide so much support to the old man? These thoughts were pushed toward the back of her mind as the old man and Yoake was finished talking excited to see the main body of the market. "Are you sure?" Yuki's eyes would open widely in anticipation for what she could see a possible have she would promise to herself; however, not to go overboard in looking and wanting to buy everything as she wanted. Yuki wanted to be considerate of Yoake and didn't want to take advantage of him and his kindness. Looking around the market finally reaching the central portion, Yuki's eyes were overwhelmed with how many people there were and all the colours, The fresh fruit, the little trinkets and the human clothes on display. They were so vibrant Yuki was in complete awe this was utterly different than the sandy white dunes of Hueco Mundo. This is the escape Yuki was looking for to cut away the stillness of that monotoned world. Looking around, she would look at all the cute and fluffy things as she had a soft spot for such items and found a Small bracelet with a cute little bear hanging off it and took it to Yoake. Fully aware she couldn't wear it would ask for it anyway. "Yoake, Can you buy me this? It can be a souvenir of our trip." Before Yoake would say yes Yuki remembered she also needs to get a souvenir for Gozira and quickly went to look for one. She would go around looking for something that might suit the kind of hollow he was. Yuki would walk all around the market in the search for something for Gozira before finally finding a small necklace it was basic since she didn't think he would care much for looks. It was a silver chain necklace that he could hopefully wear once he became a Vasto or maybe even and arrancar. Yuki then looked around looking for Yoake but had lost him because of how short he was compared to most of the other humans around the market and ran around franticly but still careful not to make a scene. Eventually, she reached the food area and found Yoake and was huffing and puffing. "Yoakeeee, I found you. Can I have these two things?" She would ask holding out both the bracelet and necklace in hopes that he would say yes. Meanwhile at the bridge where they were before a shinigami was searching the area for any disturbances. The shinigami noticed the spiritual pressure of a hollow that seemed to be dying with how weak it felt and took note while tracking the movement of it. The shinigami would slowly follow this trail towards the market. WC: 666
  4. Kuro Yuki Total Fate Point Balance [3] - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] - Achivements [1] ~Ongoing Achivements~ ~Completed Achivements~ #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post). ~Fate Point Purchases~ [4 POINTS] 1ST FOCUS: [VISIONARY] Current Remaining Balance [0]
  5. "A Famers market? What is the farmers market?" Yuki wondered while walking with Yoake away from the spot under the bridge happily as she made a new friend. After a little while, Yoake turns around to tell her directions to get to the market, noting that following the water would lead towards town and the market. She would reply with a nod to let him know that she listened to him. "A treat?" Yuki would watch as Yoake would take 3 different kinds of candies out of the package he was holding and they looked colourful and unusual than anything she had seen let alone ate before. One of them looked like a shiny rock almost gem-like in appearance. Another one looked smooth to touch and wasn't see-through like the last one was but had more bold colour too it. The last one was a dark brown colour with little bits of bright brown sticking out in small spots which looked interesting. Yuki was interested in this apple and chocolate flavours Yoake was talking about and carefully reached out with her claws and pick up each one gently putting them into her hand, giving them a closer inspection. "Thank you Yoake, I'd love to try them." She would then first chose to consume the smooth deep coloured one as they were walking following the water. It was super chewy, unlike anything she had tried before. Souls were like water and just slid down her throat while hollow flesh usually was chewy, but this was on a whole different level. Every bite would cause it to become chewier to the point where her jaws started to get tired and slightly sore. She eventually swallowed it and laughed. "That tasted really nice and sweet~ I loved it! Now to try the gem candy~." She would next take the gem-like candy and put it in her mouth and would instinctively suck instead of outright chewing on it. An intense sweet apple flavour would coat the inside of her mouth as the candy would slowly dissolve in her mouth. Her eyes would light up with enjoyment from how amazing it tasted. Next up was the Almond and Dark Chocolate, Yuki would slowly put it in her mouth but shortly took it out again as it was too bitter for her to keep within her mouth. "I don't like that one. It's too bitter sorry." Yuki and Yoake would eventually reach the town and would walk past casually though the streets with none of the humans noticing them and them till a kid saw Yuki and pointed. "Look, mommy, It's a monster." Yuki looked toward the young child and waved at him in a non-scary manner causing the child to laugh before the mother drag the young child away, telling him he had a big imagination. Yuki would look slightly saddened as the child left being called a monster but quickly shook her head and smiled as there was much more to see today. Looking into the distance, she noticed an area filled with people walking around in an area filled with small buildings in straight columns close to one another. There were many colourful items on display which people would put into little bags before leaving the area. Yuki would look down to Yoake and softly tap on his shoulder to get his attention before pointing to the area she was looking at. "Is that the market over there? It looks super pretty with all the colours." She was looking at it bight eyed as she was waiting for a response from Yoake before they would head down there. OOC|| Sorry for the wait ;w; WC|| 605
