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  1. I just want to share my story here on BSE lol When I first came here at BSE It was when I was watching Bleach lol Like seriously I'm like 12 or 11 that time so yeah I kept and kept playing till I became with a staff on facebook He's a guy with a red mouse profile I forgot his name tho but yeah thanks to him I felt welcomed here on BSE but time goes by and I got busy with studies and other things I became inactive but everytime I have time I never forget to play visit this game (was scared of getting my account deleted because of inactivity lol) and kill some mons
  2. Don't worry haters you're hidden
  3. Ketska did 445816.66 damage. The group of hollow have 49554183.34 hp left. The group of hollows did 25000 damage. Ketska has 8157753 left. Tsukio did 10198373.28 damage. The group of hollow have 39355810.06 hp left. The group of hollows did 25000 damage. Tsukio has 186224189 left. takashioke did 440795.71 damage. The group of hollow have 38915014.35 hp left. The group of hollows did 25000 damage. takashioke has 8024436 left. Tetsuya Hirano did 317367.7 damage. The group of hollow have 38597646.65 hp left. The group of hollows did 25000 damage. Tetsuya Hirano has 5811989 left. R
  4. Welcome to this thread! Well, the title say it so. I created this thread so you can suggest your own things to help us improve our gameplay. EX. Reset Button - So we don't have to delete our account and register again just to test another race. Something like but really helpful. Thankies NOTE : This is just more like of a survey
  5. Captain:KetskaVice-Captain: Seat 3 -TanjaShSouless Seat 4 - Souless Seat 5 - Vorpal Seat 6 - plang Seat 7 - xegin Seat 8 - Andrewwww Updated : Sun Dec 04th 01:58:15 pm
  6. HiHiHi Just Got My Password BTW @ Yoshirou NP
  7. HELLO GUYS! Tell Me: Name And The Character EXAMPLES
  8. Captain: TheEml Vice-Captain: Heonumaru Seat 3 - AscendedReaper Seat 4 - Curtis Seat 5 - CrimsonPrince Seat 6 - kingdionte Seat 7 - Ketska Seat 8 - graxor Seat 9 - CloudRipper Seat 10 - AlastorBlade
  9. My mom get all money from my paypal!!!!!!!!! how did she know my passs!!!!
  10. Good Means Good Thx For This Isshin Your A Very Kind RPG Owner Eva
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