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  1. My old account I assume was wiped but still is a current spot holder in the rpg. Is it recoverable or am I starting from scratch?
  2. Ray told me he believed in me. I hold these words and thus appear.

  3. I suppose its time to come back for my yearly departure. Sup peeps

  4. Straight up forgot my name on here

  5. I reserve the right to release mixtape through this site.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Shiba Isshin

      Shiba Isshin

      well fuck.. 50% of nothing is still nothing..

    3. Psychologist Asch

      Psychologist Asch

      its gonna be fire dad!

    4. DaGr8Toshiba


      Just because peoples reaction will be to burn it with fire doesn't mean it then becomes fire. :)

  6. Time to propose to Gina.

    1. Your Waifu

      Your Waifu

      Too late, she's already mine.

    2. Ruroki


      You'd get burned in a heartbeat

    3. Psychologist Asch

      Psychologist Asch

      Haters gonna hate hate hate. We belong together sir

  7. Mr. Driver : (26 - 11:00 PM) you need to kill yourself to change races #DandyUncut

  8. But sedation changes to panic and nausea and breathe starts to shorten and heartbeats pound softer!

  9. Time stood still, the way it did before. Its like i'm sleepwalking!

  10. We are the ones who hope! SO GIVE ME AN ANSWER!!

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