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  1. Ah perfection, a sweet lie so as to ease the pain of the ignorant masses. It's very effective it seems~

  2. Maybe if I tickle the purple polka-dot, the town will fly into a sea turtle named frank. YAY!

    1. HavocReaper


      This status sounds like a failed spongebob episode idea.

  3. The sands erupt in the sudden impact, raised to the endless night sky in clouds of glittering moonlight. There amidst the small crater laid a petite woman, dressed only in the ruins of a simple hospital gown that fails to truly cover her, marred by a long diagonal slash along her torso, streams of jet oozing out to quench the ground. Her hair a deep azure, styled into slender, elongated pigtails now strewn messily around her. Now choking upon her own various fluids there comes a slew of garbled groans of anguish, a single ring of playful pink looking on in complete torment, the other behind a veil of bangs along the right side of her face. She twitches only slightly, one of her arms bent backwards at the elbow, both halves of the bone poking right from the tainted flesh, each with splintered ends as they had torn the skin open like that of a rusted carving knife, peeling it free from the writhing muscle now exposed to the chilling air. "Still not dead, my apologies...", A man whispers sullenly to himself, standing upon air itself. He looks to be an older man with broad stature, dressed in what appears to be a regular Shinigami's robes with a lab coat draped over. His hair the same shade of azure as the girl in the crater, although kept short and combed over to the left with eyes of burning crimson, kept in a constant glare. He hefts a large claymore along his shoulder, the somewhat heavy weapon resembling a decorative, medieval cross. The blade seeming to glow with glee , hungering to bite into the woman's tender flesh once more.
  4. The very air grew stagnant with his very presence, even the once wild ocean now rests as tame as a lamb, following an unsaid order by the arrancar's fathomless power, the usually boisterous atmosphere growing silent as his intense glare was focused upon the child resting below, narrow slits gleaming with the lust of blood, though she stirred not, so serene was her expression, even with this looming terror, poised like a leopard high atop it's branch, he waited for a time to strike, normally so cold was he that he would not take a second thought in indulging his baser instincts, but a strange thought seemed to cross his mind, as if some deterrent conjured by the girl he now beheld with an interest. After some time, his patience began to grow thin, the once picturesque sunset now yielding to the immaculate radiance of the moon nestled in it's legion of stars, though something seemed odd within this time, the light of the moon began arching themselves, curving slightly as they slowly crept unto the bare body of the slumbering girl, as if a mother coming to cradle their child, at the very first point of contact, she began to stir, steadily at the beginning, her mouth moved as she yawned out a near audible "Miiiiiiii.....". Her arms followed the ritual, stretching upwards as she felt new sensations wracking along her body, the Bokken falling beside her, splashing into the sand as it muffled it's fall, the coolness of the darkened hour sent her skin tingling as she felt the grainy land below, her head cocking to the side with what could be a confused stare, "Mii?" she seemed to ask herself, unsure of what to make of these new sensations, if not for her lavender locks barring all from seeing the rest of her face. She then noticed the menacing figure before her, staring up, she saw a tall man, his eyes having a primal flare to them