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    Name: Hikari Kagayakashi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Reiatsu: 8,000
    Race: Shinigami
    Rank: Academy Cadet
    Class: Agile
    Strength: 6
    Speed: 14
    Stamina: 5
    Reiryoku: 8
    Perception: 7

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  1. It's been just a bit over 12 Hours and I still have 0/5 Stamina despite spending it roughly around 1 PM EST yesterday. A bit worried since it's required to become a Shinigami. User ID#: 164857 EDITED UPDATE: As of April 5th, I finally regained my Stamina. Yay.
  2. Eh, everyone disregards it and I merely copied an old post I made on him. If it's no longer used or regarded then there is no reason to complain as it's just numbers. Numbers which do not amount to the true skill of the Role-Player behind the character.
  3. My Character Info... While Rion isn't a "Vaizard/Visored" he possesses a unique Kido Technique.. Kyoijutsu General Information Name: Rion Requiel Race: Shinigami Gender: Male Position: Unknown Appearance: Weapon/Abilties Zanpakuto Name: Coa Zanpakuto Element: Darkness Zanpakuto Spirit: Shikai: Shikai Skills: Minimal control over Darkness, taking the form of a special designed sword. Bankai: Bankai Skills: High control over Darkness and takes the form of a trident. Zanjutsu Skills: Senmaioroshi- A fast moving attack that makes multiple cuts in a small amount of time, effectively slices the target to pieces. Hoho Skills: Shunpo- Flash step Speed Clones- Created when Shunpo is used at a very high speed. Utsusemi- The user moves at blinding speeds, leaving behind an afterimage that looks like they have been hit. Hakudo Skills: Shadow Shunko- Rion is able to use a variation of Shunko that infuses his Reiatsu with his natural Element. Kido Skills: Hado # 4: Byakurai - The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger. Hado # 31: Shakkaho - Fires a ball of red energy at the target. Hado # 33. SÅkatsui - Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to #31, but over a wider area and with more power. Hado # 73: Soren Sokatsui - An advanced form of SÅkatsui, it has twice the effectiveness. The practitioner, generating blue spiritual energy with his/her index and middle fingers, fires it as a concentrated blast at the intended target. It is essentially a doubled version of HadÅ #33, Sokatsui, as the user fires "two" blue bursts of blue spiritual energy with much greater potency than the single shot variety. Extra Skills: Kyoijutsu, The Phoenix Art. Created by Rion Requiel these skills mix Kido and Zanjutsu to allow maximum flexibility in Combat. The list of his Kyoijutsu are in the spoiler below. Statistic Information Hey kids read this if you don't fully understand stats~ Stamina: 80/100 Attack: 85/100 Defense: 85/100 Mobility: 100/100 Reiatsu: 90/100 Intelligence: 90/100 Total Stats: 530/600 History
  4. Well at least I can still play the RPG, that's all that matters. It's a fun little hobby game. I like rising through the ranks.
  5. So, Iogged in just a bit ago and realized that I went through a major stat regression. My SE dropped from 100+ to just about 55, my Spiritual Pressure dropped down to 1,000,000 when I had it rather high. I was at the point I had the Adjuchas Class Hollows only hitting me once per round, now the Menos hit me three times per round again. So.. I guess this would go under category of Bug and Urgent.
  6. When he showed a bit of excitement when questioning Squad 7 Hikari became a little uneasy. She knew nothing about this man who seemed to know so much of Squad 7 as compared to her lack of all knowledge to it. She thought his questions over and let out a deep sigh. "Sadly, as far as I know it is just the Captain and myself. The Captain's name is Aiden.. I have never heard of a man named Jiro, I apologize, as for hot girls.. I am the only girl I know of in Squad 7." She answered honestly, he knew enough as was, there was no reason for her to hide anything else. She heard his name and thought it over after his introduction, Athalos... Athalos.... It was familiar. "Athalos.. The Phoenix of Squad 7, Ex-Captain, Mad Scientist who temporarily transformed the Barracks of Squad 7 into a type of Candy Land. Shortly after you disappeared, leaving the Captain position open for others to fight over. If I am right you are also a Founder of the less known Phoenix Art, a type of Zanjutsu and Kido hybrid... Right?" She asked, remembering all she could from the books she spent hours reading. She was devout in learning more of Shinigami and the like, the 'Mortal Phoenix Athalos' was mentioned in the more Recent History sections but mentioned nonetheless. She looked at him, his attitude was definitely interesting she kinda like it. He was excitable and it was somewhat infectious to her but she knew she had to keep focused, she had to bring pride to her Clan. "Oh, right, if you are wondering how I knew all that I did read some old logbooks in the Seventh Division." OOC: I obtained permission from the player of Athalos for my character to know of him ahead of time in the manner described above.
