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  1. He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him. Jeremiah and Kyonte were chilling on the couch in the engineers room as Alejandra sat at the main station controlling the system as the three of them looked at the man in the studio with his phone in his hand and leaning into the mic. "Alright Calyx, are you ready?" Calyx only raised his free hand with a half effort thumbs up to which she responded by loading up the instrumental beat for him. The introduction of the song was soft before the beat came in, "Yeah, yeah / Ayo, Limited Edition
  2. He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize. "Brandon, please hold on." Kara held firmly to her boss in her arms as he continued to bleed. He had denied the idea of having any involvement with the hospital but she could not consider any other options and the gunshot was loud enough that people would be coming any minute. She reached for her phone and prepared to call out for help, "It is best that you don't call anyone right now." Kara turned to see a face that
  3. He continued rushing away from the club as a few people clamored as Kara attempted to follow losing him at the end of a dead end alleyway... It was not far from the club but Kara was certain that she had just seen her boss running out of the club, but the impulse to follow him was not one that could be explain. Much like his decision to hide from her was not one that made too much sense, but he did not want to have to explain the situation to her. There would have been dozens of excuses that he could have made up, but none of them hold any weight with the fact that he certainly had been s
  4. They made their way through the first entrance before opening the second door and being bathed in a golden glow... It was as if the door itself was a boundary to a world beyond them, containing the power of unknown forces that few would be capable of honestly finding a way to comprehend the information being produced. The first thing that struck Jeremiah was the radiant light of the golden glow followed by the flash of white and the unique blue tinted light before the booming sounds collided against his body and eliminated his sense of hearing beyond the heavy pounding against his body ec
  5. Quickly he jumped on the phone and called out... The day continued seemingly as normal after the call was completed. Jeremiah was able to get through all of his paper work and deal with several remote client meetings so to close a few deals. There were also several meetings that the Regional Vice President wanted to coordinate and determine a few steps in the action plan for the Asian Pacific Region for the company. Normally he remains invested in all of the meetings and projects but he could not let go of that single name, "Hachiman." A single person, the name that drove him all the way
  6. "You have five minutes." That was the condition provided by Mr. Hirosawa for Jeremiah, "You have five minutes or I will take my business elsewhere." Jeremiah would have preferred so many other stipulations but having to get his pitch rolling and working in under five minutes with an already bothered client is less than stellar for his abilities; but it had to be done. Kara had already connected his device to the remote viewing display of the room and so with the ease of access via his phone, he pressed the screen and triggered the switch of the building. "Security is essential, be it phys
  7. With that, he pressed his finger to his ear to end the call and lifted himself from the seat of the bike and prepared to push the limit. Jeremiah pushed forward and suddenly, in a burst of force, the bike exploded with momentum leaving a thin faint trail of blue flame upon the ground as he rushed forward. He postured himself forward to assist in cutting through the air that was flowing by him in a flurry as his vision became so focused and tunneling through the environment. His tires spun with maximum velocity as the chain caught the spark of the flames and gave the faint blue glow similar to
  8. It was another early morning handled well after an uneventful night, and thus begins the day for Jeremiah on his way to work.... Jeremiah sat comfortably on the seat of his bike as he made is way through the main city of Karakura Town, or at least the portion of the city that stands between Karakura Park and the eastern border of the town. The sun had only recently broken over the horizon and was starting to give the day the light that it normally does and he kept his music flowing through his ears. "...Still a nutcase still a pyscho, Tellin' mama, any day I might blow up, Stayin' up late
  9. Character Name: Jeremiah B. Richardson Race: Human, Fullbringer Desired Release Approval: Incomplete Release Character Application Link: Golden Gloves - Abilities
  10. Sequence after sequence Jeremiah faced off against his own shadow with relentless speed and unfaltering force, maintaining his momentum and aggression with each passing moment. His footwork became more concentrated matching the pattern of his body moving around the punches as they were sent in his direction and the fluid nature of his arms driving along the body line against the shadow. They were matched evenly, as one would expect, although the shadow displayed a small hint of advantage over Jeremiah but in a way so minor that few would even stand to identify the discrepancies. This continued
  11. Exhale. With the first breath pushed out from his lips Jeremiah sends out a quick straight punch with his leading left hand in the orthodox stance, his momentum carrying with an intense and blitzing speed. He brought his left hand back in front of him maintaining the stance firmly but keeping light on his feet. Quickly, Jeremiah recoiled with his left arm and delivered another straight punch towards the tree but stopping just short of the actual bark, "One." His arm came back and using that momentum he shifted his feet to bring his rear right hand forward and across his body, "Two." Once
  12. The sun remained far below the horizon of the distance with few taking the chance to be out in the world, but among the select that decided to about was a specific man going for his early morning run. Jeremiah Brandon Richardson (the Third), a name acquired by a father that was not his, who remained an American in a town only because of a job working for a father that he recently discovered to be his. Black shorts with white compression shorts underneath, black running shoes built for the resistance to move forward with momentum, and a black sweater covering his white compression shirt.
  13. It was a pleasant situation to provide a small memento for Yuki of their nice little adventure when she placed the jewelry on her wing, presumably as a storage of sorts since she could not wear either of the items and certainly had no pockets to store them in. They reached an end of their day and a familiar presence made it clear that their day would have changed quite dramatically but there was much for the doctor to take care of and could not continue his break from work for any longer. He gave a tender smile, "We will definitely see each other and you will always have a way to find me when
  14. Hinode would listen to the question by Yuki, confirming if he was sure in his decision and honestly it was not a bother of any kind for him to be able to spend some more money on a new friend. He wasn't rich by any means but he was far from strapped for cash and this would be a generous thing to do. His response would simply be a nod and an approving smile so that she knew it would be okay to grab whatever it is that she wanted to. Meanwhile, he would focus his efforts on gathering a few ingredients of his own that would be nice to add to his collection of treats to keep at his place of work.
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