looking right to her very core, but she felt no fear, for she knew not this phenomenon, all she knew was that this was another person, and that's all she needed as she began to smile sweetly to him, Oh! Something so new, her hands darting quickly to her face as she felt the expression, the teeth within making her mind spin in this frenzy of new things, a warmth in her bosom she had yet to feel before waking her from the daze, she beheld the stranger once again. She felt the need to come to him, as if to share this warmth, a voice sweetly whispering to her ear "Go to him, embrace him..." without a thought, she mustered what little strength she possessed, her petite hands now pressed in the soft ground as she shakily shifts weight to her legs, at first she is triumphant, standing at a height of three and a half feet tall, she lets out a victorious "Mii!" before falling over to the seasoned wood beside, her head ramming against the old shed with a loud thud, at first she comes to shock, unable to truly cope with this bitter feeling, hands shooting up to where the hit connected with a grit of her teeth, of all the things she's experienced so far, this was one she had rather not have known. Nevertheless, she still felt compelled to complete this command, her legs are unsteady, head still dizzy from the previous meeting with the small structure, as she makes her way to the deadly beast wreathed in human form, she stumbles midway, slipping along the shifting surface beneath, falling towards the arrancar with arms outstretched, her face pressing into his lower abdomen with a muffled, surprised "Miiiiii!". For some time, she stays there, face buried within the folds of the white cloth, her body now alight with warmth as she closes her eyes, her slender arms wrapping about his larger form, though not encircling, she gives the best she can of a hug. Soon, she moves her head away, facing up to the stranger's eyes, still gleaming in the night, sniling brightly to him, she gives a happy giggle. Ooc: I'm done~ Whoopsies~ that was a tad late~
  5. The sea roars out in an instance of power, towering above high the grained earth below before giving way to it's pride, falling to the earth in a spectacular shower of shifting gems. The air above was filled with the breath of the ocean, the shrill shrieks of sea gulls aiding in the natural scene of the beach, bathed in the shifting spectrum of another evening. All was peaceful within this small setting, no, something was indeed amiss; along the warm breeze was an ominous undertone that seemed to threaten the very foundations of this realm, there, sleeping beneath the shade of a weathered shed long since abandoned, was a small girl, her back resting along the toughened wood, a bokken of pure mahogany held in both her hands, fragile fingers trying hard to encircle the pseudo-blade. She appears as a child between the ages of seven or eight, her bare, petite frame showed no blemish along her delicate skin, darker in coloration, as if out in the sun for quite some time, her figure holding a somewhat boyish charm, though when coming to her face one could not argue this was a girl, her head came to a roundish shape, her button nose so soft as were her small, thin lips. Her hair a shaded lavender that seemed to veil her eyes, the back of this unkempt style only reaching her miniscule shoulders. Her chest seemed to slowly undulate as she took deep breaths, with each exhalation came a soft "Mii...", lost to the ferry of dreams as she slumbers on, unaware of her surroundings, the very actions coming to fruition all around, yet, still her eyes never open, the secret within kept as time passes away. Ooc: TwT I suck at this~
  6. Nobody can tell you who you are; that's your line~!