  7. Hikari flinched as the male woke up but was also somewhat relieved. Well, at least he wasn't one of the Pluses she was sent here to use Konso on. "Wait.. You know about the Soul Society? Well.." She said before taking a deep breath, he seemed to know exactly what was going on, at least that's how she viewed such a thing. "I am here looking for Pluses to Konso actually, I was sent to do so but.. What you mentioned isn't far from the truth, Soul Society has fallen apart. None of the Squads work together anymore." She said before sitting down on the branch and looking at the male more. She did have a visible blush upon her face however as he complimented her and asked her name. "Hikari Kagayakashi, initiate of Squad 7, unseated. Though the way things look it seems like Soul Society is falling to pieces and the enemy has certainly done a number on the place."
  8. Hikari was wandering around in the highly humid heat of the African savannah, letting out a frustrated groan as she looked around. She had been sent on a Konso Run to find some Pluses that were located around this area, she heard there could be some minor Hollow but that was it, nothing she couldn't handle with her skills. When she had made her way rather deep into the savannah she realized this was her first time in the world of the living, she kind of wished she could be here more often but she had duties as a Shinigami... Right? She understood most of Soul Society was fractured, other Squads had no interest in helping others which was something she found as wrong. Shouldn't they be like a family? To her it was just unappealing to work for a place where no one helped one another. She then noticed a peculiar sight, a male sleeping in a tree surrounded by Lions. She blinked a little before looking at the lions and then using Shunpo to get on the branch of the tree before poking the sleeping male. "Hey, you dead?" She asked, poking him still.
  9. Welcome to my crappy profile page. Here is my current URP Character (Since Lucia died..) Name: Hikari Kagayakashi Age: 19 Gender: Female Race: Shinigami Height: 5' 6" Weight: 130 Pounds Personality: Open Minded and usually Calm. Hikari does tend to have a large amount of subservience within her but this is a byproduct of how she was raised before managing to get to the Academy. Of course, it turned out to be better for her since she spent more time focusing on her teachings and training hard to master what she was taught. She looks up to those stronger than her and tends to obey them without hesitance depending on the order given. She likes to keep things copacetic and in perfect order, having just a small amount of OCD but not too much that it's unbearable. She often quite kind but when she gets into her mood for fighting she can be rather sadistic and cruel. Full Description of Character: Five foot six inches tall, one hundred and thirty pounds in weight. She has crimson red eyes which are odd but just a genetic birth defect that makes her look a little more beautiful than normal. Her body has no unusual markings of any kind and her skin seems to be nearly flawless and quite beautiful. While she doesn't exactly excel at anything in particular she is fairly skilled in all areas making her a useful ally. Picture: Bio/History: Born in Rukongai to the Kagayakashi Clan, Hikari was raised in a household where the strong lead the weak and taught them to be stronger. When Hikari showed promise in the art of being a Shinigami the head of her 'Clan' worked to get her into the Academy and managed to do so. Hikari had just a small amount of trouble during the Entrance Exam but managed to pass with flying colors, getting her in the First Class at the young age of 13 years old. She was from the more hospitable parts of Rukongai getting her some glares from both of the other two social classes and as such she didn't have too many friends. However, this worked out for the better as she was able to dedicate more time to studying and training to keep herself well balanced in all areas. Over the six years training she managed to meet Graduation Requirements in just four short years but chose to instead finish out the last two to make sure she could learn all she could, devoting any spare time to learning Zanjutsu Techniques, Shunpo, some Hakuda Techniques, and three Kido and two Bakudo arts. When she had completed her six year curriculum she Graduated amongst the top of her class and was granted an Asauchi. Despite just freshly having graduated she held high hopes for the future due to being above average in all areas she could easily be trained to Mastery in one area to fit the Squad she is taken into. Zanjutsu Capability: Fair - Above Average Kido Capability: Fair - Above Average Hakuda Capabiltiy: Fair - Above Average Hoho Capability: Fair - Above Average Zanpakuto: KÅri no Otome (Shikai), ReitÅ Megami (Bankai) Sealed State: Shikai (Locked) : "Freeze the Earth, KÅri no Otome!" Shikai Skills: Bankai (Locked) : "Frozen Perdition, Rain down! ReitÅ Megami!" Bankai Skills: Zanjutsu Skills: Hakuda Skills: Hoho Skills: Hado Skills: Bakudo Skills:
