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  1. Solidus


    Brace yourselves, loyal and innumerable men and women of the 3rd Division. It is with great honor that I bring you the updated seating list of our proud division. Captain: Solidus Vice-Captain: Gin Ichimaru I know it's a lot to comb through, but I want you all to apply yourselves in memorizing the names of your fellow brothers and sisters. Thus concludes this captain's announcement.
  2. Nice to meet you too mate. I enjoy writing so I'll definitely give the RP thing a shot in the near future. I play college football so that kind of eats up a lot of my free-time/energy in season. I'm glad there are some people still keeping things going on the forum.
  3. Yo. I've recently taken over the Captain's position over on the rpg. I used to be a member of Squad 11, though that was quite some time ago. Since then I had been wandering on my own. Until now that is. Got tired of lone wolfing it without a squad, you know? So if anybody on this forum still has a pulse and is reading this, nice to meet you! I figured since most of the users that posted in the previous are long gone, I might as well create a new thread to keep things fresh. Feel free to contact me through here or PM me if you need anything.
  4. whoops I thought if you die you die, damn it this game has as many exceptions as the english language
  5. I feel like such a good person telling all the new players that joined the raid to back out as to avoid a swift death ... You can leave a raid can't you?
  6. Solidus


    So you guys are into "That" type of hentai
  7. Solidus


    First I get home after detention for being late, then the moment I'm about to open my front door my family comes rushing out of it for my 4 year old sisters concert that I never heard about, and now I go to my only safe haven the internet just to get my childhood ruined. Why me.
  8. Solidus


    I could go for some red velvet cake with some nice icing, preferably in the shape of two large breasts to make me slamming my face into it more theatrical
  9. Solidus


    So we got a new member I remember when I was a noob... it almost feels like it was 2 weeks ago
  10. Solidus


    What kind of turtle am I?
  11. Solidus


    My gif of Jake laughing didn't work
  12. Solidus


    (Looks at post for a bit) "Well I know he's a captain but that does sound a tad..." (gets the pun) "Well now I feel embarrassed."
  13. Solidus


    >Casually browsing rankings on RPG >Realizes both his captains are 1st and 2nd Kenpachi's >Goes on forums to tell captains of realization >Learns to never go onto forums when family is in the same room
  14. If they can't even take out one vasto lord alone why do they think a horde of them is any different? Noob Logic. Only need 50,000 more health to join the next raid. Can't wait.
  15. Thanks I'll try to join the raids soon and not end up like the sad people who don't read the forums
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