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  1. Shin Masanori Total Fate Point Balance [3] - Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3] - Achivements [(soon to be)1] ~Ongoing Achivements~ ~Completed Achivements~ #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post) ~Fate Point Purchases~ Duality for 4 points Current Remaining Balance [0]
  2. The question on the necessity of whether or not it were necessary for Shin to kill the man would come back to pierce itself into his heart, the organ skipping a beat as he released a shallow breath. Was it necessary? He already performed the deed and yet it still stuck to him like glue, wanting to remain a piece of his guilt, to be the same words echoed into anything else he would do. He remained quiet at first, biting his lower lip as he kept his gaze to one of the smaller splatters of blood over where the larger man had laid, the freshly-made marking beginning to dry out, the glistening crim
  3. Shin would be broken out of his daze by the bellowing of his temporary comrade, a blade whizzing through the air, a shimmering bird looking to nest itself into the attacking leader of the trio. The sharpened swan diving directly into the torso of the man, breaking his momentum and making Shin step out of the way as he landed on his back, skirting to a stop next to the younger spirit. From there the over-sized fur-ball pounced upon him, holding him down via his greater size and weight, a burly mass of fluff atop the bleeding asshole. Shin stared at the two, watching the leader struggling under
  4. Shin faced off against the towering thug, having avoided the devastation his mallet would have caused upon the initial swing. This would be the first time he had faced off against someone of a larger size than him during his short life of combat, though thankfully he did have experience dealing with them when it came to thievery. There was a certain way to deal with larger weight types, those that chose to glutton themselves beyond what is considered healthy. Such a way tended to factor this shift of balance caused by their weight against them, whether through tripping them and then going for
  5. Shin would watch on, waiting for an opportunity to open for him to either strike, flee, or both. Thankfully however it seemed the dog appeared, pointing a fuzzy finger directly towards Shin, telling the trios de assholes that he needed to correct him on something he had said. Being demanded that Shin be handed over. The tall furry beast of a spirit would then approach them, closing distance between him and the three while, almost as if he had just stepped on their turf, the skinniest of the bunch with the bird face stepped forward, standing as a barricade to the spirit, followed by his physica
  6. Another moment within a world of dreams, another fragmented piece of Shin's self would come-to. It all started the same since he had first came into contact with Ukon and stole his weapon, where the first moment Shin went to sleep he would either end up in yet another scenario filled with living world trinkets or an endless water-world. Faceless beings and shadowy silhouettes kept the pink-haired spirit through each occurrence as well, always either attacking him, beckoning to him, or catering to him. They were an army of unknown figures that had infested his being, creatures which found a spi
  7. "Anything to say for yourself?" Shin asked the fallen district leader. A part of him still wanted him to spare the man, even after what had happened. It didn't want him to lose the innocence he would lose from his very first murder with his own hands. He could see it still, the him he was inside that flashback, that beaten child. He could see him cling to The Speaker as he glared up at his executioner. He stared into his own eyes, seeing the terrified gaze of his younger self meet him. The one next to him, The Speaker, breathed in and our slowly. "You'd make a fine Shinigami." With that, Shin
  8. Shin could see The Speaker's face twist with anger as he drew his own blade. The two once again began to circle each other, though now on more equal footing than before. It was obvious Shin had the stronger spiritual presence of the two, and yet was far less experienced with the blade. The blows that were meant to be lethal on the two guards only left them wounded and incapacitated, for example. The Speaker had the weaker presence, and yet was far more experienced. "You know, boy, you shouldn't get confident. Before I took over this dump and made it start to get better I was an unseated office
  9. Shin looked from the creature to Yotami, confused. How can a Hollow look just like him?! It had to be a Hollow, right? Why would there be white spikes sticking out all over his body like that? Why was he feasting on other spirits? Looking back at the creature, Shin couldn't stand it any longer. With a shaky hand, he picked up the blade again, waving it in front of him towards this abomination. The creature responded with a scream; one loud enough to make Shin immediately drop his blade again, holding his hands to his ears just so he can keep some semblance of the noise out. His eyes closed and
  10. Shin faded in and out of consciousness. He would see 2 silhouettes standing over him, the net above them both as he helplessly laid there, he felt himself dragged along the dirt path of the district, carried by a pair of hands, then he saw grain after grain run into him, bending under his dragging body. He took notice of the open circular wasteland under the moonlit sky, torches lit and drawing his eyes until he fell back out of consciousness once more. Then finally, he came to, sight blurred and arms feeling bound by something behind him. His eyes adjusted to his new environment, a deep abyss
  11. "W-Wait!" Shin coughed up as he reacted before he fully awoke, already struggling to stand up on his feet once more. Once he stood up straight, however, a sharp pain erupted from his side. Looking through the hole made through his clothes, he would see the stab wound from before had been burned shut, almost as though for some reason his enemy had refused to allow him to bleed out all over his nice wood floors. Shin wouldn't place too much thought into it, however, instead shambling to the door of the destroyed home, where he emerged back outside, immediately falling to his knees and left hand
  12. The home of The Speaker would remain quiet, almost empty from the outside, though Shin would already knew that not to be the case. He hid among the little alley-rats from before, just out of sight. He could see faint movement within the shadows of that home, he saw the occasional small flicker of candlelight within. He could feel the sinister presence of that man inside, wandering about, probably glad he sent yet another to die. He could spot that odd group of strangers talking to one another outside conveniently close to the entrance into the home. It would be more than clear that if he appro
  13. It seemed like seconds had passed before Shin had came to his senses. He could feel the rushed hands move him around, wipe off his face, blurry figures scurrying about in the background. Everything would slowly return to normal, with Shin sitting against some sort of bench, back resting against the pole from before, the sign missing once again. He blinked madly as he looked around, remaining strings of panic and fear being plucked inside as he checked to make sure he wasn't caught by those monsters from before. No one but him and the smith in-sight. Immediately his shoulders would droop as he
  14. He trampled crops under his feet and came flying out of the edges of the field with loose wheat fluttering off of his body, a few pieces stuck in his flowing hair as he continued his flee from that scene. It seemed no matter how far he got away, he would still hear that godawful scream inside his head. He tripped over his own feet just after he entered the district once more, crashing into some crates set aside, holding his head as his body froze up, shaking. His teeth gritted as he tried his best to not scream from what he had just witnessed. Never before would he expect people to feed one an
  15. First, having been in similar situations just before, Shin would take advantage of this one and look through the more easily accessible window to the far side. He would see no one but an empty alley, giving him in immediate way to escape. The blacksmith wouldn't like it if he had just decided to stay inside a home the entire time waiting until after the ceremony to speak to the leader, not to mention The Speaker himself gave the young spirit vibes somewhat similar to the kind the likes of Ukon had. They were that of a liar, an individual that had far more sinister goals in-mind than he had pre
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