  6. Climbing up slowly and exhausted, Yuki was having issues staying awake, let alone keeping her footing. Every step felt like her legs would give way, and she would fall and never get up again. It was like the whole world was above her pushing down upon her. But through pure shear will she kept walking up the 'Mountain' in hopes to see her goal though. As she was walking up, she noticed there was no more sand, not even a speck. Under her foot felt rough but yet smooth almost like scales, it was unusual. This helped solidify her notion that this mountain wasn't a mountain but something else but what? Surely a hollow like herself couldn't be this large. The scales were more comfortable to climb than the sand-covered areas as there was more grip to hold onto with her claws making it easier to take small breaks to gain her energy without falling over and losing her battle. "Just watch. I'm going to do this." Regaining her energy with the small breaks she was taking after every few steps began to run again, her claws slightly scraping the scales she was climbing on causing her to gain grip to push off from causing her to pick up more speed then when she was on the sandy portion of the mountain. The higher she climbed up, the windier it became she would often have to use her wings as a counter to the strong winds to help her keep right as she was running. Flying was out of the question for her with how recently she grew them. Her exhaustion was too much even to lift her off the ground. This indeed was a deathly journey for her one wrong step; she would tumble to her death down the mountain as the sides were becoming steeper and she was miles above the base of the mountain she has been climbing for weeks now. However, Yuki was finally able to see the top of the mountain in her view and the sight of it was the only thing that was now keeping her going. As Yuki was climbing higher, the weight of the world was getting heavier on her legs; this was no longer just mere exhaustion she felt there was something more unnatural about it. Yuki would walk slightly to one of the "dorsal fins" that still look like mini mountains to her and feels the weight increasing heaps on her body as she got closer and decided it was best to keep to the middle ground she was climbing from as it as the lighter of the paths. If she were to continue walking closer to the fins, she would surely be unable to make it to the top. The weight alone would cause her to spend her energy before reaching her end goal. After a deathly journey, she had finally reached the summit she had hope to see with full determination. Her tired and broken gave way underneath her, and she would fall face first. Her vision became blurry and would start panting like her body was gasping for air from how Exhausted she was. Her body was having a hard time staying alive from the loss of energy she had pushed her self to the brink. If she didn't find some food and fast, she would surely die. She would then look up at what looked like a pile of broken rocks that seem to have been gathered from the mini-mountains below and slowly crawled her way towards them as she feels strong reiatsu radiating from them. Yuki would munch of these rocks they were surprisingly delightful. They definitely tasted sweet like most hollows she ate in the past which helped confirmed her theory that this mountain was, in fact, a hollow. She would then hear footsteps behind her and looked at the slowly imposing hollow that would dare walk up to her while she was eating after such a long journey. With annoyance within her eyes, she would speak with a raspy and angry tone towards hollow near her. "What trouble have you bought for me? You're obviously here because of me. Gasp! Don't tell me? Were these yours?" Yuki would have a sarcastic look in her eyes as if her true wrathful nature that was hiding behind her mask was showing due to the lack of energy to hold it back. OOC|| Sorry for the long wait <3 WC|| 737
