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    Anime/Manga Mainly - Bleach/One Piece/Naruto/Fairy Tail/Dragon ball Z
    Wind manipulation abilities
    Doing my best for Squad 12
    Hakuda (Hand-to-Hand Combat)
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    Name: Katsumuto
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  1. hmm, why would I do that? O.o
  2. well only me, the vc and the 3rd can survive it in my small squad xD
  3. unfortunately it was xtreme and I was the only one able to do it, zingza wouldn't survive
  4. basically me soloing the raid
  5. "Indeed." I replied while I was taking the time to enjoy the food. Ooc - cya
  6. only the strongest people have a chance at killing me O_o but even then it won't be so easy as you may think O.o
  7. *starts eating* "Its good." I praised the food I was given.
  8. *accepts* "Ah, I'll take a serving of that if you don't mind." I asked politely.
  9. *notices the two people inside* "What the? Since when did he take an interest in research?" I spoke to myself as I saw alvito taking test tubes.
  10. "Uh, sure, what do you have?" I asked as he offer to serve some food. "Interesting." I said to JD of his plan to do extreme training.
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