  7. Happy birthday to all; and every day~!

  8. There, seeking to get far from the lingering effects of the dome, come a trio of soldat, two male, and one a female, seemingly the one in charge of the group as they seem to follow her without question, sneaking about as they seek a safe retreat, suddenly, there comes a near silent whistle within the air as the male closest to her is violently impaled right in the middle of his chest by a familiar mahogany handle, spine severed as he cries out for only an instant, eyes still holding a brief glimpse of the man's complete anguish, the sound of pulverized bone and rendered muscle resounding as his blood spurts forth in rapid stream, his body held limply upon the deadly support, all too soon, the hollowed blade follows through, completely ripping the man's upper torso in twain with a delightful meaty pop, more of the ruby essence erupting about in thick mid-air pools, bits of his internal organs whizzing throughout the air as the intestines hanging about the rooted weapon like that of a sick joke of a Christmas tree, the leader's eyes widening as she's bathed in her comrade's pulpy remains, too shaken to really move as the other male has already turned tale, heart racing, face glistening with sweat as his nerves alight, there comes a feeling of something off, the air about him growing heavy, that's when he knew terror had a form, turning in surprise of a hand upon his shoulder, now looking deeply into the gray gleaming eyes of shroud, screaming out as he tries vainly for release, the creature merely giving a wicked grin before crushing it completely with a manic giggle, the man's screams turning to utter shrieks of anguish for all to hear, much to the woman's utter terror as she too starts to run, breaths heavy as she frequently glances behind her, panicked beyond what her nerves could handle if not for the adrenaline pumping within her veins, the cries of the tortured man more than enough incentive, but then, within a split-second, she feels the sensation of something dense pressing with great force upon her stomach, a sharp gasp her only response as she's propelled directly into a wall, pierced to the wall by the side prong of the deathly cross, covered by the still fresh innards of it's first kill, overcome with it all, she starts to violently vomit out a mixture of various fluids and blood, body beginning to grow numb as the last embers of her life flicker slowly away, tears sliding slowly along her cheeks before snapping her attention to the shrill cackle of the fiend, no, the demon clad in blue before her, her comrade held before her with the vile being's hand resting atop his head, the man sobbing for death, his arms hanging beside him, held loosely by a few torn tendons, legs limp like that of a rag doll's, the creature turns it's attention towards her, a wide mad smile across it's face as it gives it's chilling giggles, her comrade quickly screaming out once more as she sees his veins bulging out, throbbing immensely as he feels a sudden pressure within his body, his screams only intensifying, eyes slowly moving outwards, until, with a loud pop, come out of their sockets, hanging by their thin nerves as dark crimson comes flooding out with bits of spongy flesh, now muffled with a torrent of thick red out of his mouth, organs visibly crawling through his throat before his body explodes out, splattering the woman in the gruesome firework, at this, she's pushed to her limit, the final moments of her life a living tortuous hell, smiling at it's own handiwork as it still has the head of the newly dead man in it's hand "I love party poppers~" it says before giving a twisted chuckle, bringing the head towards it's mouth before taking a large bite, suit completely soaked with fleshy pulp clinging as it enjoys it's snack.
  9. ooc: I prefer the more..."blunt" approach ^w^ besides, I'm still a hollow deep down, with a hunger that will never be sated~ I'm also an It~
  10. Shroud looks about, suddenly it's smile grows even larger before quickly throwing it's scythe at a stray soldat seeking to retreat from the lingering effects of the dome, the hallowed tool spinning horizontally as shroud dissipates with a soft buzz, appearing before the powerless human with a swift side kick to his stomach, it's foot sinking so quickly into his flesh, touching his spinal cord right as the handle of the weapon hits at just the same moment, a resounding crack of splitting bone sounds out as numerous organs either rupture completely, or pop right out as his body is split from the waist down, intestines flaring about like streamers as his very blood rains down upon the creature it last beheld, crimson red streaking across navy blue, eyes wild with predatory lust, madly grinning before reaching forth, wildly grasping the man's upper torso with manic laughter, gazing down upon the deep anguish and utter despair of the man's last thoughts before death, a wicked smile upon it's stained face as it slowly inches forward, mouth wide open as it sinks it's teeth right into the corpse's forehead, it moans out softly, lost within the ecstasy of crunching bone and tearing flesh as it simply engorges itself, nearly consuming a third of the head before it stops, wiping it's mouth with a twisted giggle "seems I got my suit all dirty....awwww well~" picking up it's deathly weapon, grasping the chewed torso by the throat as it saunters nonchalantly towards Kia, scythe twirled about in it's free hand without a care "hey princess~" it says in it's usual hyper tone, shimmering slightly in the life giving liquid "since you've been so nice for providing the favors, I thought i'd bring some snacks to the party as thanks~" tossing what remains of the unfortunate soldat at her feet with a cheerful closed eyed smile "I even unwrapped it too~" shroud arches back with a lighthearted cackle.
  11. shroud starts to hop about the newly secured area, fits of mirthful chuckles escaping before tossing it's weapon high into the air, cartwheeling about as the scythe swirls erratically within the sky, it comes near Kia before jumping upwards, grasping the mahogany handle with near ease, landing before her with a pirouette, it raises a hand and puts on a mock salute, albeit, with a zany twist with walled eyes "heya there princess~" it says with a simper, twirling the menacing tool unto it's shoulder, the saluting arm now instead held wide as it lunges towards her for a hug "thanks for starting the party off~ this dome looks fabulous~"
  12. Shroud quickly wraps an arm about the scientific stranger with a large cheery smile, the hollowed blade of it's hallowed weapon nearly touching their back as it appreciatively grabs the device haphazardly "well isn't that nice of him~" it says in it's usual sing song tone, hugging the scientific stranger in a warm embrace before letting go in a dance like fashion, nearly sending the individual to a tumble as shroud playfully twirls the box about in it's hand "now we have a really neat favor for our party~" it bursts out into mad laughter, head and back arching as it's arms stretch out wide, a hand still holding the box as the other swings the deathly scythe as if a toy.
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