  7. "Formalities are for transactions, we are beyond that point." She was glad to hear those words from Yoake; it showed genuine trust between the two of them that of not acquaintances but of friends. Yuki continued listening while still keeping an eye out for any hollows or soul reapers around as she didn't want to interrupt the conversation looking eagerly at Yoake while hearing his response for his reasoning and being. During this time she noted that she felt a disturbance of Reiatsu near them. Still, it wasn't large enough to worry too much about, if it was a hollow the size of the hole it was opening would have only been big enough for a small hollow to come through one about the same size as her hand. She would, however, keep a little extra of her Reiatsu around it to slow it down coming though but if she felt like a little snack, she would happily chow down on the tiny hollow. "So he is immortal unlike other humans, and his reasoning is that of helping those in need no matter who or what they are? That's very noble of him." She would think to herself while listening and her eye twitches to the side of them where the distortion was happening. Yuki stretched out her arm and clamped her hand down around the distorting area. Her Reiatsu wasn't enough to hold it close unless she wanted to be found but other hollows or soul reapers and held it close while they were talking. "That's a very noble cause to help those in need, Also this 'Hippocratic Oath' I've never heard of it, but it seems like a good thing to stand by if it means helping others." She would then laugh softly at his returning question of what her life meaning was and what was keeping her going, but she didn't know how to answer immediately as she never thought about it for herself. Yuki had just always wondered about those around them whether they be hollows or soul reapers she was more curious about them than herself. She would take a few moments to think deeply about this topic while getting frustrated slightly being unable to answer the question. She was a hollow all she had ever known to do was hunt, kill and evolve; she never really had a 'Reason' to live her life. Without realizing it due to her intensive thinking and her annoyance, her spiritual pressure had started to rise and began to send small shockwaves around her before stopping as she got it. Her reasoning for living. Her hand twisted and shattered the distortion instinctually before her spiritual pressure dropped rapidly without Yuki realizing her spiritual pressure had gone slightly awol. "I'd have to say, My reasoning to live is tied into what we spoke about earlier. Change I seek change, but there is another thing I seek." She would pause slightly before speaking again, realizing herself that the distortion was gone and placed her hand back down. "I seek freedom. You must think that it is pretty weird coming from a hollow but just hear me out. Inside me, there are thousands no; there is more than that versions of myself. Screaming, fighting, abusive and violent thoughts within me. I seek freedom from this; I seek to end it. By what means I do not know. But I will continue searching seeking for the answer, and I believe I know what I must achieve for that to happen. But the path getting there I do not know. One thing I know for certain though is that this never-ending feeling of wrath that dwells within me that is ever-growing will never go away even if the voices stop one day." Yuki laughs and sighs softly quickly afterwards. "So that is what I have to say to that answer truthfully." Not wanting to sit down forever talking she would then stand up and looks peacefully at Yoake before asking him a simple question. "Want to go to someplace else? Feel free to lead the way, or I'm just going to be lost." She giggles, ignoring the fact that she could feel soul reapers coming towards this direction. WC|| 695‬ TWC|| 2,761
  8. The young man bowed and called himself Dr Hinode Yoake. Yuki would bring her hands back underneath her to keep them warm while also nodding her head slightly as the good doctor kept his distance from her and being respectable. This was strange for her as she was used to always been attacked on sight when approached this carefully she enjoyed this break of fighting and liked listening to Yoake speaking. She even was getting more interested in him with every answer and question he spoke it would cause her to become more intrigued in him and the conversation. From what she gathered from what the doctor was telling her and from her own limited knowledge, Yuki assumed humans to be the next step of evolution like how hollows evolve. Studying the doctor more before answering his question about what she would do if she was attacked by a shinigami. Yuki noticed his hair and eyes had changed colours this amazed her as for all her known life in Hueco Mundo she has only seen the boring masks of hollows and was in slight awe noticing it had changed. "Thank you for welcoming me, Yoake is it alright to call you that? I'm not one for formalities. Formalities often can put up barriers in both bonds and general conversation." Yuki slowly stood up and stretched and sat down closer to the doctor to show that she trusts him enough to do so. "Let's see if a soul reaper comes to attack me. I don't know, I've never met one. I just instinctively know about them maybe one of the hollows before I became "me" encountered one. I think I'd probably find a way to talk my way out of it instead of fighting if possible if not then I guess I'd just have to protect myself the best I can or retreat back home." Yuki then yawns still waking up from her nap and smiles at the doctor before answering more of his questions, but this one took her a little longer to think of how to word. Why did she come to the world of the living what is the best way she could explain it to the doctor about the dreadfully bland and boring world that is Hueco Mundo. "Well, You see I