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  1. Dante opened his eyes. The training ground was devastated by his and Aurora's Training. Dante felt as if he had changed as if a blindfold had been removed from his eyes letting him truly see for the first time. Dante could feel the power coursing through his fingertips as he rubbed his thumb over them. He looked up and felt Aurora's spiritual pressure has changed significantly. What power. I am not the only one that found something different within. Dante turned towards Aurora. He walked towards her. How are you feeling? We both had a hard time judging by the condition t
  2. Happy Birthday, dude. Stay healthy!

    1. Dante Hirako

      Dante Hirako

      Thanks Rash. I had a pretty good one. 

  3. Amazing work can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  4. Dante..... Wake up... How long do you plan to remain in the snow like that? Dante heard the voice it was strange it felt familiar but also strange. He opened his eyes the broken blade was still in his hand and the first thing his blurry eyes good focus on. He looked up the unknown figure stood looking back at him. Who are you? Well, I guess my appearance is something strange to you. I find it hard to accepting it myself. The truth is, this is the combination of Yuki-Shi and my powers fused together. You finally freed me, Dante. I dare say it took you long enough idiot.
  5. Dante was still seated on the rock lost in his inner world training he was now so closed off to the outside world he had lost touch with time. Inside the battle raged on with Yuki-Shi as she stood within the center of a raging storm facing Dante. Her Anger was boiling over at Dante's disregard to head her warnings and continual pressure to make her give him his true power. The white blade grasped in both their hands was still shining brightly out into the dark sky the only beacons of light for as far as the eye could see. Frost was formed all over Dante's kimono hanging from every piece of clo
  6. Dante felt his reiatsu stabilizing after he finished the drink and placed the cup onto the hard rock he was seated on. He bowed his head in thanks to Aurora as he watched her noticing a change in her reiatsu a more powerful feeling bubbling inside of her. He took comfort in the fact that her training was going well when blue and white reiatsu started flowing out from him disturbing the cup next to him as it swirled around his body violently. He stabilized the overflowing energy, focused on the task laid out before him when he closed his eyes once more. Returning to the soft snow covered i
  7. Dante grips at his sword placed within his hands looking slightly up at Aurora her feelings made it known through her wildly fluctuating reiatsu. Dante remained seated the wind moving between them as his eyes met her's and smiled brightly to reassure her of him having returned to his normal self before he softly spoke to her. I need to return...... I have unfinished business waiting for me. Renewed sparks of light, reflecting his determination lit up the gentle blue of his wide open eyes.
  8. Dante snapped back with Aurora shaking him back to reality and opened his eyes taking a big breath and moving his arm up to his face wiping the blood from his mouth. A look of shock filled his eyes the memories of what took place was still fresh in his mind as he took hold of his shoulder the wound felt so real but was not there. The pain he felt was as real as it gets though. He looks towards Aurora as the memories replay in his mind. Thank You, I was a bit surprised...
  9. Dante sat in a meditative manner facing Aurora and cleared his mind of all thought. He focused on the blade held within his grasp and opened his mind. He now stood in the cold snow covered inner world as snow covered everything in its wake. The freezing wind touched his open face covered by his long white scarf stretching down his back. He felt at home in these conditions having endured it on long trips of training deep within the mountains he secluded himself on when training. The feeling of warmth was interrupted as the pale girl made herself know to him walking in the snow towards him
  10. Dante walked onto the training ground the afternoon sun slightly covered by the clouds as if embracing it. He looked to his side at Aurora walking confidently at his side as they made there way back to the rock Dante liked to sit on. Once they arrived at it he took a slight jump and sat in a comfortable meditative state upon the huge rock. He beckoned to Aurora to take a seat before he started his lecture. Aurora, this part of your training requires you to make contact with your spirit in order to receive training specific to you. Draw your zanpakuto and place it down on your lap and hol
  11. Dante Waited for Aurora. She finally revealed herself looking much better with her wounds healed and reiatsu now restored. The silently walked next to each other making there way back to the training grounds to continue there training. Back to training grounds page 11
  12. As for second picture. Rage for Vengeance? Fury unleashed? Or Fury's calling
  13. Read my post and you will feel the pressure. Had a friend read it and said it gave him chills. Also like the name.
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