  10. General Information Name: Rein Race: Vaizard Gender: Male Position: Initiate/New Member Appearance Information Pre Vaizard Transformation: Post Vaizard Transofrmation: Inner Hollow in Shikai Mode (Gauntlets are Shikai, Hollow Mask is same for Rein) : Inner Hollow (Bankai Mode, Black Sword is Bankai) : Weapon: Zanpakuto Name: Kaze no Kishi Zanpakuto Element: Wind Zanpakuto Spirit: A Valiant Swordsman wielding a black blade, however, it has been infused with his inner hollow. True Bankai Call: Reveal your howling wrath! Shikai Information: Taking the form of dual gauntlets, they simply allow Rein to control the wind around him, turning it into turbulent gusts or small sharp blades, most of the attacks only do minor physical damage unless Rein is in Shunko Mode. Bankai Information: Taking the form of a black sword, Rein's control over wind is fairly high allowing him to create mini tornadoes and vacuum blades by swinging the sword. This is unattained for now. Hollow Powers: Cero Inner Hollow Appearance: (See Bankai Mode Appearance) Mask: Always looks the same as Shikai Mode Appearance Full Hollowfication: (Safe to assume he would take on the full appearance of the Shikai Mode pic) Kido Skills: Hado #1 Sho Hado #31 Shakkaho Hado #33 Sokatsui Hoho Skills: Shunpo Speed Clones Hakuda Skills: Shunko - Wind Variant Zanjutsu Skills: Senmaioroshi Extra Information: Highly skilled in Hakuda Fairly skilled in Hoho Fairly skilled in Kido Above Average in Zanjutsu Origin Story: (Coming Soon when I have more time)
  11. Hikari listened to the man speak, well, it was a good thing he was the Captain that cut down on less time she would have to spend scouring the place for him, allowing her to feel rather relieved of such nonsensical things. "I see, well then it's certainly good you are the Captain, I would have hated running around with no sense of direction in where to go." Hikari said before putting thought into what he had said of practically signing a death warrant since joining the Academy, this very thing made her smirk a little. "All things eventually meet their death in one way or another, the only difference is that those who are truly strong can choose how and when they die while the weak are left to rot at the hands of the strong with no decision on how they are laid to waste." Hikari stated simply, a type of resolve in her tone and a flame of confidence in her eyes, she would grow stronger, she would rise above her enemies and destroy every last one that opposed her. She then noticed a fainter Spiritual Pressure though this was due to her only just barely being able to sense Spiritual Pressure at all, surely the Captain could get a better hold on things. Then she heard the Captain speak in a kinder tone to her and she immediately eased up on her determined, crude self. "Yes, thank you Captain.. Though I never got your name I believe." Hikari said with a kinder tone, bowing before him.
  12. Hikari continued to walk until she sensed another presence approaching, when he seemed to continue following her she got a little bothered, then he spoke. His tone seemed to hold some sort of authority to it so she figured it may be best to turn and look at him. His body seemed rather scarred and damaged, he was also missing an arm, signs of either a battle hardened warrior or an idiot who got lucky and survived mere death situations. "I am Hikari Kagayakashi, Academy Graduate. I am looking for the Captain of the Seventh Division or Vice Captain. I tried the Second Division but it seems that the newest member had only met him once and knew not of his whereabouts. If you know where I can find the Captain or Vice Captain of this Division I would be grateful for any information. I am hoping to join this Squad with the chance that it will help me grow past my current point so I can get stronger." She said honestly.
  13. After having made her way from the Second Division after meeting a member named Vain who was quite an odd specimen. Upon making her way to the Seventh Division's area she smiled a little, it felt interesting here, kind of nice really. Like she partly belonged here but she had to shake such complacency off, she needed to keep her mind on the goal at hand, to find a squad, join it, and grow stronger as a Shinigami. She would bring pride to the Kagayakashi Name and would make herself well known and respected by those above and below her. "Seventh Division.. Guess I just need to find the Captain and put in a request to join then." She said with a somewhat distant tone.
  14. "Of course, being a friend doesn't have to do with Squads. Also yes, Zanpakuto undergo notable change when in Bankai mode." She said honestly before beginning to walk away, looking at the paper in her hand. "Oh, Division Seven... All right, guess I will check there next." She said before waving to Vain. "Bye, hope to see you again soon!" ((ooc: Left Thread))
  15. "Well Bankai is notably much stronger than Shikai and usually offers more powerful abilities.. It usually takes a while and a lot of Jinzen to get Shikai and Bankai for that matter as well. That you got both so quickly just seems a little odd is all." She said honestly, looking at her Asauchi. "That reminds me.. I need to find a Squad soon, if not this then Squad 7.. Maybe I should check their too." She said softly.
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