was just tired of the stillness. I needed something to break up the monotony and repetitive nature of that world. It's a place with no time, no colour and yes it has more sustenance for me to grow and evolve, but sometimes a change is needed. I think most hollows who don't seek change can never truly become stronger and or find themselves." Yuki then laughs before returning a question back at Yoake, Thinking a while before asking trying to find the right question to ask but also one that will keep the conversation interesting for the both of them. Asking her usual questions back in Hueco Mundo would be awfully dull. Then a light switch went off in her head and found a great question. "Yoake, Let me return a question to you. What do you desire most? One thing I've learnt in my time is that. Everyone has motivations and desires even those that they usually hide deep inside of themselves. So what deep down is driving you to keep going?." WC||558 TWC|| 2066
  9. Everything was silent, The feeling of hunger subsided within herself. The screams of all the hollows fighting for control had ended she had almost regressed back into a gillian. Memories of the hollows that made her come flooding in as she slept. Tales of war, famine and love-filled her dreams before fading away as if those hollows had fused with one another become more unifying within herself and losing their sense of "self". This was a relatively good sleep for Yuki as usually, it would contain far worse material than those shown. Shortly after her dream had ended, she felt someone or something walk into her space, she didn't take much notice of it as it didn't feel like a hollow, nor like a shinigami. It was as if it was a human but wasn't, it was twisted not like other humans it had sensed before almost like it was part artificial and unnatural. As the steps got closer, Yuki noticed this human wasn't like other humans in terms of power but was much closer to her own and decided to open her eyes slightly to make sure they indeed were human. She saw a young man wearing a dark shirt, not standard around these parts that she hadn't seen since coming here. She also noted his unusual demeanour of walking as if he wasn't afraid of what he was looking at. Most of the other humans that had seen her or even felt her presence ran away with an instinctual fear after feeling the slightest amount of her Reiatsu. Yuki also noticed another presence; it wasn't as strong as young mans but had a similar feel to it. It was flying around the area before disappearing after the young man walked past it. The young man stopped in his tracks curious of what type of human this was and who this man was. She opened her eyes completely and looked towards the young man playfully answering his query about a hollow sleeping pre-arrancarization. "You're not wrong but not correct either. I'm the only hollow that I know who sleeps. I find it helps keep my sanity in check and slows down the regression back into a Gillian. Most other hollows have to feed constantly while I can stop it while I sleep, which allows me to wait till my next meal but also helps me stop the countless screams within me." Yuki then took her hand out from under her body and points toward the young man with a curious look emanating from her eyes behind her mask. Replied with a Query of her own. "I take it you're not an ordinary Human young one? Your soul seems partly Artificial in nature. I'm Yuki, by the way, this is my first time in the human world." Yuki awaited his answer curious about who or what he was. There was much she wanted to learn of this world, and this young man she had just meet might be her ticket to learning that. WC|| 503 TWC|| 1508
  10. The Grey and The Colorful Hueco Mundo was a lifeless, empty void only filled in with grey dunes that would go on for miles and scattered quartz-like trees covered the surface. The moon was always in the middle of the sky, never-changing forever stagnate with the passing of time. If time were even a concept in this world, it would be measured differently then that of the Human world. There were no days, only eternal nights. Only a few things would change this old world from being a living hell. One of those would be the countless hollows hunting one another purely on instinct, fighting for more power in their greedy attempts at becoming the strongest hollow but also to satisfy their everlasting hunger. Another would be strange structures built by other hollows or beings that were unknown to most Arrancars. These would take many forms as giant pillars in the dunes or as giant death pits in the ground. They broke the stillness of the world and made it ever so slightly enjoyable. However, The greatest mystery was one of a giant 'mountain' that was said to be moving. On this Mountain lays an 8 feet tall Gargoyle named Yuki who was desperately over this dull and monotone world. Yuki would look at the clouds and wondered how they were formed; there was no water in Hueco Mundo. Not even a single drop would ever fall from this dark sky not unless some hollow had control over water. Were the clouds just dust from an ultra-rare sandstorm? Or was it made from sand from some endless hollow war in the distance somewhere? These would be the questions that would fill her mind on a routine basis while traversing this endless monotonous world. Yuki was