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  1. nevermind when i tried logging in this morning it was fixed
  2. anytime i try to log into the game i get this P.S. I didn't know if i needed to put this into hosting problems or bug reports so if it's in the wrong area im sorry
  3. <-------------------------------------- still refuses to join the team cause too lazy
  4. not changing servers not worth it ;-;
  5. 1. @ Rash its Serge22 2. @ yurohime whats it like at the top of the tiers ;-;
  6. my secret is that i got 800+ wins in normal before attempting ranked and not saying till i get that fancy gold border ;3
  7. ; - ; so close to the gold border and victorious skin i just need 2 more wins
  8. theres a easier way to do it though just turn off chat completely in your settings :/
  9. idk just figured everyone wouldve left like they do just like this website is starting to go inactive
  10. well grats still if my prediction was right it wouldve been completely inactive by now
  11. welll now you have DOUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! support
  12. well sh you shouldve linked it then jeeez there
  13. <-----------------well technically you already have one of the old members back
  14. i already replied to that earlier in the thread :3
  15. welcome back yuroshima nice to see you again
  16. ok just know you have my support and ill be checking in every now and then to see how things are going
  17. neither is clinging onto memories but
  18. im playing the role of my character :3
  19. true but i still doubt it will
  20. it will never be as active as it was because once it falls off it will never recover
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