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  1. Cavalier of the Abyss chapter 136 was released. I went on the author's and artist's blogs and they said like 2 more volumes worth of chapters will be released and conclude the story. Dunno if it's just to start the final leg of the series or if this is going to wrap it all up.


    Here's a link to some images of the new chapter. http://blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=akgo12&skinType=&skinId=&from=menu&userSelectMenu=true

    1. Ruroki


      The chance of Ben actually logging on here is 1 in 365... Unless I tell him on discord, but ya know.. Everything comes with a price.. Your move.

    2. Ben


      I am here, what did I miss?

  2. Ben


    1. Ruroki


      Aaaaaaaaaaah, look at you being online at the same time as me.. What a....... C O I N C I D E N C E :thinking: Also hi, I'm too lazy to send you a weeb picture back, but you know me pretty well, you can imagine one I'd send :')

  3. osky.png.873af22f28c49de007d0682226d4aa27.png

    1. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      I totally forgot about that wonderful series. Rumor has it on reddit that some new chapters are coming out in the next few months. As naughty as Lilith's Cord is, I miss the tameness that is Cavalier of the Abyss. Also Nex and his children, And Nex and Serin, and Nex and his brother and the rest I guess.

    2. Ben


      Yeah Cavalier is where its at, couldn't bother to read a hentai manga. I could use some more chapters since it basically ends at a very pivotal point in the story.

    3. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      I know of no one who reads hentai manga, the text that is. Maybe if you want to read profanities, but I just think dirty talk is unnecessarily degrading. I also don't advocate looking at adult material anyways.

      as for Cavalier I believe the author Gaonbi says they planned to release some chapters in March but missed the deadline and hopefully the chapters will come out around April 13 in Korea and we'll see it translated soon after that.

      And pivotal is right! I mean Serin is back after all, gah I don't want to bore you and type up a whole paragraph on just her alone. It's an awesome story and the emotional pull of the story is at a climax at the moment. Got your undead son, daughter, possessed(maybe) Brother, and (ex?) Wife on one side and on your side a boy who hates your guts, a serpent girl, A crow with his own agenda, and yourself an undead de-crowned king of furry people. 


  4. I'm done with Kissanime. Everytime I click the link to the episodes the moment it tries to load the page it crashes the whole Firefox browser. Works just fine on Safari for whatever hurr durr reason. And when I try to update my Java my antivirus software goes nuts when it tries to make Yahoo my homepage whatever. I'm no computer nerd! I'm not smart! I'm just a boy trying to watch his saturday morning cartoons!

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    2. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      Excellent. I was hoping you'd reccomend me some other sites. Time to watch Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

    3. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      just torrent your anime like every other pirate

    4. Ben


      Until you find out what you downloaded was not actually a video, but a Trojan. True story. Stay safe kids and don't step foot into the twilight zone.

  5. I am very confused at the what intent of this thread even is, especially the random section regarding 70's fashion.
  6. Hello everyone, I figured the suggestions discussion thread would be the best place to post this since its really the only free thread for ORP discussion, but if any mods has an issue with this, please feel free to let me know. Not really another thread to put this... so yeah lets carry on shall we. With a fresh start to ORP on its way, I thought I would take the time to create something that may be of benefit to everyone interested. I am pretty lazy when it comes to doing the math involved with role play, and I know I'm not the only one so i took the time to write a slightly more advance
  7. Ben

    Howdy friend! *tips cowboy hat*

  8. Shiro stood straight as they would seemingly undergo a compromise. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't hesitate to eliminate his sworn enemies, but with his valued subordinates life on the line, he was forced to reconsider violence as a last resort. This compromise the Arrancars would suggest involved Ha losing his very own arm, a price to pay for his actions. He would grit his teeth after hearing them speak as if they were the victims. They were in fact the bullies, trying to provoke him to get what they wished out of this ordeal, but he refused to walk away empty handed. As a Captain of t
  9. Shiro would now be surrounded by multiple Arrancars, each seemingly questioning his rather sudden appearance into the fray. A new face would appear shortly after his very own arrival, throwing the blade of his follower next to his feet and dragging his unconscious body in the sand after preventing his Lieutenant from being safely delivered to him. Shiro wouldn't set his vision on the blade in his proximity, but would place a glare at this newly approached Arrancar displaying what appeared to be some sort of domination of another's spiritual power. He didn't focus too much on the specifics, but
  10. From the distance, a figure would approach the scene. As he grew closer his figure would grow more visible to that of the Division Eight Captain. His Lieutenant had seemingly ran off and got himself into an unbearably disastrous situation. He knew what his Vice Captain was capable of, but didn't expect him to do something so pathetic to cause Shiro to come to his rescue. After dealing with another Arrancar who barely managed to escape his grasp, it appeared his own follower disappeared in the sands of Hueco Mundo. Shiro managed to feel the faint presence of his subordinates Reiatsu, leading hi
  11. "It is nice to meet you." Shiro would state, before pausing for a brief moment, processing their name. "I see you were born of a noble lineage. I suppose I should introduce myself as well. My name is Shiro ShihÅin, Captain of this division as you are probably already aware of. Feel free to just call me Shiro." He observed her previous forms of professionalism and formal manners before she took her seat. While Shiro valued honor and pride, he preferred that one would feel in their comfort zone working under his command, without the need of worry about impressing their higher ups. Shiro would sm
  12. Shiro was resting at the desk while drinking some coffee (who cares what kind, he stole the blend from them filthy humans in World of the Living) and completing some paperwork assigned to him. He appeared slightly fatigued due to this, but he would not let it get the better of him. Along with the sound of his pen making contact with paper, another sound would resonate through his office. A knock could be heard from the other side of his office door, which would signify there was a visitor. "Might we have another recruit," he questioned himself. Division Eight was very unlikely to have visitors
  13. Shiro would approach the barracks, slower than he originally intended. He generally preferred to observe his environments, rather than charge in head first when he knew or believed there to be hostile threats in the area. He would find a building to stand atop of and use as an observation post, allowing him to assess the surroundings from high above, capable of seeing nearly the entirety of the Seireitei, and gather an understanding of the situation. While he would normally be obsessed with the view, this was no matter to joke around with. Returning to ground level, he would would make his way
  14. ShihÅin Shiro AppearanceCharacter NameFull Name: ShihÅin ShiroKanji: 四楓院白 Furigana: ã—ã»ã†ã„ã‚“ã—ã‚ Personal InfoAge: ~215Physical Age: 21 Date of Birth: December 31st Race: Soul (Shinigami) Gender: Male Height: 178 cm (5'8") Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs) Build: Athletic Hair Color: Cerulean Blue Iris Color: Hazel Tattoo, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Eye - Large Maroon Tattoo Affiliation: Gotei 13, ShihÅin ClanAlignment: Neutral Good Primary Family: ShihÅin Sakura (Sister, Unknown) ShihÅin Kitaru (Father, Deceased) ShihÅin Yuuki (Mother, Deceased) ShihÅin Azuma (Grandfather, Deceased) Shi
  15. -Optic Gaming Please, we all know the FaZe Clan is superior.
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