tired of these pointless thoughts. She wanted to see something new and exciting to her. She only had memories of Hueco Mundo ever since becoming an adjuchas she wanted to see the human world she's heard from a few hollows which had dared to challenge her on top of the 'mountain'. A place where anything can happen, and everything is continuously changing, where the monochrome world is filled with colours of every shade that she has never seen before. Where Humans existed and lived their lives in harmony spanning many lands of colourful trees, grasses and mountains taller than the one she is on now surrounded by an enormous body of water they called an ocean. Yuki got up and looked around for anything exciting before making her decision of her life. To visit the Human world and see all the fantastic things it has to offer. She, however, vowed to return to her best friend she made over here Gozira. She would lift off the ground finally being used to her wings and flew around and past the Mountain, revealing that it was a hollow from a height you could see it from. She would use her flight to create wind to write into the sand, letting Gozira know where she was going. "Dear Gozira, I'm going to go to the Human World for a few days. I promise to make it up to you when I get back and will bring you a souvenir that you can hopefully wear when we both become vasto lordes. Till then be safe for me, alright?. Love Ya Long Time. - Yuki" Yuki looking back at the incoming Gozira opens up a Garganta instinctually by tearing the fabric of space and flies into it not looking back knowing she would miss Gozira Massively. Upon entering the Garganta, the entrance closed behind, leaving her in the middle of realms an endless void with no exits or entrances in sight and only her instincts to guide her. This void in-between world was like a violent torrent of primal Reiatsu with no form or cohesion. It was utterly dark which only her own reiatsu could be used for a small light source around her, but it wasn't enough to see any exits. Yuki flew forward for what seemed like hours with nothing in sight; she was questioning if she was making the right choice in leaving thinking they might be stuck here if she wasn't careful. Just before she could finish her thought, however, she was blinded by a bright light and fell though it into the world she had always hoped to see. The skies were blue as the water she had seen other Hollows control back home, Rivers were rushing below as if it had just rained upstream and the wind was blowing against the Gargoyles skin. All these new things were overwhelming for Yuki to take in, it had brought a tear to her eyes. They say hollows are heartless creatures but then what was it that Yuki felt that was so overwhelming. Only one problem had arisen, however, After hours of travelling Yuki was feeling unbelievably hungry, which slowly dulled her feelings till there was pure hunger left only. She flew around looking around on the prowl for her next meal looking high and low, left and right till she found a small insignificant hollow about to attack a spirit of a young kid. Blinded by hunger and no interest in the plus that the hollow was to consume. Yuki swooped down and landed on top of the hollow and squashed it beneath her feet and ripped it to pieces while eating the now deceased hollow. As Yuki was eating the young spirit ran away in fear no longer of the hollow that had died but of an overwhelming fear of the fearsome and blood-covered Yuki. Mere Moments what seemed like hours to Yuki passed, and Yuki regained her posture looking around at the bloody mess she had made of the hollow she had just eaten. Feeling extremely tired from her long trip, she decided to take a nap under a bridge where she would be safe. She slowly and naturally lowered her Reiatsu pressure as if it seemed like she had died and was dissipating so she wouldn't be easily found while sleeping by other hollows in attempts to have the energy for exploring tomorrow. WC|| 1025 OOC|| Hope this is a good starting post ;w;
  11. Days if not months since this eternal game of "tag" had begun, Everything eventually became a blur. Yuki running for their life just kept running and running chased by multiple hollows behind them. Every day that had gone by another large hollow would hear the commotion and join in soon there was a sizeable group following Yuki aiming for their delectable reiatsu. Eventually, Yuki saw something in the distance, something that would help her maybe escape from those chasing after them, A large mountain. Knowing it was the only chance they had of escape they had started to run towards the mountain in the distance the size of which just seemed unbelievably huge. There were no other mountains that they knew of in Hueco Mundo, so it was a little off-putting how large it was. It was unnatural to the surrounding landscape. The more Yuki ran, the larger the mountain seemed to get but never seemed to get any closer just how significantly large was this mountain and what was it secret?. Yuki ran for a few more hours or even a full day before she even reached the base of the mountain; however, Yuki was not alone. Yuki decided to take her chances and started running up the mountain with the group of hollows following behind the base of the mountain was covered purely in the sand of Hueco Mundo