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  1. Welcome back to the site~ Hope you have fun here like the rest of us~
  2. Yuki would cheerfully watch as Yoake would take the items she wanted and buy them. "Thank you heaps Yoake~, I will treasure these" She then watches as Yoake goes to pay for the items and sees him pull out heaps of colourful coins and papers. She thought they looked pretty before seeing Yoakes walk away and turn around to hand them back to her. Yuki takes hold of the bracelet and chain and notices that some of Yoakes energy was imbued into it. She thought of this as strange why did he do this? She didn't think too deep into it; however, she trusted Yoake because of how kind he was to her and ho
  3. "It's so beautiful~." Yuki would utter as Yoake would tell her that it was indeed the market. Her eyes were filled with many colours she had never seen before it was overwhelming, which couldn't hide her excitement. This is something she had dreamed about seeing for years. She would then notice Yoake motion for her to follow him walking through the outskirts less populated area of the market before the main market space. Yuki looking around seeing all the small things from the vendors, acting like a little kid who was in a wonderland of her own. Yuki noticed an old man come up to talk to
  4. Kuro Yuki Total Fate Point Balance [3] - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] - Achivements [1] ~Ongoing Achivements~ ~Completed Achivements~ #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post). ~Fate Point Purchases~ [4 POINTS] 1ST FOCUS: [VISIONARY] Current Remaining Balance [0]
  5. "A Famers market? What is the farmers market?" Yuki wondered while walking with Yoake away from the spot under the bridge happily as she made a new friend. After a little while, Yoake turns around to tell her directions to get to the market, noting that following the water would lead towards town and the market. She would reply with a nod to let him know that she listened to him. "A treat?" Yuki would watch as Yoake would take 3 different kinds of candies out of the package he was holding and they looked colourful and unusual than anything she had seen let alone ate before. One of them looked
  6. Climbing up slowly and exhausted, Yuki was having issues staying awake, let alone keeping her footing. Every step felt like her legs would give way, and she would fall and never get up again. It was like the whole world was above her pushing down upon her. But through pure shear will she kept walking up the 'Mountain' in hopes to see her goal though. As she was walking up, she noticed there was no more sand, not even a speck. Under her foot felt rough but yet smooth almost like scales, it was unusual. This helped solidify her notion that this mountain wasn't a mountain but something else but w
  7. "Formalities are for transactions, we are beyond that point." She was glad to hear those words from Yoake; it showed genuine trust between the two of them that of not acquaintances but of friends. Yuki continued listening while still keeping an eye out for any hollows or soul reapers around as she didn't want to interrupt the conversation looking eagerly at Yoake while hearing his response for his reasoning and being. During this time she noted that she felt a disturbance of Reiatsu near them. Still, it wasn't large enough to worry too much about, if it was a hollow the size of the hole it was
  8. The young man bowed and called himself Dr Hinode Yoake. Yuki would bring her hands back underneath her to keep them warm while also nodding her head slightly as the good doctor kept his distance from her and being respectable. This was strange for her as she was used to always been attacked on sight when approached this carefully she enjoyed this break of fighting and liked listening to Yoake speaking. She even was getting more interested in him with every answer and question he spoke it would cause her to become more intrigued in him and the conversation. From what she gathered from what the
  9. Everything was silent, The feeling of hunger subsided within herself. The screams of all the hollows fighting for control had ended she had almost regressed back into a gillian. Memories of the hollows that made her come flooding in as she slept. Tales of war, famine and love-filled her dreams before fading away as if those hollows had fused with one another become more unifying within herself and losing their sense of "self". This was a relatively good sleep for Yuki as usually, it would contain far worse material than those shown. Shortly after her dream had ended, she felt someone or someth
  10. The Grey and The Colorful Hueco Mundo was a lifeless, empty void only filled in with grey dunes that would go on for miles and scattered quartz-like trees covered the surface. The moon was always in the middle of the sky, never-changing forever stagnate with the passing of time. If time were even a concept in this world, it would be measured differently then that of the Human world. There were no days, only eternal nights. Only a few things would change this old world from being a living hell. One of those would be the countless hollows hunting one another purely on instinct, fighting for
  11. Days if not months since this eternal game of "tag" had begun, Everything eventually became a blur. Yuki running for their life just kept running and running chased by multiple hollows behind them. Every day that had gone by another large hollow would hear the commotion and join in soon there was a sizeable group following Yuki aiming for their delectable reiatsu. Eventually, Yuki saw something in the distance, something that would help her maybe escape from those chasing after them, A large mountain. Knowing it was the only chance they had of escape they had started to run towards the mo
  12. This is the story of Kuro Yuki, Yuki for short and her journey before meeting her future Arrancar partner in crime Gozira. Yuki was a young girl when she died, October 25th 1347 was when she died. The beginning of the black plague that ravaged many of Europe and Asian countries. Many parents and doctors would lock away and throw away the key to their children who would become ill and leave them to die; this was all too common. Yuki was one of these children who was locked away and died from neglect and starvation. Fast forward two days and Yuki's overwhelming wrathful need for revenge got
  13. Doesn't Numeros mean i would be a arrancar which i am currently not XD just putting that out there...
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