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  1. Arimei

    Squad 9 Tavern

    Has this place been around long? Just wondering .-. -checks the date- oh... welp .-.
  2. Arimei

    Squad 9 Tavern

    Oops o.o sorry I'll be on when I can, two weeks left to my sports season sorry Capt
  3. Arimei

    Squad 9 Tavern

    I don't think I've stopped by here yet since joining the squad but hey~
  4. ... I'm too lazy to find the last thing I ever saw in here but omg I'm sorry I haven't been around for a while T.T been so busy with school
  5. Sorry I didn't run it -.-" been so busy with school and sports.
  6. Arimei


    ... Why did I walk in here the first time again? o.o
  7. Busy with life atm ._. Reaaaaaaaaly need to find a VC b/c while there's Volleyball going on I will not be on much
  8. Nope XD BUT we survived ^^
  9. Alright for any of our active members: We need a Vice Captain! Now, I know most of y'all who used to be active are now busy or in new squads but if there's anyone who hasn't left yet and is still interested let me know. You'll just be helping me with Raids mostly and putting p the Seat list if I forget and that's just every few weeks for the seats. up* I mean not p
  10. Just putting this out for any new Shinigami or some squad members or anyone interested: Squad Five is looking for a new Vice Captain! Check out our Squad Thread and stuff to find me and the members there and see if you like it there
  11. Alright I guess Raids will be on Sundays now... maybe Mondays since there hasn't been one for a while and there's still no VC for the squad yet ._. Need an active person since currently busy with school... Oh and btw we won! Would send out Raid rewards but I don't know how much is even my money anymore and which is from the event in Gotei 13 Arimei did 1530984.65 damage. The group of hollow have 48469015.35 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Arimei has 38933001 left. BennyCSS did 4450734.18 damage. The group of hollow have 44018281.17 hp left. The group hollows did 25000 damage. Benn
  12. =.=" *tries to pry Sute off*
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