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  1. Said I'm too old to call her nee-san
  2. I used to call her nee-san all the time.. she told me off
  3. What does the subtitle say?? And wow you even got the hair right!!
  4. Hey.. you're backl.. wel, make me VC soon..
  5. cool well, hello to you, head of the house.. and I'll be off now.. bye bye..
  6. hey! now that i think back, i first came to squad 8 by snatching an empty captain seat too. Sofi was away and Ariana was supposed to come and take charge. I came in between. Of course I had the decency to inform Sofi. After that Ariana took over, and then Jinno (or was that the other way around, i forgot) and I've always been in squad 8 since
  7. @Sofi: Anyone can take a seat. not many can gain the respect. anyway, I vacated it. Most like a loser or two will take it before you're online again, lol.. I'll be back soon.
  8. @Morg: Not "from" her.. Someone else took it, then someone else. Then I took it from that someone else..
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