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  1. Happy birthday, Aiden!!

  2. Happy birthday, Sauce!

  3. Came out for PS4 and Vita February 2nd in America and 5th in Europe. This is my 2nd Digimon game after Digimon World DS (which I never actually finished) Anyone else get the game? Thoughts on it?
  4. Sorry for being late, but happy birthday Rash!!

    1. Rash ラシュ

      Rash ラシュ

      lol, No problem dude~ Thanks :)

  5. https://www.proboards.com/free-forum-articles/start-a-role-play-forum You can easily make your own forum where you make the rules and define the structure of your RP. This RP isn't, as has been proven multiple (and I repeat, multiple) times before, the place for that stuff. Instead of trying to change the URP to be like how you want it (and the majority don't want it), make your own structured RP. That simple.
  6. ^This. All of it. Inb4 people start proposing WC minimums and power gain systems. Some people should think twice about which RP their suggestions actually belong to before suggesting them.
  7. Cool, it's good that you acknowledge your mistake then. That's all I was looking for. And I'm Sauce lol edit: Oops, I lied about not responding anymore.
  8. I won't reply to this thread anymore, if anyone wants to respond to my post feel free to do so via IM.
  9. Lmao. Didn't intend to be a part of this thread but now I see someone has mentioned me :/ Don't want to take sides but Yuro, you have to admit what you did was wrong. Whether or not the others were wrong in insulting you and whatever else they did, you were still wrong in taking in-thread affairs to PM and posting the result in the thread, disrespecting everyone else in the thread. If you wanted to finish your fight with Monk without interference from anyone, you should have asked their permission first or simply accepted the fact that since they are in the thread, they have every right to in
  10. Sauce

    Squad 13 Stats

    6th seat here!! :3 Player ID#: 117063 XP Required to Level Up: 550314 Name: SasukeShihoin Gender: Male Current Location: Seireitei PVP Enabled: Yes Spirit Power: 1844595686 Health: 336739145/336739145 Spirit Energy: 1606 / 1606 Stamina: 1947 / 1947 Agility: 1984 Defense: 1934 Money: $2001262913 Credits: 0 CR Race: Shinigami Current HRA: Shinigami Division: 13 Rank: Division Zero Ascendant Hollows Defeated: 66509 Soul Burials: 99 Alignment: Evil (-33) Last Killed by: SasukeShihoin Last Attacked by: Ruroki Weapon State: Kyuukyokukai/Ultimate Release
  11. Sauce

    Hey There!

    Welcome to BSE, Dreifus! I hope you enjoy your stay
  12. Sauce

    Raidy Raids

    maxxie did 1.6390682624619E+41 damage. The group of hollow have -1.6390682624619E+41 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. maxxie has 2.991299578993E+42 left. SasukeShihoin did 13792141.29 damage. The group of hollow have -1.6390682624619E+41 hp left. The group hollows did 1000000 damage. SasukeShihoin has 38592827 left. Congratulations, your group defeated the Hollows! Lol.
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