so it must have been here for a long time. The mountain base was extremely tough to climb up as the sand removed any solid footing one could have. Yuki used her wings as support pushing her up whenever she lost her footing. This steep sand caused the majority of the hollows following to fall back down to the beginning destroying their morale and giving up the chase. However, the larger and more experienced hollows kept chasing Yuki up the mountain. Yuki finally reached a point after a long time running where black rock-like formations started to appear in the ground and would slowly become more prominent as they got higher followed by what seemed like smaller mountains around on top of the already massive mountain. Yuki noticed something strange; however, the black substance they were running on felt hollow like not like the sand they were standing on before. This confused Yuki but they didn't dwell on it for too long she had to keep trying to escape from those chasing her. Yuki would run around the mini-mountains, jump down large cracks in the ground and even go through what seemed like giant holes in the mountain formations like someone had been collecting the rocks, However, it looks long abandoned from what she could tell. Eventually, there were only two hollows left chasing her. Both of these two were the original hollows that had been hunting her from the beginning. Exhausted from what seemed like months of running Yuki collapsed and so did her two chasers they all laid there motionless. Yuki wanting to take this chance to learn more about this mountain closes her eyes and focuses on the reiatsu coming off the ground and mountains she notices that all of it was connected and it was moving around as if it was alive. This shocked Yuki but also gave her a brilliant plan. Reach the summit and see if her theory was correct. Yuki was about three-quarters of the mountain at this point. Yuki then before the other hollows had fully rested started to run the best she could completely fatigued aiming for the summit of the mountain. If it was even a mountain at all. OOC|| Hehe, Ran up your mountain butt~ WC| 600
  12. This is the story of Kuro Yuki, Yuki for short and her journey before meeting her future Arrancar partner in crime Gozira. Yuki was a young girl when she died, October 25th 1347 was when she died. The beginning of the black plague that ravaged many of Europe and Asian countries. Many parents and doctors would lock away and throw away the key to their children who would become ill and leave them to die; this was all too common. Yuki was one of these children who was locked away and died from neglect and starvation. Fast forward two days and Yuki's overwhelming wrathful need for revenge got too much, and her soul was corrupted and became a hollow. Her new birth date October 27th 1347. Eventually, Yuki got revenge on her family and the doctors who treated her like a lost cause eating up their souls. Over time human souls weren't enough for Yuki, and she started hunting other hollows first small hollows slowly getting larger and larger eventually heading to Hueco Mundo the home of many hollows till one day she becomes a Gillian. Ever wonder what happens in a Gillians mind when one of the many hollows finally takes hold? Well, In the Deep depths of the Forest of Menos, A new Gillian with a Mask that has holes covering its mask which look like falling snowflakes appeared and began traversing the forest in search of its next meal not yet fully aware of its existence. As the countless souls who make the Gillian were still fighting for dominance inside. Centuries pass and one Hollow soul finally prevails and doesn't have any remembrance of who or what it was before that very moment all it knew was that it was unbelievably hungry. The Gillian walked around gobbling up any hollows that appeared before them enjoying the succulent souls as they carried on their meaningless days. Countless endless days would fly by without any sign of end; the true meaning of insanity was showing itself. There were no other words to explain this repetition of this everyday cycle. Eating, Sleeping while standing, and eating some more. Everything looked the same just endless spiky pillars, a voidless place with no end and only other large hollows like itself. Eventually, the souls started to taste sweet, almost like cake. Naturally, the Gillian didn't know what to make of it what the delicious taste it was eating was? This fueled the Gillian more and more till it started picturing the other gillians as cake and other sweets. Was this the Gillians mind playing tricks? It had never seen these things before. One can only assume a small part of the hollows memory that was able to take hold was able to survive the endless battle from within. The Gillian ate more and more till one night it stopped. It felt immensely ill and bloated from all the hollows it had eaten, and something was happening to it. The Gillian tried to walk a few steps, but on the last step, it exploded into a pile of liquid before gathering back up into what looked like a significantly large Imp like gargoyle hollow. This new hollow one that kept its mind from the Gillian looked up to the sky and saw a large opening. Slowly and carefully it would use it new wings it had grown and flew up to see an empty, barren wasteland void of nothing with