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  1. The girl could not help but chuckle lightly at the male as she remained silent, letting him have his heroci speech, the puffing of his chest subconsciously, and of course his promise to end her. A smirk spread across her faace as she turned away. "But of course, if you do it....then the Gotei gets to enjoy the investigation of how a previous captain is attacking them. Paranoia. And of course, if you faail, I don't have to kill you. Not that I plan on it, you're rather fun to mess with, as your friend has so graciously informed me." she giggled lightly before nodding her head. "Long story sho
  2. The woman simply chuckled ever so softly at that. "The hint of smug in your face. Cute, no wonder she kept shouting your name." she chuckled softly before turning away from the man to the wall, placing her hand on it. The wall immediately began to droop, seeming to melt and run like water, a small opening dripping open as Sakura was seen on the other side, face-down on the floor, a spike from the ceiling keeping her pinned down as black goop dripped onto the back of her exposed neck, forming a very prominent black spot. However the wall closed back up as the woman smiled, looking back to the
  3. As the door shut behind him, the lights flickered on. It was old, abandoned, save for a single girl, smirking at him as she raised a hand to run her fingers through her hair and getting lowly to her feet, grinning at the male and raising a brow. "How......nice. To see you." She stated calmly, lightly drumming her fingers along her hip, turning to the side for a moment before looking back. "Now then.....I believe that I have something or rather....someone you want." she noted with a soft grin. Crossing her arms she lightly tilted her head. "So then, I feel it necessary for you to perform cer
  4. As the Ex-Captain arrived on the scene he would find himself surrounded. Three hooded Figures surrounding the male as they pointed inside, one of them smiling wide, that pearly white smile showing once more. Insiiiiiide" the individual whispered, raising a fleshy arm to point toward the door as the trio remained, quite still as they waited for him to enter.
  5. It took all of three seconds for the cloaked individual to rush in behind Ruroki, seeming to simply emerge from the shadows as the alley seemed to darken on it's own, a very white smile showing from the darkness as soon the surroundings turned completely dark save for a single lamppost, casting orange on the surroundings, giving only vague silhouettes. "Yesssss, Captain. It would seem that this will be alot easier than expected. I'm here to let you know that your presence is being requested..." the voice whispered, numbers burning along the air around that smile. "This section of the distric
  6. ??? remained relatively silent as he made their way into the streets of the Rukongai, wearing a hooded cloak so as to blend in with the other emo shinigami. It had begun to rain outside. A wayward glance to the north brought a smile to their face as they vanished in a burst of speed, soon appearing once more in a dark alley as they waited for the man to appear. The man that had lost hope in Soul Society. The man that was KEY for what was soon to come. Making themselves smaller against the wall of the building, the figure contained their mirthful chuckles to a silent grin, waiting for their cha
  7. Sakura blinked in surprise, feeling those hands slide behind her legs, lifting her up and pulling her close to him, her face lighting up a bit ass he gulped loudly, once more finding her willingness to say no waver. "Perhaps...." She murmured softly, the idea in her head floating quite pleasantly, more than a fancy at this point she was very aware that she was attracted to him, perhaps hopelessly so and she began to wonder if she perhaps had bitten off a bit more than she could chew.
  8. Sakura let out an intense sigh of relief as she felt herself collect. She'd been losing control a bit too fast and she felt a bit better as he backed off, rubbing the back of her head and smiling sheepishly, chuckling as she nodded her head. "I agree, this is most certainly not the place for that sort of thing." she chortled, standing up straight as she brushed some condensation from her brow.
  9. Sakura felt a slight, tingle as he kissed her again, her claws digging into the wall behind her, the light scraping of metal being bent inward sounding as she stared up at him, simply blown away at his lack of nerve or so it seemed. She found herself nodding slowly, subconsciously in response to his reasoning, not quite sure why at this point but having a hard time caring.
  10. Sakura simply stared, eyes widening slightly at the suggestion, gulping slightly as that hand tilted her head up, blushing bright red as she felt her back hit the wall behind her, not quite sure how to proceed she somply gave a shrug of her shoulders. "I. erm.....dear, I think it best that we....not....do anything infront of the child." she noted, making up an excuse, so far as she knew the child was not even aware of anything outsie of her container, but it was the best she had.
  11. Sakura raised a brow slightly at the comment, about to retort when he suddenly put an arm and reeled her in, shock written on her face as he kissed her, her body going rigid as she simply stood as still as possible for the duration, pulling back slightly before lightly clearing her throat. She wasn't quite sure how she was expected to respond, the only real male presence she'd gotten to knov was Ruroki and his awkwardness, this confident man was a tad much for her. She raised a finger, as if to say something before closing her mouth, frowning. Hmmmm.
  12. Sakura simply stared fr several long moments, peering at the quincy before finally she leaned in and gave the man a peck on the lips, assuming this to be his goal and believing that perhaps if he achieved it he might back off, not that she cared if he stayed so close, it was a simple matter of curiosity.
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