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  3. Just in here checking if there are still some peeps around, who made my first few years on the internet a blast :P

  4. Dante opened his eyes. The training ground was devastated by his and Aurora's Training. Dante felt as if he had changed as if a blindfold had been removed from his eyes letting him truly see for the first time. Dante could feel the power coursing through his fingertips as he rubbed his thumb over them. He looked up and felt Aurora's spiritual pressure has changed significantly. What power. I am not the only one that found something different within. Dante turned towards Aurora. He walked towards her. How are you feeling? We both had a hard time judging by the condition t
  5. Happy Turkey Day, ya'll

  6. Happy Birthday, Ellie. Have a great one!

  7. I'm sorry, unfortunately it looks like it's gone. A purge was done some time earlier this year because of problems occurring on the server, i don't recall when exactly, but it would have been for accounts that hadn't logged in up to the start of the year. I believe I left anyone that had logged in in 2020 alone.
  8. Need a Soul Burial. Current Location: Karakura Town - District 2
  9. apparently there haven't been any purges recently and I'm almost certain I logged into my account "Vorpal" sometime in 2020. but I haven't been able to log in and was asked to send a ticket to confirm whether there's some sort of issue or it's actually gone. thanks for your time.
  10. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/15 Overall Word Count: 314
  11. Kenshi stared at the map, somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of information that had just been presented to him. It took him a moment to realize that the man was waiting for a response. Still maintaining his typical stoic expression, despite being completely confused in face of everything he had just head, Kenshi looked over to the man opposite him. “I’m sorry, you seem to have me at quite the disadvantage in this discussion…” He paused for a moment, searching for a proper way to address the Shinigami but soon realized that he still had no clue, despite the man indicating something about his b
  12. The morning comes sherbert orange and warm. The sun slowly rises from behind the hills outstretched for the journey ahead. The camp had stretched south a few hills as the rest of the Lieutenants forces had arrived and now bordered a large pond. The surface of its water is still and reflects the cream orange above, only interrupted by the ripples of shinigami with wooden spears, attempting to catch breakfast. On the shore rests their commander, the Lieutenant of the Fourth Division. Six feet away sits his confidant Jim, attempting to catch fish by line and lure. Yuroshima sway
  13. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 8/1 Overall Word Count: 1136
  14. Kenshi was left in awe as the warmth flowed through his body and he watched as the various wounds that covered him were quickly closing themselves. While he had heard rumors of the various powers of the soul reapers, he’d never seen such a feat in person. His body felt completely revitalized and ready to fight once again, but now wasn’t the time for that. As the healing was completed, Kenshi brought his thoughts back to the man in front of him. “I see so you’re saying that the Shinigami have changed? I hope then that you speak the truth. The people here have suffered far too long as things are
  15. “I can’t speak for the gotei before, it is broken and destroyed and its members are fading away from the limelight entirely.” Yuroshima begins. “It has been rebuilt by the Gotei which I am apart of now and its message is not one of tyrannical control or taxation, and it is not one of war and famine. The proof of this is surely seen in the fact that they have entrusted the entirety of Rukognai relations and reparations to me. For this is my soul.” And with that, two shimmering hands of golden light materialize and cup around Kenshi. As the light shimmers and glows warmly, the wounds on any with
  16. Character Name: Kenshi Itaro Current Week: 7/18 Overall Word Count: 277
  17. Character Name | Daisuke Sato Week | 7/18 Overall Word Count | 3,191
  18. The twins find themselves on hands and knees, scrubbing the gymnasium floor with soap and a small toothbrush under the watchful eyes of Jinnosuke. Sweat beaded from their faces as the continued to scrub. “After your little display, you two are lucky I don't beat the snot out of you myself. Clean up the mess you made here then head to the gymnasium. You will clean the entire gym from top to bottom with just these two toothbrushes. You are not to use any powers to speed up the process. No Shunpo, No Kidō, nothing. If I even sense the slightest bit of either of you exerting any powers, I'll kill
  19. The two quickly dashed towards one another, each pivoting to their right and coming overhead with a hook. The hooks collide against one another as they both move to follow up. A series of kicks and punches fly between the two, each meeting the same fate at the hooks. Their movements, though unintentional, were in sync. The movements were so methodical, so precise, that one would assume it was choreographed. The twins moved to deliver a straight kick to one another, each simultaneously landing square in the other's chest. The two slide back, a smirk appearing on their faces. “You've improved si
  20. The twins made their way into the open training area to begin their combined lesson for the day. The academy, either in a effort to save time or to prove which class was the best, decided to combine two classes for Hakuda lessons. By chance, Daisuke and Matsuri's respective classes were chosen to be partnered up. Both classes happened to contain the six students with the highest marks of the current class. The twins surmised that this 'serendipitous occurrence' was actually the school's way of seeing who among the top students was the best. At any rate, it was a chance for them to show off and
  21. Kenshi’s gaze is quickly drawn to the small ornate weapon that the Shinigami held in his hand. The strange glow and oddly soothing sound that the weapon produced, along with the words that had accompanied its presentation, served to pique his interest. Though it was only for a moment, the stoic look that typically rested on Kenshi’s face was replaced with a hint of curiosity before he was able to correct the change. “I will not pretend to understand what this weapon or its abilities have to do with your soul, but I will allow you to show me this power that you claim to have.” He continued to p
  22. “We’re all orphans in Rukognai these days, if you wish to face me it would indeed be in your best interest to hang out around the camp for a little while.” Yuroshima replies before the challenger explains he must rest his wounds for they would take a while to heal. “Nonsense.” The veiled shinigami declares, “What if I told you, those wounds could heal near instant?” He pulls from a hidden sash, an elegant Sai which he hold out in front of him to show Kenshi. “This is Kan’Yo Na Hira, the nurture half of my soul.” The sai begins to glow gold, a comforting.. almost intoxicating sound of chimes
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