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    Name: Kalcour
    ID: 136627
    Race: Arrancar, Fraccion Octava
    Zanpaktou: "Sting the Heavens and unleash a Mighty Roar, Rey de los Escorpiones"
    Fraccion: 1

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  1. Well...I took over just haven't updated the Seat list. While there may only be 4 members, I still consider you guys a team. Espada: Kalcour Prime: RukavRose Seat 3: XxShadowriderxX Seat 4: Deadrabbit
  2. Well, that was fun while it lasted. Feel free to delete this post XD (Thanks Astpin >.>)
  3. So...I went to go to the FAQ guide and it's giving me an error "Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class Skin in /home/bleachrp/public_html/faq/includes/Skin.php on line 201" What do?
  4. Hello everyone, my name is Kalcour, since the spot was open I took the oppertunity. While I may not be the strongest Arrancar right now, I do know what it's like to be in a Fraccion with messed up percentages. 20 percent from you doing the work doesn't work for me. I reset the percentages to 99 sp that you get the most out of the Hollows you kill. I also was at one point the original 7th espada when the site started. I hope you all enjoy my company, if there is anything you need, feel free to ask, and if it is within my powers I will comply and do my best. I will also repost ranks every now and again, and will continue to post the raids (When possible). I have also promoted ChenTaki to Prime, so...there's that...and that's about everyrhing. Don't be afraid to ask me anything. -Kalcour
  5. For me, I had to get caught up from like chapter 430 so getting to this chapter I was actually pretty excited. I rated a 4 because I liked it, even if the Ichigo save was seen from 25 chapters
  6. Why does Applebloom have a pear as her Cutie Mark O3o
  7. Why hello there, my name is Kalcour Buschemmi, and I just joined the Lady Natzuko's Fraccion this morning (Would have been yesterday but misclick on the join button, thank you based android). My Zanpaktou is called Rey de los Escorpiones, which roughly translates to, King of the Scorpions. Seems I took up the 5th seat the moment I joined XD. I do hope that I do not disappoint Milady *Bows*
  8. Finally Finished the Face, now I need to work on the Zanpaktou~

  9. http://puu.sh/8ANGP.jpg Her loading screen was active when I started playing again in March (This was after I went through basic) My login info is Arrancar68, I know when I created my account, Don't try to make me a liar, I do know that Ahri was at least fairly new when I started -3-
  10. First off my summoner name is Kalcour, and I've been playing since 2011 (Yet still only Bronze because my luck with teams sometimes gets horrible XD) The newest champ when you started playing| Lulu First champion you tried out| Morgana (Who I know main) First champion bought| Ahri First Champion Skin Purchased| Sinful Succulence Morgana First main champions| Morgana, Veigar, Nasus Current main| Morgana, Syndra, Sona, Yorick, Graves Favorite role| Support, but I do everything else First Pentakill| Katarina -.- First Quadrakill| Poppy (First game I played with her) Highest Division/Elo reached| Bronze I, my placement into Silver 5 before the season restarted) Current Division| Bronze 2 (Will update) Random Funny Moment| There are two moments I can share, one involving me, and one involving my friend. Once while playing a match with a few friends, the enemy team decided to go full troll, and I mean it was just funny, it was like Singed ADC, Tanky Miss Fortune, so on and so forth. Well After my initial rage I decided to roll with it, after all what's the point of league if you can't have fun. So our Lee Sin did nothing but build Warmogs, and I mean NOTHING but Warmogs, he ended up just sitting under the tower for a good 2 or so minutes. Now the other time was my friend playing Nidalee and he kited not one, but two people around while in cat form, it was the greatest thing and I used to have it recorded. Whelp, see you all on the Rift!
  11. Much appreciated Aiden and as for you Princess Molestia, the pills you took were my medication for insanity, there were about 20 in the bottle. Congrats on the heart attack.
  12. Sosuke Aizen, Bleach (Seriously Kubo, you dragged the Hogyoku thing on way too damn long) A character who deserves to be the main character of his or her Anime but isn't
  13. Howdy, My name's Kalcour, I used to play a couple years back under the name Mikauonikino. It's been awhile since I last checked everything and so far everything's pretty much the same. Good to be playing again and I decided to donate $20 for right now (Which has gone through but I haven't received my credits) Glad to be back and who knows, I may start RPing here on the Forums
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