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  1. The morning comes sherbert orange and warm. The sun slowly rises from behind the hills outstretched for the journey ahead. The camp had stretched south a few hills as the rest of the Lieutenants forces had arrived and now bordered a large pond. The surface of its water is still and reflects the cream orange above, only interrupted by the ripples of shinigami with wooden spears, attempting to catch breakfast. On the shore rests their commander, the Lieutenant of the Fourth Division. Six feet away sits his confidant Jim, attempting to catch fish by line and lure. Yuroshima sway
  2. “I can’t speak for the gotei before, it is broken and destroyed and its members are fading away from the limelight entirely.” Yuroshima begins. “It has been rebuilt by the Gotei which I am apart of now and its message is not one of tyrannical control or taxation, and it is not one of war and famine. The proof of this is surely seen in the fact that they have entrusted the entirety of Rukognai relations and reparations to me. For this is my soul.” And with that, two shimmering hands of golden light materialize and cup around Kenshi. As the light shimmers and glows warmly, the wounds on any with
  3. “We’re all orphans in Rukognai these days, if you wish to face me it would indeed be in your best interest to hang out around the camp for a little while.” Yuroshima replies before the challenger explains he must rest his wounds for they would take a while to heal. “Nonsense.” The veiled shinigami declares, “What if I told you, those wounds could heal near instant?” He pulls from a hidden sash, an elegant Sai which he hold out in front of him to show Kenshi. “This is Kan’Yo Na Hira, the nurture half of my soul.” The sai begins to glow gold, a comforting.. almost intoxicating sound of chimes
  4. A friendly and playful laugh escapes from the Lieutenant as he hops from the tree and lands on the ground with a skip. “I owe no one any debt, the people of these regions would sooner cast you to the dogs than betray me and you would be wise to not accompany this one where he’s going.” He points to Takada, still paralyzed on the ground from the effects of Geki. “His justice will be decided by the Central 46 not myself, but if it satisfies you to know.. I can’t imagine he’ll escape death or life in one of the prison levels.” Yuroshima looks the man up and down, the surrounding
  5. Releasing the Geki spell, the healing specialist continues his flight path to the tree on the opposite side of his make shift seal. The red light gleams brightly from within the confines of the pillars, shining across the veiled ones back, silence then befalls the area for a brief moment. Was this victory over the two? Ching! A slash sounds off and the Lieutenant turns around on the tree branch he was currently perched on, eyes narrowed..watching his self made structure. Ching! The second slash occurs, actually severing the ropes of the Sajo itself, one wound so tight around the pillars that i
  6. “Liquify, Ginki.” The challenger releases a Shikai to the surprise of the Lieutenant. An eruption of power and suddenly a mist begins wafting from the man’s Zanpkauto, surely this was his ability. Yuroshima springs off the ground moving backwards quickly to avoid whatever this mist or gas was going to do to him, shouting to the comrades who were close enough to possibly become engulfed by the new variable. “Scatter!” He yells before coming to a crouched position on a branch roughly twenty feet from his last position. He watches the two warriors now standing in the gas before realizing th
  7. Yet another battle Yuroshima found himself in, more and more Emiko helped the Lieutenant attain referrals in the form of other district leaders, and so more and more ground is gained and as a result, more and more enemies to are forced to fight for the land they feel is theirs. The shinigami forces were slowly clearing the forested area of any bandit soldiers belonging to this specific faction, and Yuroshima found himself now locked in contest with their leader. Two sleek midsized blades strike the thick black sheathe one after the other, he was a fast and agile man who employed various
  8. The many distraught faces of the battered and poverty stricken citizen’s stare hopelessly at the large capital building where their district elder had just been assassinated the previous night by a member of the militant Bandit group that had been plaguing their home. Emiko looks to them through the hairline view provided by her gently lifting back a section of curtain from her father’s office on the third floor, which overlooked the town below. She is almost totally unsure of what to say to calm the crowd. Her father had groomed her since early childhood to take reign one day but that time wa
  9. As a snake in the garden moves, so too does the nameless slither through the ink black brush under the cover of the night sky, matching the black cloth wrapped around and veiling his face and drawing near his unusual brown and forest green uniform. His keen coffee colored eyes constantly darting all around him as he ventures closer and closer to the location of his objective. Time after time he experiences a realization of how this could turn into a suicide mission really fast, and time after time he overcomes it with his will power and desire to donate his body to a cause greater than himself
  10. The day then arrives when the final meeting of this specific nature would ensue. Marked by a large cart that was usually used to transport crates of supplies like food or toiletries and now empty, carried the Lieutenant of the Restoration Corps, accompanied by 4 officers of division seven from the units which had been contracted to him by his ally and fellow Vice Captain, San Salvatore. The destination of the horse drawn vehicle was district 48. So far they had successfully expanded into district 47,49 and soon 50 of south Rukognai but had camps in the areas between districts from a location b
  11. Days before the Duel. After debriefing San as to what had happened on his portion of the mission and learning of the presence of the strange kido based weapons the bandits he encountered possessed Yuro would say his goodbyes and San would then depart to fulfill the troop request. As he leaves a black clad figure, face hidden by a black veil, would silently approach behind the Lieutenant and stand still awaiting orders, “Inform Elder Zarrow that I have rid his district of the rising camps sooner than later after all” He states remembering back to earlier of how he had told the District
  12. Part 1 - The Seekers of the Lords to Come “Divided were they of the original tribes and houses of the Children of Bounts, divided and so weakened in the contest of power with our sibling races. Aye, and war they waged with The Death Gods..The Children of Shinigami, The failures..The Children of Men and The Hollow Demons.. The Children of Night.” The Soft, Quaint but strong voice of Chandra D’Angelo the Demi Priest sweetly echoes through the dark stone chamber, illuminated by strange floating red orbs which offered a soft maroon light to permeate across the ro
  13. The fighting ensued very shortly after the units had gotten into position. San was an aggressive and fast leader and Yuro’s forces met with them with great ferocity attempting to play their angles and positions as best they could to ward off the siege. There were many circumstances when ones plan must change and this was no strange concept to the Lieutenant who was well versed in the art of improvisation. He had misjudged his fellow Vice Captain and anticipated that he would adopt a more stealth based role, that was his mistake and so he attunes his strategy to the spirit of “Ken No Sen” and l
  14. NPC - Chanchella sees the smoke begin to surround her and smiles thoughtfully, for indeed it had begun. She wastes no time, her family had always naturally possessed the finely tuned skills of the warrior but she had honed them even further in the academy and would now demonstrate her might. Her rabbit like reflexes spike the moment the voices shout the Bakudo spell and she watches the red orbs move towards her cover. She waits until the moment they touch the ground and begin expanding outward before leaping with great strength at a backward angle moving towards the Saloon. She wa
  15. NPC* Graceful and powerful, Chanchella had always viewed herself as the most able combatant on any team she had ever been placed in and this situation would be no different, of that she was sure. A moment of hyperawareness strikes her as she begins to inspect the position of her cover relative to the brush and bushes spilling out before the tree line of forest, both of which were too thick for her keen eyes to properly scan. The seated officer glances over the right side of the destroyed body of the side capped wagon that made up her cover and sees nothing for moment before a burs
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