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  1. "Whoa, I've been training for a couple of months now, I think I've improved", says Zoro as he casually strolls. Suddenly, Zoro hears a voice calling out to Captain Yuroshima. "Wait a second, I recognize that voice!!!", says Zoro as he shunpos towards the source of the voice. He shunpos to a branch to look down and find a building. Zoro then enter s the building to find captain yuroshima and monk talking. "Caaaaaaptaaaaaain!!!!!!", yells Zoro as he runs toward yuroshima. OOC: I'm back, for good
  2. It was good, Aiden Lol, Badasseus
  3. Hello peoples, I'm baaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. "Let's go" says Zoro as he gets ready to use lots of shunpo. "Can you see if my shunpo is good enough?" asks Zoro as he does a couple of shunpos to a branch in the distance. OOC: I am going to do short posts from my phone and I have lots of things to do, so I might not be able to post sometimes.
  5. "Wait!!!!" yells Zoro, as he flash steps toward them, "I'm coming too". Zoro flash steps at a high speed to the branch in front of them. "Is everyone ready"? OOC: I will be coming on and off. Happy new years!!!!!
  6. ooc: Shut up rash, it was a joke, and yes I am innocent how could I kill anything, it was a chat thing don't spread I t across BSE. *throws bomb at rash* I'm innocent. Lol
  7. Lord Yuroshima, are you sure you want me on this mission, I just joined the division, and i'm not sure if my shunpo is fast enough said Zoro in a worried tone. Zoro had been training in shunpo and it was above average, but he wasn't sure that it was good enough for this scouting mission. Would you please take a look at my shunpo to see if it's fast enough for the mission? asked Zoro. He turns to his brother and says I'm about third seat level power believe it or not, I've been getting really strong, and I think i'm close to achieving bankai.
  8. *Is starting at aKeith's sig*
  9. We live in Florida, nobody here I know lives in Florida
  10. Someday, I want to meet someone from BSE and maybe talk to them it's crazy and most likely won't happen, but Iwant to meet someone here I know.
  11. I hope there is snow in Detroit, I will experience it, where do you live
  12. Did you see the pm, I will finally experience it, true winter
  13. Most of the old squad 5 never got on chat , have you ever tried usin the chat I found the pic sasuke
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