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  1. Zenaku watched as the shield he projected up vanished into particles of reiyoku, with just three of these hollows clones left to fight zenaku thought that they might have a opportunity to beat them but on the other hand they might become stronger now that one of there clones vanished. Would they stay at the same strength or would they get stronger now that one of there own was destroyed, the only way to tell was to continue fighting the hollow and find out. " Zenaku do you think that you are gonna be able to beat this strong vosto lorde." The voice of his zanpakto spirit spoke up in the back
  2. Yamashiro started to laugh knowing that this soul reaper had more in him then what he looked like which was a relief. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i take it that is a kido spell, well its not one i have ever seen before so i take it there are a lot of those blasted things. Oh well just cause you know how to use those little parlor tricks dose little for your chances to beat me so how about coming at me for real this time." Yamashiro said as he pulled out his sword which was his way of saying to the soul reaper that he was ready to take this battle for real. The soul reaper got mad at the espa
  3. Yamashiro fight with the spiritual beings had been going on for a while now and he had managed to kill off all of them but 1, this one tho was a lot stronger then the others in the group that showed up to fight him so this made yamashiro very happy. The soul reaper which was fighting yamashiro was spinning his namikazi on a chain before he threw the small scythe like weapon towards yamashiro but by throwing up his sword yamashiro was able to smack it away from him. This did not seem to stop the shinigami cause that attack was nothing more then a diversion cause he had used flash step and was
  4. The fight had been going on for a long time now, and so far it did not seem like any one on his squad or even him was being able to get a upper hand. Zenaku also had a idea in his head that some how this clone who is making up the clones might not actually be the original vosto and that the real one was controlling these ones like nothing more then puppets from a safer place so that he did not actually have to get his hands dirty. The only way that zenaku was gonna be able to find that out was if he could some how find a opening in his opponents defense to get a fatal blow in, but the way his
  5. Yamashiro Gazami Fate points Reietsu benchmark 30K(3) / 61K(1) / 91K(1) / 101K(3) / 121K(2) Legacy Fate Points (2) Resurge Fate Points (3): #02 [LEADERSHIP IS KEY (1): Achieve the second highest possible rank, such as a Captain, Espada, Viz Cell leader etc. #03 [LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Use your 'First Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. #04 [VETERAN OF WAR (1): Use your 'Second Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. #07 [PREPARE FOR TROUBLE, MAKE IT DOUBLE (2): Create a Secondary RP character and get them to 81K Reiatsu. #09 [INITIATION (1): Comp
  6. Zenaku Shiba Fate points and Achievements Reaching 30k: 3fp 1 RELEASE TECHNIQUE SLOT x3 Note: I shall be giving two of those technique slots up to have all the academy level kido Reaching 61k: 1fp #03 [LEARNING THE ROPES (1): Use your 'First Release' in a battle against another Role-Player. #09 [INITIATION (1): Complete your first PVP battle or battle against a P-Controlled NPC. #10 [TWO IS COMPANY (1): Complete A Thread Role-Playing with 1 other Role-Player (Minimum 5 Post). #22 [CLASH COURSE (2): Successfully Clash 15 Times. Single Battle against a
  7. This fight had been going on for a while, each member from the squad which was on the mission was having to fight the main hollow and his clones. Some had to fight the hollow two to one or one on one tho even tho they was split from the main hollows body it seemed that there power was not being effected or it could be that they was and that if they was all together then the main hollows power was to strong. Luckily zenaku had been training his self with zanjutsu and hakuda so he was able to now hold his own against the hollows with out the need to always use his kido spells or abilities which
  8. Yamashiro looked on in front of him as the five people was ready to come at him but they did not dear move cause they knew that they was not about to fight just any old arrancar, they could sense how strong his spiritual pressure was and that was with out him flaring it up. " I see your wise to not just jump in at me blind, but your not gonna beat me by just standing around looking at me. But can you really beat me tho i wonder." Yamashiro would say as he removed his white glove that covered his right hand and showed the black number 0 tattoo that was on the back of his hand. As soon as the pe
  9. The crackling noise could be heard once more as the mouth of the gargonta opens, Yamashiro stepped out from the endless void as he now stood there floating in the sky above karakura town, he looked down onto the ground and the humans looked just like small ants crawling around now knowing that just above there little worthless heads stood a being of such force that he could destroy half the city if so desired. But that was now why Yamashiro was there, his only hopes was to find a fighter that could actually give him a decent show down cause he was not finding it back in the realm of hueco mund
  10. Death was a thing that was feared bye all beings, even hollows was not exempt from that, even tho hollows was born from death. Death dose not discriminate for it shall take you away be you a old man laying on the death bed or a young kid who should have there whole live ahead of them or even a middle aged healthy person death dose not care it takes all. Yamashiro spat on the ground where the now dead hollow was laying on the ground, he saw his self basically as a weapon of death that dealt the final blow to those that was to weak. Cracking his neck he looked around as red glowing eyes shone th
  11. To zenaku it would seem that it was taking forever to reach the third seat of squad ten and his team, which meant that this hollow that his team was going after must have lived in a very far off place. After what seemed like a lot of time Zenaku could sense the presance of his third seat but there was something wrong here, tho he could sense Iknari he could not sense that of the other squad members who had went with him. Was they knocked out? Was this way he could not feel there spiritual pressure. He did not wish to think about it but the other reason he could not sense there presence is caus
  12. No matter what they brought out at this beast it seemed that he continued to push them aside as if they was made of nothing but paper but if they did not do any thing at all then they will surely all die here at the hands of this hollow. The only thing that they could come up with was try to tire out the hollow so that he could try to capture the hollow so that he could blast the hollow with his most powerful spell but if he just starts firing off kido spells all willy nelly then he would run out of stamina before the fight really started at all. the first thing to do in a situation like this
  13. Bored...this summed up what yamashiro was feeling at the moment, it seemed that no matter how he looked at it all he could seem to find in this hell hole of a forest was weak ass hollows that either died before they could get close to yamashiro or they died cause they was foolish enough to face down Gazami with out enough strength to they get killed. He had hoped that he would be able to find a decent fighter up in these woods sense this was his old stomping grounds he was thinking that there would at least be one or two vosto lorde by now. Just then yamashiro could feel a nice spike in spirit
  14. The conversation with the captain was going pretty well as the test was some what over and they was having a one on one which zenaku found to be a honer , he had not been part of the thirteen curt guard squads for very long and already he was having the opportunity to speak with a captain as if they was friends. Tho that would quickly be ruined as a pair of students decided that they was gonna go and do just what they wanted to do and not as the captain had asked for them to do. The captain had asked the pair why they was doing this and a cocky young student piped up and said he wanted to lea
  15. A crackling noise could be heard though out the cavern of the forest of menos as black mouth formed in the air, it opened up and out walked yamashiro who until now had been laying up in his room recuperating from his fight against the first espada. He got mad every time he thought back on that day, as strong as he was and even tho he held more power then that old man he some how still managed a win against him. Just the thought of it was so bad that it made yamashiro smash a stone pillar with the side of his fist, the stones crumbled down on to the ground echoing though out the large and deep
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