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  1. Welcome to the site from one of the ghost this site has to offer. I'm around and at the same time not really. But I will rejoin the orp after the cleaning.
  2. Well I drew something, the eye of Liz in shikai That shinigami I drew and never used until now ^-^.
  3. Updated pic of my quincy and drawing live stream... some parts are muted thanks to copyright music<.< still here is the stream and the finished pic is in the character template^^ http://www.twitch.tv/jdhabit/v/23640423
  4. Some actual update. Made the first dagger of my shini on my pc. Might change some stuff later but for now this is the final look ^.^
  5. "No No oh god please nooo! Arg.....". A sharp sound of Iron cutting through bones was echoing through the house. "They never learn. Screams won't save anyone. Now lets try my new plan". The Man grabs the parts of the victims and brings then to another room. Out side the house you see a big healthy forrest and you hear birds chirping as a new day just started. 'The wheels of the bus going round and round round and round'.Jo was thinking to himself as he was Sitting on the bus to Little Mainsen. A small town in the middle of the woods. He heard that many people that move there move out again and then disappear. Sometimes people even say that they never moved out in the first place the people of the village simply said so. Jo had nothing better to do so he went to this place. After all he now was just a wandering Quincy with to much time at his hands. Jo was looking out of the window still singing the bus song in his head."I wonder if I get an new interesting story here." Jo smiles to himself as the bus stops and he gets of. He was wearing an rather normal out fit of a shirt and an normal jeans. On his back was his back pack with the Ritter uniform of his father inside as well as most of the dagger hilts. Only two where dangling at his waist ans on his left arm was the small chain with his Quincy cross fro his bow. With an happy smile he walks towards the small in at the beginning of the small village. Only a few houses existed and just a few of them were lived in. The Morning breeze was nice and cooling. With a big smile on his face he enters the in and says:"Good morning mister Homeowner". The man at the reception looks at him and says with a smile."Good morning just passing through hmm?"."Yes and no. I think I stay here a few days. So can you give me a room ?". Sure the one up stairs at the right". Jo smiles and leaves the man to go up to his new room. Not knowing how deep this secret of the town was. This town had an terrible truth hidding with in. One that Jo would make fun of and have a great time searching for.
  6. My Internet for my phone was slowed down my newest upload will take some time
  7. Cassual style and training sketch to get better at drawing bodys and clothes. Will start using this character soon... Hopefully ^^
  8. School was on the loose so I got some time to draw in my sketch book so now I got some progress with the character look aswell as an more or less final outfit design for my Quincy
  9. So some more ideas, sketch for the Quincy without the hood but I will try one later Tried drawing the full Quincy with good and all.... Harder than expected, but I will keep on trying after all drawing body's is my weakest side
  10. So for now What I have for each of my two planed characters. I want to creat them with the comunity.(So maybe one or two people that actually look at this thread) I will updated² it over time and maybe post some pics alone without the character to them yet. Most of the pics have already been posted but still hope you have a look at my concept. For now I got some stuff for my shinigami Likes: Cute things, Nice people, cake and mock battles Dislikes: Evil people, The Shadow of Rukongai, The yellow part of the tomato[it's Eeevil >.<] Race: pure Shinigami Rank: Academy graduate Shikai: Twilight Evil Abilitys are energybased. Sketch Bankai:[Not yet archived] Sketch Backstory(only the start I thought of might get deeper later): Zanspirit Normal: Zanspirit Bankai: N/A And some stuff for my quincy Likes: Mock battles, Playing around[...] Dislikes: Painfull things, Loosing his friends, Getting his fun interrupted[...] Race: pure Quincy Rank: Awaken Quincy Backstory: Weapons: Bow:[Need to be drawn] Daggers: A few short daggers he uses for close combat. Also already thanks to those people that already gave me some cretisim outside of this thread. Thanks to you all and I will try my best to make this a little bit original ^-^
  11. I Will make sure that it looks more like the Quincy simbole on my first pc try. I also think about making the handle a little bit fancyer. I want to keep an rather simplistic style since the sword need to be created from reiryoko in the rp so anything to fancy sound hard to realize rp whise
  12. Open for ideas , it's my first concept for the Quincy dagger, short sword.
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