trees made from stone, eternal night and a Sandy void which seemed to flow forever into the distance there was no hollows to be seen around. The gargoyle hollow flew around, keeping its eyes close to the countless dunes in case there was any movement. After hours of searching, it would find small hollows that were super cute and delectable to eat. It just couldn't get enough. The gargoyle was also on the smaller side from the very few hollows it had seen over the horizon keeping its distance knowing that to more significant hollows, it would become pray itself. While travelling the vast emptiness of this place they would come across small villages made in stone or compacted sand. There the hollows have given up eating each other and had given up evolving any further. They were surprisingly friendly, unlike the other hollows the Gargoyle had seen prior. This surprised them, and it was a welcomed sight it meant they could finally relax and take a breather. Many of the hollows their had large parts of their masks missing from being eaten in the past and was now stuck in their current levels some even regressed to being weaker hollows but nether the less they still treated each other as a tribe and as equals. The Gargoyle would end up staying here for many years helping building new homes, helping smaller hollows with tasks they could not complete and even protecting the town as best they could The villagers even gave the Gargoyle a name Kuro Yuki Everything was wonderful till one day that all changed. There was a loud scream one night while the Yuki was off their watch shift the town was raided by feral pure hungry hollows who seemed to not care about the villagers who were peaceful slaughtering one after another eating every corpse and villager that failed to get away. Yuki saw this their wrath that has been festering inside their boiled up and was released she would attack the hollows that would try to stop their escape with intense ferocity. Once at a safe distance, Yuki was finally able to calm down and take a breather and calm down and look back at the now devastated village. A sea of sorrow and sadness washed over them, The village that had taken Yuki in and spent years with was now gone all the good memories started flooding in as they watched the smoke from the village rise into the sky. They would never forget this day as the day they lost everything and would swear to protect those important to them. Yuki vowed to become stronger so they could protect those important to them. We now come today travelling alone the Yuki Came across many new villages but fearful of a repeat of what happened in the past They would turn their requests to join down so they wouldn't have to deal with the pain of losing everyone again and having to leave. Yuki would continue to devour hollows smaller and the same size as herself in attempts to become more powerful, even attempting to kill those twice their size. Days since becoming an Adjuchas had started to blur within their mind every day would eventually seem to be the same in this endless night of a world. There were trees upon trees, rock homes everywhere but often destroyed. This life was boring; it was just the same thing over and over again. Yuki wanted more; they then noticed a large tower in the distance and walked up to it. It was made out of something they never had seen before and was so smooth, but it had no opening nor did it have any windows. This confused Yuki greatly they tried punching it, but nothing happened; it was like it absorbed their attack. "What is this thing? I don like it. it doesn't seem right..." Deeming the large tower possible a threat as they could not damage it they left, but this was a small break in their life. Something new had shown up this had fired Yuki up to continue moving forward to find other new things across the horizon. Yuki would once again come across an unfamiliar sight. It looked like a burial ground, but it was just a massive large pit filled to the brim with hollow masks all bloody. Yuki thought that once a hollows mask was removed that it would be disintegrated, but this sight sent chills down Yuki's spine she decided to move on before whatever thing that made this came back. Better to be safe than sorry in the end. Yuki would quickly run the complete 180 direction to avoid whatever caused that mass burial ground. Yuki would eventually take one wrong turn and would be surrounded by hollows thrice its size. Yuki ran between the legs of one of the bulking hollows with tears streaming from their face and kept running while a small mist would be surrounding her body, making the larger hollows slow down so she could somewhat escape. Yuki would be able to dodge their attacks due to them being slowed down. They would also run around small hollow villages trying to lose track of them not paying attention to any other hollows that were around at the time as they focused solely on ditching the larger hollows first. This would eventually lead up to her finally meeting their partner in crime Gozira. "Why did you guys smell so sweet to eat!. I'm sorry!!!" This was the beginning of Yuki's story. OOC|| I'm super rusty so mind quality it will improve over time as I get my mojo~ Wc|| 1507 From Gillian to Adjuchas~ Continuted Here: [The Snow and The Titan]
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