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  1. Before they started their journey, the Fullbringer called Layla to get everyone together including Iris. The two of them then made their way to Duality HQ with the girl they found in Arthur’s arms. There was no conversation between them and the tense atmosphere that was in the facility also remained. Upon their arrival the Vasto Lorde spoke,’I’ll wait here for you and then we can talk about what comes next afterwards.’ He nodded and entered with everyone waiting. They were surprised to see the girl, but they immediately prepared got her into a room and both Iris and Liz began examining he
  2. Now that Arthur was finally able to get some answers, he asked the first thing that was on his mind,’Your and my powers, are we related?’ The Vasto Lorde shook his head in response,’I do not know, though I haven’t seen any other Hollow with similar powers similar to mine so it may be possible. I have visited many places though I don’t know their names or when it was. Perhaps by some coincidence we came into contact.’ Arthur sighed,’Fullbringers are made through contact of parents with the Hollow actually so it wouldn’t have been me.’ Another solution might have been to ask his parents, bu
  3. After his training finished, Arthur rested a few more hours before returning back to Karakura Town. It was evening once again so without a doubt the Vasto Lorde will be appearing soon. Luckily, he didn’t have any luggage with him so he could go and look for him straight away. His first destination was the centre of the town, but he didn’t expect to find his opponent there. After all, he was wondering around the whole town so the fact that he came through the centre last time was pure coincidence. Arthur checked the feeds but there didn’t seem to be any sightings today and this particular
  4. After unlocking his complete Fullbring, Arthur rested for a few hours as quite a lot of fatigue built up from obtaining the next level. However, there was still more to be done. It was true that having his complete Fullbring would make a difference, but he wanted an even bigger edge. Vincent was very experienced and so knew many methods with which one can improve oneself. Without him it was very probably that he would still be walking around and panicking with his broken Fullbring but thankfully now that was behind him. The other thing that he wanted to upgrade was his Gafu. He didn’t hav
  5. The next morning, a bit after waking up the first thought that came to Arthur was about his Fullbring. He hasn’t checked up on it since it was damaged last night but figuring that after some rest it should be fine, he chose this moment after a good night’s sleep. However, when he summoned the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella he encountered a problem,’It’s still broken!’ It looked exactly the same as it did when it got broken. Not a single part was fixed. This went against the norm that a Fullbring would fix itself as long as the object of affinity was fine. Iris chimed in with those exact th
  6. Shortly after the Vasto Lorde left, help arrive in the form of William with his scythe at the ready. Seeing that the terrain was clear he quickly approached Arthur and knelt beside him,’You okay?’ He nodded,’I’ll manage. It wasn’t a serious fight, so my wounds aren’t that bad.’ William sighed,’Let me see. I can at least fix you up a bit before we return,’ he said as he lifted Arthur’s shirt and began healing him. He was able use it just like Liz though he said many times that he was not suitable for these kinds of things, so his technique was much more inferior compared to Liz’s. Neverthe
  7. Arthur’s next trial awaited him with a call from Layla,’This time you will be fighting a Vasto Lorde. Without a doubt this is the real deal unlike what we thought about the parasite. I’ll message you the details. You’ll be going alone but thanks to the camera system we will be able to watch the fight and if it goes south, I will send reinforcements so just hold out until then, alright?’ That was the gist of it, so he checked the specified camera feeds to form an analysis. True to the Vasto Lorde title, this Hollow was a normal human size and even looked very equal with his own height with
  8. Having received a message about a Hollow, Arthur headed out into the night to hunt his target. On the rooftops of Karakura he reached for his phone and opened a new app that as recently been installed. As part of intel gathering update of Duality, they have set up Bluetooth cameras throughout various rooftops which allowed them to see the streets. Granted they still didn’t have a wide area covered due to money and time limitations, but it was definitely and upgrade from what they had before as now everyone had access to it. These cameras were specially made to detect spiritual beings thou
  9. Almost 10 months have passed since his battle with the Adjuchas. This meant that a year has already passed since he met Iris and even more than that since he became a Fullbringer. Though maybe ‘became’ wasn’t the right word as that wasn’t something you can become by trying. It was determined even before his birth. Until that night over a year ago he was completely oblivious to this and any other spiritual matters. To Arthur this time has passed in the blink of an eye as he was juggling his normal and Fullbringer life as well as public and private. It was something that everyone probably s
  10. It was clear that Shizuka wanted to show off more by the expression on her face, but Masato quickly halted that and told her to get on with the answers. However, contrary to how she wanted to show off there was not much she could tell them about the current attack as it was outside of her area. Furthermore, she was treating Arthur’s battle with Hollow as mere training for Masato which annoyed him as both of them were at risk at the time. Either way, the parasite Hollow was pretty unrelated to Tsukishima’s threat but at least he was useful to Shizuka and her spying so sparing him was proba
  11. Despite Arthur thinking that he had a good idea, the Hollow quickly refuted that he was only able to take control of Humans and Hollows which explained his current behaviour up to now,’Ah, it was worth a try.’ Even if he was a soul it seemed that the parasitic powers were limited to organic beings just like any normal parasite. Then to his previous query Shizuka looked at him an accused him of being stupid which he frowned to. He didn’t really want to take that from someone who was holed up in a toilet for high school girls and observed the daily life of many people without their knowledg
  12. Arthur listened to the conversation and tried to take away as much from it as possible though he still didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind it,’I don’t fully understand what’s going on here. What makes this Primera so special that you would spy on him and collaborate with Hollows? In my whole year as a Fullbringer I’ve never heard of him or seen him make any sort of move. The Hollow did tell me a bit about him, but I just don’t have any evidence for it you know?’ From the gist of things, it seemed that this has been going on for some time though with only the two of them involve
  13. The two continued on their way keeping a good pace throughout. After their short chat ended, Masato directed him to the school and they moved through various doors and hallways until they got to the second floor and to be more precise, the female toilet. Coming to a school was already suspicious enough so he thought it couldn’t get any worse but now… Arthur looked at the Fullbringer with judgement in his gaze,’Why a toilet?’ The parasite also informed them that he recognised the place but just like Arthur he didn’t seem to feel anybody else’s presence. Masato mentioned something about get
  14. Before they made a move, Masato first told Arthur where they would be going and that was Karakura High School. While the two of them were a bit too old to go to a school but at this time there shouldn’t be anybody around so it was unlikely that any trouble would be caused by this. He also said that the previously mentioned orange haired woman was able to hear them right now. Therefore, she was the mysterious person who helped them locate the parasite. More and more things were falling in place,’Alright.’ After saying so, the cyan coat reached out for him but as Masato wasn’t possessed any
  15. The Hollow answered his questions which showed little guilt in their wording. In some respects, this little guy was very similar to a Human, Arthur thought. Masato then scolded the Hollow for being so carefree even though they could still kill him at any moment. However, just like the conversation Arthur had with the parasite during the battle, he pointed out that he had enough of begging for his life. He would accept whatever fate that they decided. Upon his question, Masato deduced that there was still a missing plot that the parasite didn’t tell them about based on the knowledge of his
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